Book Review: The Marble Collector

This week’s book review is of Cecelia Ahern’s novel, The Marble Collector. I’ve been a fan of Cecelia Ahern for so long in fact P.S I Love You was the first book I ever read. I’m pretty sure I was 13 when I read it. Every book she has ever written has made me wanting more and left me so mesmerised with her writing. This book is just as good as all the others she has written and I look forward to reading more by her. I bought mine on Amazon for £9 when it was first released, now it’s around £4 and can be bought here.

Sabrina is a mother, daughter, and wife. Her father, Fergus has been a player a big role in her life for as long as she can remember and she couldn’t ever imagine him being any different. After stumbling across a box of marbles she starts to look for the story being them. Her father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and has lost the memories of his life, little did he know that his history would change his daughter’s life forever. By the end of the book, Sabrina had discovered her father had been living a life that nobody knew existed, although a very happy life. His childhood hadn’t been the best but he made the most of what he had whilst growing up. Sabrina discovered the truth about her father and also the truth about herself.

Personally, I loved this book. It was magical to read, it had so much life to it. I thought it was beautiful, the story was actually really sad and as I am known to cry at books/films. This one left me heartbroken. It made me think so much about my own father and the secrets he holds and continues to hold. The characters were so realistic and Fergus actually left me quite annoyed as he was able to keep such a huge part of his life away from his family. It was wonderful and a book I would happily read again.

If you liked this book I recommend these too:

The Choice by Susan Lewis: Available here.

The Real Katie Lavender by Erica James: Available here.

A Light Between Oceans by M.L Stedman: Available here.

With love, B x


First Anniversary

A spontaneous post whilst written with my left hand. How exciting for you! Actually, today is exciting for Matt and I. It’s our first anniversary together and I still can’t believe how fast this year has gone. I wasn’t going to put a post up about this for several reasons, 1. Neither of us have ever had a long term relationship that has lasted a year and therefore this anniversary is a little extra special for us. 2. It’s personal and quite cheesy, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted everybody to see that I’m actually quite emotional and cringey when it comes to my relationship. I’m one of those girlfriends who isn’t ashamed to let everybody know that I’m utterly in love with Matthew. 3. With a fractured wrist this is actually quite difficult to write, if it doesn’t sound right or is a little messy then i’m sorry for the errors.

Our relationship isn’t perfect, in fact I think every relationship is hard. Don’t get me wrong, I love Matt but cleaning up after him because he’s so messy and accepting that he’s lazy is difficult and will continue to be hard. I’m sure it’s not been easy for Matt either, having a girlfriend who moans a lot, is needy and has regular panic attacks has no doubt put pressure on him during our time together. We’re a team, we work together even when we annoy each other and stress each other out. I couldn’t ever imagine my life without him by my side. We have shared countless amounts of memories, stories, and arguments that has made me more excited to spend another year with the one person who challenges and loves me more than most. He brings out so much life in me, I’ve never, ever met anybody who is so accepting of me and loves me for every flaw and imperfection. He really is such a huge part of my life and I think he always will be.

Our plans to celebrate aren’t big at all as Matt and I aren’t fussed on receiving big, expensive presents. Because of this we’ve planned to have a quiet meal and a few drinks this evening and to top it off, a walk on the beach. We’ve also not bought anything for each other, so we thought we would celebrate by going into town and picking one item each for the other person. I couldn’t imagine spending this day any other way.

Happy anniversary my love, I’m looking forward to a few more.


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Returning to Aberystwyth

I am finally back in Aberystwyth in time for my third and final year in university. After spending three long months at home with my parents, I’m now ready to prepare myself for the most stressful year of my life, as of yet. I’ve been really looking forward to being independent again and not having my mother do everything for me (Am I normal?), getting on with uni work and spending quality time with my faves. I moved into a new house in uni accommodation with my friends and freshers week has begun. I’m mentally preparing myself for the dreadful fresher’s flu and I’m not excited one bit. Along with a cold, having only been back for only 10 days I’ve some how fractured my wrist, I know total shocker! My friends, family and I are all so baffled to how it’s happened. I’m so accident prone it’s ridiculous haha!

I’m super excited that the colder weather is approaching and the countdown to Christmas has begun. My favourite time of year is finally here!

Aberystwyth is a beautiful place to live and for me, it’s biggest features are having the beach on my doorstep as well as the sense of community which is adopted whilst living here. It’s such a comfortable place to live and makes you feel right at home from the start. It’s totally captivating and I utterly love it here.

