Revlon Foundation Stick 

DISCLAIMER: This is not me being horrible towards Revlon at all. I do enjoy products from the brand and will more than likely purchase more, just not this foundation. It simply didn’t work for my skin and I didn’t like it. 

I don’t enjoy slating products at all, especially when I do enjoy other products from the brand. However, the Revlon Foundation Stick was the most disappointing foundation I have ever used. I’m combination skin between dry/oily which I’m fine with and I generally control it quite well but this foundation literally did nothing, it didn’t even stay on for more than 2 hours and sometimes less. 

Regardless of whether I used a primer, moisturiser or whatever, it doesn’t bloody stay on. I got it from Superdrug in the 3 for 2 deal but it’s normal price is £9.99 and it’s not worth it at all. It isn’t even worth the 3 for 2 deal and it was a free product! 

Within 2 hours it literally looked like I hadn’t applied anything. The texture felt awful and just didn’t ever set. No products would stick to it at all. So, overall rubbish product. 

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With love, Beth x 

Summer Nail Colours

Summer is here and although I don’t always pain my nails, when I do I like to pick seasonal shades. In the spring I tend to wear a lot of pastel colours and I do again for the summer but usually I like to include a lot of pinks and nudes throughout the summer more than most colours. This summer I’ve definitely mixed it up a bit and I’ve been reaching for shades that I never usually do. 

Buying nail varnish is normally the last thing I ever do. I rarely by nail varnishes, nails just aren’t my thing. I do like to update them once/maybe twice a year though because nail varnishes do expire just like all beauty products. I have several in my collection that I reach for throughout the summer and these are what I’ve been enjoying this year! 

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry shade in number 27 (the name has worn away, sorry!). It’s a pastel purple shad but looks beautiful and summer, especially gorgeous with a tan. 

Barry M Nail Paint in 272 Shocking Pink. It’s a very bright barbie pink and I’ve just enjoyed feeling a bit more brighter when the sun’s out. 

Barry M Nail Paint in 262 Bight Red. This is the brightest red nail varnish I’ve ever bought and worn and I bloody love it. I especially love wearing it when an all black dress and heels (not sure why, just feels glamorous). 

NAILSINC Gel Effect in Porchester Square. This is a very neutral nude shade and that’s basically all it is. I like the finish it gives and I find it’s long lasting and not that easy to chip. 

Missguided nail varnish in Misstique. A very dark teal shade but at the same time, in different angles does look bright. It’s got a lovely long-wearing finish and isn’t matte which is what I like most. 

What have been your favourites? 

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With love, Beth x 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics: My Escape Palette

Tanya Burr has been one of my favourite beauty youtubers since forever. She creates these beautiful, soft and effortless looks that at the so flattering. She truly is beautiful and I just find all of her tutorial so easy to follow. A few years ago when I found out she had released her own makeup line I jumped at the chance to try some of her products. I especially love the lipgloss in Lunch Date and the Galaxy Eye Palette but she is released a small collection recently and I totally fell in love with the My Escape palette. In particular, the kahki shade. So I bought it and tested it out by creating this smokey look using the quad and decided to give you my review! 

Firstly, the shades are gorgeous. It comes with 4 shades, 2 matte and 2 shimmery. The shades start with a shimmery beige (new perspective), a kahki green shimmer (wild jungle), a matte brown with grey undertones (tree tops) and a matte darker grey (master plan). 

Truthfully, the shades are lovely but I wish the beige was a white matte shade instead. I like to start my eye looks using a matte white or bone shade all over the lid for a base and new perspective just wouldn’t work since it has too much shimmer. It’s a lovely inner corner highlight but I like to use just one palette that I can create easy and different looks with, but I had to dip into another palette for a matte. 

I also like to start with a lighter transition shade and this palette doesn’t have that. I ended up using the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette for a long transition shade before going back into the Tanya Burr palette with tree tops. 

