Happy 21st Birthday, Matt!

A little warning.. but I’m going to be incredibly soppy as today is my boyfriend, Matt’s birthday! With that I thought it’s the best time to talk about him to you guys and why I think he’s an absolute star and deserves to have the best birthday ever. He also loves it when I write blog post’s about him so it’s a little gift to him.

So, Matthew. Since it is your 21st birthday and you have continued to make my life so much better since you’ve walked into it. I just thought, I would let you know exactly why I am totally and utterly in love with.  

Ever since this little egg walked into my life he has turned it entirely upside down in so many ways and across the way we have found ourselves in some of the hardest situations but we always make it through and come out stronger and better than ever. I have never known someone who is so incredibly supportive and is always on the sidelines being my biggest fan. He never fails to lift me up when I’m down but always manages to knock me down slightly when I’m acting too big for my boots. He makes me laugh and smile when I’m at my lowest, whether I’ve had a bad day or feeling unwell, he manages to say and do anything he can to make me feel so much better than myself.  

Happy birthday to my best friend  my absolute world. I’m so happy to be spending another birthday with you. All my love. 

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With love, B x 


Review: Riverdale

Riverdale has been the hype recently and along with so many other’s, I watched it. I found out that it was going to be a newly released show last November and without a doubt, I knew I would watch it. I crave cheesy, drama filled, romantic TV shows, I cant help myself. So, I watched the trailer, forgot about it and then it began in January. So, season 1 came and passed and after spending 13 episodes watching it, I can finally give you my full review on this show. 

Is it worth the watch? I think so. If I’m totally honest, I was more interested in the story line of Jughead, Archie, Veronica and Betty than the murder of Jason Blossom, although I understood the point of Jason’s story line. However, as a show I think it’s brilliant and definitely could replace my love for The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf (there isn’t any supernatural behaviour in Riverdale though).  

It took me 4 episodes to actually enjoy the show. That’s mainly because it was only introducing the character’s and setting the plot though. So nothing to do with the show exactly as the introduction is totally necessary. I do have favourites in Riverdale and my goodness, I really do look forward to seeing Cole Sprouse every single week. He play’s Jughead so well and has definitely drifted from his earlier work on Disney Channel. He’s fantastic as an actor and absolutely gorgeous. Where can I get one? Or two?

I’m also incredibly interested in the Cooper family, they just seem to have so many secrets and I want to know them all. However, Betty definitely seems like a totally different person in comparison to her parents. 

I particularly love this 50s vibe that is has. I didn’t quite understand it at first, then found out that it’s because the comics were set in this time and just love that the show has stuck to this. The vibe is fantastic, the scenes are excellent and the cast couldn’t be any better.

I can see the next season being even better than the first and it’s been said that season 2 will have 22 episodes rather than 13! Wahoo. I thoroughly enjoyed this show and I can’t wait to see what hold’s for Jughead and Betty and to also finally see what drama Veronica’s dad brings to the town. 

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Book Review: A Monster Calls

This novel by Patrick Ness  has more meaning to it than any book that I have ever read. It’s beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring to all, not just because of the story but because of whom it is dedicated too. Patrick Ness, you’re an asset to the writing industry and I just know that your heart is as wonderful as your writing.

 13 year old Connor had been experiencing nightmares ever since his mum became severally unwell. The nightmares only got worse as eventually took over his life. 

 This novel is dedicated to Siobhan Dowd an author who sadly lost her battle to Cancer in 2009 at the age of 47. The story of the book takes you through the difficult stages of an illness for Connor rather than his mothers point of view. It was different to any other story I’ve read that regards someone with a serious illness. It’s truly beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time, I cried more than I could have imagined. 

Such an excellent book that I recommend to everybody, get the tissues at the ready! 

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With love, Beth x 



Update: New Years Resolutions

At the beginning of the year I posted my New Years resolutions and I was hoping I would keep to them. I also said I would do updates throughout the year to see how they went, I have done one update already but since I’m about to head away I thought it’s best to do another now and let you all know how I’m failing miserably. 

In my last update I said that I had lost weight, had taken up a little bit of exercise and I was doing well. This time round, I’ve put on weight, the only exercise I do is walk but I do it a fair amount and generally I’m unhappy with my body. The end of my degree is near and I’ve spent 2 months stressing and being so overwhelmed with life. When I’m this stressed I’m lucky to have any food at all and if I do it’s never a good option. With that though, my degree is almost over and I’m going to be spending the whole month of May eating healthy and heading to the gym most days. Less stress eating for me! 

My social life is non-existent because all I do is work, uni work and sleep. I literally have no life.

However, I’m happy. I’m about to go on a huge adventure. Matt is without fail my biggest supporter, he encourages me to do everything I want and will do everything he can to help. He makes life easier and better. 