I really enjoy the start of a new academic year when everybody is reunited, the sports clubs and societies are on the hunt for new recruits and many of us are dreading the awful 9ams. Since being in Aberystwyth I haven’t joined a sport or society and I feel like this is something I want to do this year. I’m headed down to the sports fair this week in hopes to find one that I really wanted to join. In desperate times I joined Badminton, because it seemed like the only sport that I would be good at. Kinda feels pointless now I’ve fractured my wrist and today is try outs.. uh oh. Not only do I want to join a sport for the exercise but as well to become healthier and more enthusiastic about exercise. I also want to do some volunteering throughout the academic year to help boost my CV and masters application so I applied for Home Start. Home Start is a community based organisation that help families with their every day tasks as well as to provide support and guidance that will make their lives easier.

For my third and final year at Aberystwyth University I hope that I can become more involved with the university and meet new people along the way!

So, here is a little look into my life in Aberystwyth as a university student.



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Beth x

Recent Purchases // Mini Haul


I recently bought a few things before heading back to Aberystwyth and decided to share what I got. I headed to my favourite stores and had a gander to see if anything caught my eye. Primark and New Look are definitely my favourite stores and they’re the ones I often buy a lot of my clothes from because they’re so good for a student budget. I’ve found that the quality of  Primark clothing has definitely increased over the past few years and I’ve always loved their Autumn/Winter selection. Aberystwyth isn’t fortunate enough to have a Primark, so whenever I’m home I always pay a visit. New Look has always been a favourite, their items are always in season and keep up with the trends, the quality is fantastic and the majority is so affordable. I also went into Superdrug and Boots to have a look around, I especially had my eye on the 2 for 12 section in Sleek because I’m a sucker for a deal. I found some bargains in the shops at the moment and I’m super excited for the colder weather and the change of seasons! Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year and Christmas is my favourite holiday. Anyway, let’s get straight into it!

Firstly, New look has some wonderful items at the moment and I really enjoy having a look around every so often to find some new  pieces to add to my wardrobe, especially when the seasons change. The weather in Aberystwyth can be so cold throughout the winter and picking up some warmer t-shirts is so important, therefore I picked up these two tee’s that I’ll more than likely match with a skirt and tights and boots. The first is a striped, rounded neckline and cap sleeve t-shirt. It’s so soft and comfortable, it’s available for £8.99 here. I thought this was such an affordable buy, I will more than likely wear this all throughout the year and match it with shorts in the summer or a skater skirt.

The second t-shirt I picked up is this grey, ribbed funnel neckline shirt with a ribbed texture and 1/2 sleeves for £8.99, check here. It fits so close and neat and I’ll probably match with jeans and tuck it in or with a skirt. It’s actually similar to the first shirt but I would probably wear this out for drinks or dinner and dress it up with jewellery and a bold lip.

In New Look I also picked up a skirt, it’s red and has a textured finish and slim fitting. This was £9.99, online here. I’d happily wear this with black boots or a peep toe block heel with a black or grey t-shirt. I think it’s such a lovely, classic piece that can be worn at any point throughout the day. I’ve got so many of these skirts and find them so flattering to my body shape and I love that they’re elasticated.

I picked up another skirt in New Look for £12.99 and it’s a checked A-Line skirt, it’s a casual fit and super flattering. It’s a mixture of red, white, and black and I will probably match it with a grey t-shirt and flats or a black cami and heels for a night out. It’s quite basic but I’ll dress it up with jewellery and a bold lip. Check it out here.

The last thing I bought from New Look was this white block sweater for the colder days. It’s so soft and warm, it has a rounded neckline with simple long sleeves and matches so well with jeans and trainers. It’s such a comfortable sweater and I can see me living in this throughout the winter. It’s available for £9.99, look here. Mine is actually quite large on me and looks very oversized, I definitely should have bought the size down for a more fitting look but I love oversized sweaters and jumpers so I’m still pleased with this buy.

From Primark, I purchased a few things that I’ve totally fallen in love with. I bought two beanies, for £2 each. Throughout the winter I live in these hats as my head and ears get so cold (I know, I’m super cool) and beanies are also so fashionable. I think they’re such lovely styles and can match with so many outfits and for £2 I couldn’t leave them there. My collection of beanies is growing considerably and every autumn I stock up on new colours, I love them! Especially the Primark ones because they’re such good quality and so inexpensive.