I started with a bone shade across the lid to set down the concealer. I went in with a pale pink toned shad in the crease and then packed on wild jungle (kahki shade) across the lid. I used tree tops in the crease and only went half way across, mainly focusing on the outer corner and constantly building it. I used clean brushes to continue to blend and then went back in with wild jungle to intensify the colour. I finished with using master plan on the outta corner and swiping it along the lower lash line. 

The shadows are pigmented and incredibly buildable. They do have massive fall-out though so I recommend doing the eye look first as it’s easier to clean up. However, this palette is wonderful and the price is outstanding (£5.99 in Superdrug and on Feel Unique). I recommend this palette highly and I’m eager to test more of her products. 

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With love, Beth x 

Freedom Brow Pomade

I’ve been curious about the Freedom Brow Pomade for months, literally months. However, I was so sceptical about this product that I never ended up purchasing it. I finally decided to have a look at reviews to see what others thought of it and it turns out, nobody had terrible things to say about it. So I decided that since it is so affordable I can spare the money and try it out and if I didn’t like it, well I’ve learned my lesson and not listen to reviews. 

The reviews were correct and this product is bloody brilliant! I loved it. So, I checked reviews on the Superdrug website and the TamBeauty website and the most popular comment suggested that this is identical to the ABH brow pomade (I’ve not tried it).  

I’ve always been afraid of pomade’s because I’ve never tried them, I didn’t know whether this would be hard to work with, if it’s pigmented enough and whether or not I would cooperate with it. Fortunately, it’s the perfect brow product. I use this for bold or natural brow’s and the consistency of this product just makes it incredibly easy to work with. 

The formula feels so high end and it’s crazy to think that this product is only £5! I can’t really fault the price and to be honest, I would probably pay a little more for this. Although, the colour range is low and the issue I had with deciding whether I wanted to actually get it was that I couldn’t select a shade. 

The reviews did say that everybody recommends to go for a shade lighter than you would do, this is because the colour is different when it applies. Normally I would go for soft brown but this time I went with blonde (if you are blonde, go for something lighter.. this isn’t for you). It’s a perfect shade! That is the only downfall to this product. 

Otherwise, the pigment and consistency makes this product a 10/10 for me. I like to apply this by brushing through the hairs, then taking a small amount and filling in the outer brow. Then I make my way back in to the middle section and using a lighter hand. Throughout this process I like to continue to brush through my brows just to make sure it’s softer and not as bold. 

I absolutely love this product and definitely prefer it to any of the Benefit products! 

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With love, Beth x 

Spring Lip Colours

Spring is basically almost over and I’m pretty delayed on showing you guys what lip colours I have been wearing but if I’m honest, these colours would look just as good in the summer as well. When I think of spring I always think of very soft pretty pink shades and beiges which is what I’ve been loving this spring. 

I have three colours that I’ve been loving this season although two of them do look similar but they have different finishes. Depending on how I’m feeling or what event I’m going too I can pick between the Urban Decay Cream lipstick in Streak. The finish is actually really pretty and it does just sink into the lips leaving a beautiful subtle pink stain to the lips. This isn’t why I like wearing it though, it’s because it’s a cream finish and it isn’t matte and I love this for general daily wear. 

For when I do want a stronger matte lipstick I like the Mac lipstick in Please Me. I love to wear this with a glam statement but neutral eye look. It’s extremely long wearing and lasts all night regardless of what I’m drinking or eating. It doesn’t bleed at all and just continues to look beautiful and clean looking. 

The final product is in fact a lip pencil from L’Oreal in the shade 302 Bois De Rose. This is infact a lot darker but I think it looks lovely with a mauve eye and cheek. I mostly wear it alone because it does feel heavy on the lip but you can top it with your favourite lip gloss, I like Tanya Burr Lunch Date but this gloss can get very sticky. 

There we have my 3 favourite lip colours this season! What’s yours been? 