I feel like I deserve this trip after 3 hard years in university I’m almost done and I can’t believe how well I’ve done and that I’ve even made it. 

After this adventure I have to start adulting and let me tell you, I am not happy about that. I’m going to take the year out and decide what I want to do with my life. I’ll get a job and hopefully find my place in the world. 

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With love, Beth x 

Travel Essentials

My trip is coming around fast so I’ve started getting my things together to pack and prepare for my time in America. Whilst organising my things I realised that I have several things that are an absolute essential for me to take away with and I simply can’t travel without them. 

I do find myself getting bored on long haul flights, I also feel very anxious and I generally feel quite run down and just a bit gross towards the last few hours of the flight. Planes have many germs and being very close to people for so long just makes me a bit drained and a little smelly, not going to lie.

Since this is the case I cannot travel without some hand sanitizer and hydrating must. This may seem unnecessary to most but to me these items just make me feel a bit more refreshed and awake. Every so often I’ll use the hand sanitizer as I’ll be touching the arm rests and other things. I’ll always definitely use this when I’ve been to the toilet and eaten as well. I don’t have a germ phobia but I just find by doing this throughout the flight just makes me feel a bit better when I land. I don’t ever wear makeup on long haul flights either but I’ll use a hydrating mist to make my skin feel more awake and refreshed. I find nothing worse than landing in an airport and instantly feeling dry skin. 

I also like to travel with a book, I can get through a book in a few hours and being on a plane for 8+ hours means that I can entertain myself when a new novel. Once I’ve landed I’ll then donate this book to someone else or I’ll pop into a charity shop (if I can find one). I haven’t picked one to take yet but I’ll be sure to instagram it at _bbbbethan. 

I also like to travel with snacks, some savoury and some sweets. Plane food isn’t nice at all so if I do have a meal and I don’t like it or find it filling I’ll have snacks available to eat. When I’m in the airport I’ll probably pick up a sandwich, crisps, chewing gum, chocolate and crackers and anything I just fancy. 

My final travel necessity is a hoodie/jacket. After a while I do get really cold so I like to have a cosy hoodie to relax me and feel warmer! 

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Book Review: Talking As Fast As I Can

I’ve been a huge fan of Gilmore Girls for so many years and when I saw this autobiography by Lauren Graham I knew I would eventually read it. 

Lauren Graham, actress and author, was spectacular and continues to be brilliant in every role she plays. I think she’s fantastic, but do I think she wrote a goood autobiography? Absolutely not. This book is called ‘Talking as fast as I can’ (I took this as a reference to Gilmore Girls and how fast Lorelai Gilmore speaks) ‘From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and everything in between’ (I assumed that this book would only be about Gilmore Girls season 1-7 and then whatever happened in her life between then and the new 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls.. spoiler, it wasn’t). 

I was so disappointed with this book that I couldn’t even finish it. I’m so upset with the turn out since I was so excited to read it. I was mostly dissapoinfed because of how many chapters aren’t about Gilmore Girls at all or anything to do within the middle part of her life. It’s about her upbringing and her career in acting, something that I wasn’t interested about or care for. I wanted to read about Gilmore Girls, her character, her role, what she liked and disliked, who she liked and disliked. I wanted more than just to read about her high school acting. 

Overall, disappointed and definitely don’t recommend fbuoure looking at reading about her life as a Gilmore. 

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With love, Beth x 

Spring Lip Colours

Spring is basically almost over and I’m pretty delayed on showing you guys what lip colours I have been wearing but if I’m honest, these colours would look just as good in the summer as well. When I think of spring I always think of very soft pretty pink shades and beiges which is what I’ve been loving this spring. 

I have three colours that I’ve been loving this season although two of them do look similar but they have different finishes. Depending on how I’m feeling or what event I’m going too I can pick between the Urban Decay Cream lipstick in Streak. The finish is actually really pretty and it does just sink into the lips leaving a beautiful subtle pink stain to the lips. This isn’t why I like wearing it though, it’s because it’s a cream finish and it isn’t matte and I love this for general daily wear. 

For when I do want a stronger matte lipstick I like the Mac lipstick in Please Me. I love to wear this with a glam statement but neutral eye look. It’s extremely long wearing and lasts all night regardless of what I’m drinking or eating. It doesn’t bleed at all and just continues to look beautiful and clean looking. 

The final product is in fact a lip pencil from L’Oreal in the shade 302 Bois De Rose. This is infact a lot darker but I think it looks lovely with a mauve eye and cheek. I mostly wear it alone because it does feel heavy on the lip but you can top it with your favourite lip gloss, I like Tanya Burr Lunch Date but this gloss can get very sticky. 

There we have my 3 favourite lip colours this season! What’s yours been? 

With love, Beth x