Pinafore dresses are so on trend at the moment and I’ve happily added one to my wardrobe. As I said before but Primark quality is definitely improving and the denim pinafore I purchased for £12 is excellent. It’s such a lovely fit and shows my curves so well. I match it with a long white t-shirt and trainers throughout the day or add boots, tights and a long sleeved turtle next to switch to an evening look. It’s so comfortable too and I feel like I’m reliving my childhood in it. Fantastic purchase! New Look also has some lovely pinafores available for a little extra.

The basic short sleeved t-shirts from Primark are £2.80 and are totally worth it. They’re so inexpensive and are such a lovely, soft cotton feel. They shape the body perfectly and are exactly what they state, basic. They look so lovely with a pair of jeans and a jacket and they do exactly what they need. I bought a white and dark blue and I’ll probably match them with a skirt or possibly a pinafore dress.

The final item I bought from Primark is a scarf. I love wearing scarfs in the autumn weather and I recently purchased a large, oversized blue checked scarf from Primark for £4 and it’s lovely. It does exactly what it should, it adds as an accessory to my outfit and keeps me warm whilst out in the cold weather.  Asos often have lots of lovely scarfs for the winter also, I recommend checking them out if you don’t have a Primark near you.


The weather has a huge impact on how my hair looks, especially humidity. My hair is naturally wavy and frizzy, it isn’t in the best condition due to colouring my hair and whenever I style my hair it doesn’t stay straight or curly. I had a look around and come across the VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray, Heat Protect Spray and Mega Hold Gel Spray. The Heat Protect Spray (Normal price £4.19, look here) and Mega Hold Gel Spray (Normal price £3.19, look here) were in a deal, 2 for £5 in Superdrug and the hairspray was only £1.99 (Normal price £3.99, take a look here). I’ve heard such positive reviews on the VO5 range and I have friends who swear by the products VO5 have. I’m yet to begin trying them but when I do I can see a review coming!

I recently popped into Boots and become aware of the 2 for £12 deal on all Sleek MakeUp products. I had my eye on the highlight palette in Solstice for a while I couldn’t see why I shouldn’t get it. It’s available for £9.99 here. It’s beautiful, it has 4 colours including 1 cream, two baked powders and a shimmer powder. They’re so pigmented and give such a lovely glow to the face. I find some drugstore highlighters quite chalky but these are totally different. They feel so soft and give a metallic finish but the best part is that they’re suitable for all skin tones! Best news!! This palette has been raved about by so many people, including MannyMua and it really is worth the every penny.

As a part of the deal I picked up the Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in Birthday Suit, the price of this is £4.99 so check here (Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it on Boots so the link diverts to Superdrug). I’ve not ever tried any liquid lipsticks before and I know I’m so behind on this trend but I decided it was time to test them out. The colour is beautiful, it’s a classic and simple nude that I’ll match with a bold smokey eye. They’re said to be long lasting, creamy and they are supposed to glide on so smoothly and are highly pigmented and dry quickly. I can’t wait to test it out and hopefully put up a review about this product.

My final item was the B. Blending Sponge which I bought for £2.99 on sale but the actual price is £4.99, available here. I bought this  in Superdrug and noticed it whilst waiting to pay at the tills. It is the same shape and style of the original beauty blender which sells for around £16 in the U.K. I have read some reviews that state it’s an exact dupe for the beauty blender so I’ve got high hopes for it! If it is a dupe it would be fantastic. It’s supposed to be latex-free and says it simplifies the art of blending makeup for a flawless finish. Its price is £1 cheaper than the Real Techniques Sponge which I already love and have bought so many of them. I’m very excited to try this Sponge.

So here are a few bits that I’ve recently purchased and can’t wait to try. Let me know any new products that you recommend, I love to try new products.

P.S . Super sorry that I missed out a few photos, I had trouble finding these items amongst my mess of clothes that I need to sort out, since I recently moved into a new flat. Eh, I’m human. sorry pals!

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Bridget Jones’s Baby // Review

Last night my friend, Liz and I went to see the newly released film, Bridget Jones’s Baby. I wasn’t disappointed at all, it’s full of love, laughter and added sarcasm for that extra buzz. It’s also totally realistic and relates to so many woman across the world, not just us British ladies. So, to read my review of the lady herself , carry on!