With love, Beth x 

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer

I purchased the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer from Superdrug a few weeks back and I’ve been testing it out ever since. I don’t really use primers but if I do I often lean towards the L’Oreal Lumi Magique primer which I do really enjoy but the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer is totally different. In lots of ways it reminds me of the Benefit Porefessional which I love and could repurchase forever. However, if you’re looking for an affordable drugstore dupe of the Porefessional then I totally recommend purchasing the Maybelline Baby Skin primer. 

It totally sinks straight into the pores and I find that it’s incredibly hydrating. My skin soaks it up and I creates a beautiful and flawless canvas for the rest of my makeup. It’s a soft of gel consistency and I find if I use too much of this it is extremely greasy. For those with oily skin like me you might find only putting a very small amount on your oily areas. 

I like to appply it by placing a very small, pea sized amount to distribute between my forehead and chin. I then like to evenly put another pea sized amount of the primer on the sides of my nose where I have the most pores and troubled area. 

I absolutey love this primer and I can see me using it unless something better comes along but it’ll be hard to match up. 

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Makeup Look Using Products under £10

I love makeup just like many, but am I willing to sell my organs and limbs to afford a high end £50 foundation? uh no not even sorry. The drugstore have released some incredible products this year and along the way I’ve found some older products that I’ve never used too. So, I decided to to do a makeup look using products that cost under £10 and I tell you.. some of them have become my absolute favourite go to products and I’m super excited to share them with you! So I headed to my makeup collection and found some of my favourite drug store products under £10 and then finished by going to Superdrug and basically finding anything I don’t have to create this glowy bronze and mauve eye look. 


I started by using the Rimmel Insta Fix and Go 2 in 1 Primer & Setting Spray (£6.99). This stuff, ugh incredible. I then wait for it to settle into my skin before applying the L.A Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation (£9) in the shade fair and buff in using a beauty sponge. After buffing in I use the L.A Girl Pro Conceal in porcelain (£5) and added it to my under eyes, bridge of my nose, cupids bow and the centre of my forehead. I used the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Longwear Matte Powder (£6.99) in 10 ivory and set my whole face. 

To complete the rest of my base makeup I used the Revolution Iconic Lights and Contour Pro palette (£8) and used the 3rd shade from the left to bronze my cheeks, forehead and neck. I also like to bring my bronzer across my nose as this is definitely where I look most tanned when it’s natural. For blush I used a little bit of the Essence Matt Touch Blush in Berry Me Up (This is £1 and the pigment is bloody awesome. If you want to read more about these look here). For highlight I used the Revolution highlighter in golden lights (£3). To finish the base I then add more of the Rimmel setting spray to make my skin look glowy and for it to fix it all day. 


For eyes I went with the Revolution palette in Iconic 3  (£4) and used the 1st shade (white) all over my eyes then put the 7th shade which is a deep mauve shade in the crease, continuing to add and blend until it looks dark on the outer eye and transitions lightly into the inner corner. I then used the 4th shade slightly lower than my crease to make it look slightly ombre and then used the 2nd and 3rd shade on the inner part of my eye and inner corner. I then used the 7th shade back until my eyes lightly to add a small amount of colour. For liner I used the Maybelline Master Piece Liquid liner (£5.99) to create a flick before adding the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes (£9.99) on my bottom and top lashes. To make my eyes more alive I used the Rimmel Scandaleyes (£3.99) eyeliner in nude along the bottom water line and the Bourjois Kohl and Contour (£4.99) eyeliner in Black on the upper water line. 

For eyebrows I used only the Maybelline Brow Drama (£4.99) in the shade Medium Brown all over to just set them in place and add a light colour. 


For lips I went with the Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick (£4.99) in Birthday Suit and then used the Tanya Burr Lipgloss (£5.99) in Lunch Date on top to make it more glossy. 

There we have it! My finished look using products under £10! I love all of the products that I have used in this makeup look and totally recommend them. My favourite out of all of them has to be the eyeliner as it’s got the best fine tip which makes it so much easier for a better more precise line. 

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