I’ve been a huge fan of Bridget Jones since I first watched them at the age of 14 and I loved her then and I love her more now. She is utterly brilliant and reminds me of myself on so many levels. To me, she is truly iconic character and just doesn’t fail to make me laugh, cry and generally blow up with excitment. The first two films were bloody brilliant, they’re both a classic example of a British rom-com and the new movie just fits in perfectly. Bridget is simply a modern British woman who creates some tricky situations for herself, fails at living the single life and has some horrible bad habits. In hope to change her life , she plans to stop smoking, quit drinking and focus on living a healthier lifestyle but like all woman in this day and age, has some slip-ups. In the newly released film, it skips 12 years into her life and Bridget is now a single mother-to-be, whilst still getting herself into difficult situations. This one being bigger than usual as she doesn’t know who the father of her child is between the love of her life and ex, Mark or the handsome new addition to her life, Jack.

The new film Bridget Jones Baby is fantastic. Normally I find that sequels to films aren’t ever on the same level as the first but all three of the Bridget Jones films are brilliant. They each compliment each other and the franchise perfectly, whilst they all represent the modern woman and how having a love for food and embracing bad habits is totally acceptable. Of all the ways the writers could have portrayed Bridget, Renee Zellweger creates and plays the character so well that I actually forget Bridget isn’t a real person. Renee also has an excellent British accent and clearly works hard to make Bridget the character that she is.

It’s absolutely and utterly brilliant and I didn’t stop laughing from the beginning until the end. In fact, I’ve not seen a film quite like it this year yet. Its made an excellent edition to the Bridget Jones series and I believe it to be a brilliant end to the collection. However, I wouldn’t ever turn down another new film as long as its as brilliant as the first three.

Let me know what you thought of the film, did you love it as much as I did?

With love, B x

My Top 5 Make Up Products.

Hey, guys

I frequently fall in love with make up and end up using it repeatedly for a few weeks until I buy something else. However I do have a selection of   beauty products that I love and have returned to for so long. All five products belong to different brands and each of them has made me love them repeatedly. I didn’t struggle at all with the post as I knew exactly what my favourites were but I am always open to trying new products. So let me know your statement beauty products in the comments below and I’ll check them out.

First of all, the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon palette. My gosh, this palette is perfect. It has everything I need for a natural daytime look to a nighttime glam. It’s so easy to use and they blend so well and the shadows are so creamy.  It has a variety of shades from transition colours and shimmers, they’re so pigmented too. It’s beautiful. I bought mine for £39.00 in Debenhams in April and haven’t stopped using it. You can buy yours here. I will admit, I dropped it once and damaged the colour Malted but they’re still so perfect. It’s my go-to palette and one that I’ll always return too. Also, it smells amazing! It smells just like chocolate. It’s definitely tempted me to buy the other palettes from Too Faced, perhaps my student loan will come in handy this year..

I’ve been using the L’Oreal Infallible 24h Matte foundation for well over a year and I’ve bought so many tubes of this. I got mine in the shade Porcelain 10, because I’m super pale. You can get it at Superdrug for £7.99 here. It’s so easy to blend and it feels so soft and has a medium but build-able coverage. I find with some matte foundations they feel chalky but this one is totally different, it never cakes around my dry areas and it’s so good for us oily girls! I totally recommend for all skin types to try. It’s lovely and it’s so affordable.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara is so quick and easy to use on those days when you’re in a rush or can’t be bothered to do a full face of makeup. Mine is in the shade Medium Brown, it’s able to shape my brows and make them look thicker and so natural whilst keeping them in place all day long. It’s available here, in Superdrug for £4.99. For less than £5 I think it’s fantastic.

I had never tried many liquid bronzer’s before this one is Stila Aqua Glow and has been my trusty sidekick for several months now and I use it almost everyday. I got mine on Feel Unique for £22, take a look here. It’s so easy to use and provides such a nice natural glow to the skin. I use a pea sized amount on my cheeks and forehead and it always looks so lovely. It’s lightweight and even looks so good on my pale skin. It adds a nice bronze to the face and helps to shape and add colour.

I’ve been using the NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder in Translucent for almost a month and ugh I love it so much. It just makes me so happy to use. It sits comfortably on the face, it doesn’t cake up around my eyes and dry patches. It allows my makeup to stay on all day and looks wonderful. It helps to highlight my under eyes so well and makes them look wide awake. What more could a girl want? I raved about this in my August favourites (go take a look) and I still love it. I can see this continuing to be in my everyday makeup bag for a while! I got mine in boots for £8, have a look here and try it out for yourself. You won’t regret it.

There is my top 5 beauty products that I repeatedly use and fall in love with.  I do apologise for the state my products are in, they’re slightly messy but well loved. Let me know yours and come back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm for more posts.

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My Rainy Day Playlist.

Music doesn’t come so easy to me, I’m really fussy with the types of music that I listen to.  I’m not the biggest music fan and I honestly, prefer a book and silence. I really struggle to listen to music whilst I’m reading or working because it becomes a total distraction and all I want to do is dance. However, on those rainy day’s and I want to be lazy and relax, I’ll cuddle up with my iPod or have a bath and play these songs. I hope you enjoy.

 Jessie James Decker: Lights Out Low

Paramore: Ain’t It Fun

Josh Turner:  Your Man

All Time Low: Therapy

Passenger: Let Her Go

Green Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

City and Colour: The Girl

Gavin Degraw: I Don’t Wanna Be

The Fray: How to Save a Life

McFly: Star Girl

One Direction: History

George Ezra: Budapest

The Lumineers: Ho Hey

Kelly Clarkson: Piece By Piece

Rachel Platten: Fight Song

Sleeping With Sirens: November

Lukas Graham: Mama Said

Labrinth: Jealous

These are my ‘rainy days songs’ some of them are upbeat, others are soft and slow. It’s a variety of music that I find relaxing and comforting to me. Let me know your favourites!

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Book Review: Am I Normal Yet?

Hey humans,

This week’s book review is on the novel Am I Normal Yet? By Holly Bourne. This touching, a heartfelt story has really hit home for me. I bought mine on Amazon for £4, you can get it here. Little did I know when buying this book that it is, in fact, the first book of a 3 part series, all available on Amazon and are called “The Spinster Series”.

The first book of this series is called Am I Normal Yet? and for me this book hit home. I had come across this whilst purchasing The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson (Also available on Amazon here). I had read the reviews and thought it seemed interesting. Having had it for several months a friend of mine told me about it and said how much it reminded her of me and my own situation with anxiety. At that point I had remembered that I owned it and instantly went home to read it, just to understand what she meant.

This book is about a 16-year-old girl who is finishing her high school career and struggles with OCD and anxiety and just wants to be normal. Evie had longed to be just like her friends, a normal carefree 16-year-old girl whose biggest worry is what boy is going to like them next or how the up and coming party is going to turn out. For Evie, it wasn’t that simple. Evie had struggled with OCD and constantly desired to live in a clean and bacteria free environment. Having continued visited with a therapist and being placed on medication, Evie eventually had started being taken off the medication and begun feeling more herself. She had found herself the best of friends and even had some male attention. Until those feelings of normality stopped and Evie began feeling more anxiety and her OCD had begun causing issues.

This book is excellent, the plot is told brilliantly and provides a thorough explanation of the day to day life of an individual who struggles with mental health issues. It’s beautiful. I recommend this book to anybody and especially those who struggle with anxiety and OCD and most definitely people who would like to understand more about OCD and Anxiety. It’s written with experience and shows so much honesty, in fact, it is definitely the most honest book I have ever read. Not only that but this book is witty, its smart and full of banter. This book really did give me a better insight into how I’ve been living my life for the past 9 months and has helped encourage me to seek help with my anxiety.

If you liked this book here is a list of recommended books for you to try:

  • Lisa Williamson: The Art of Being Normal. (The link to buy this book on Amazon is above.
  • Alyssa B Sheinmel: Faceless. Buy it here.
  • Jesse Andrews: Me, Earl and the Dying Girl. Buy it here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks review!

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Bucket List.

For so long I have wanted to start a bucket list, there are so many things I’d like to do in my life and I have no idea where to start. I may not do them today, this month or this year but at some point in my life I will do them. My friend Karrie has begun her bucket list and I just thought that it was such a unique way to live your life. Also I find it so satisfying when I cross things off my lists and now I get to live my life crossing my accomplishments off. So here we are, the beginning of my bucket list.

  1. Pass my driving test.
  2. Travel abroad alone.
  3. Finish my degree.
  4. Visit L.A
  5. Own a pet of my own.
  6. Watch all of the Harry Potter film’s in a single day.
  7. Be a home owner.
  8. Spend Christmas/New Year in New York City.
  9. Start a blog.
  10. Go in a hot air balloon.
  11. Build my own library.
  12. Have a 24 hour party for my 24th birthday.
  13. Go on a safari.
  14. Learn a language.
  15. Learn how to Swim.

Here we go, the first 15 things on my bucket list. Eventually I’ll add more but for now these will do me just fine. Let me know whats on your bucket list in the comments below.

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