L’Oreal True Match 

I’ve been testing out the L’Oreal True Match foundation for a few weeks now and I totally forgot how good of a foundation it actually was. I was using this religiously a few years ago and I found other products and never returned to it. 

I bought mine from Superdrug for £9.99 and I think the best thing about this foundation is the massive amount of shades that are available. It’s huge! It’s the widest selection of shades that I’ve seen in the drugstore and it ranges for the palest of skin to the darkest. It’s incredible and I think it’s so good of L’Oreal for bringing it to the drugstore. 

This foundation works so well for a variety of different skin types. I have combination skin and it doesn’t wear away on my oily skin and doesn’t look cakey on my dry skin. It’s extremely long wearing and for that I think it’s totally worth the money. I find that my creams and powders just glide on and I’m an avid fan of this product. 

I kinda knew I would love it again since I really enjoyed the L’Oreal Cushion foundation so much and this really reminded me of how good the L’Oreal foundations actually are. 

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With love, Beth x 

Book Review: When We Collided

I recently come across a new author to me, named Emery Lord. I purchase two of three books that she has published, When We Collided was the first I read. 
I was in the mood to read lovey-dovey, romantic novels and after reading the first chapter of both books and the back of the book, I knew that this would be a good read. Let’s get to the point, it didn’t fail me & I really enjoyed this book. 
Jonah and his family had experienced the dreadful loss of his father and never thought he would feel normal again. Vivi had moved to his home town for the summer with her artist mother in hopes to start experiencing the world in a way she’s always wanted too, happy. Never did they both know that, during the summer they would experience their first love that consumed them. 

It’s been months that I have come across a book that I’ve become obsessed with. This one really did it for me, I read this during the summer when I had been missing Matt so much and it just helped me to relive the happy memories and all of the loving feelings I have for him.

I especially liked that the stigma of mental health and death hadn’t been ignored and instead, totally emphasised in the most powerful and thoughtful way. Emery hadn’t ignored the fact that people have difficulties regardless of what they are and she noticed that all problems and life changing events should be recognised. 

The story was beautiful and full of love between two teenagers that eventually realised how to love themselves again. 

With love, Beth x 

Recent Struggle: Body Confidence 

Recently I have gained a little more weight than ever before. In fact, whilst writing this (in advance since I’m now in America) I’m at the biggest weight I have ever been and I’m definitely feeling less confident. I’m still healthy and happy-ish but I’m not comfortable at all. 

Now, most of you will be sat at your screens or phones thinking “stop complaining and do something about it”. You’re right yes, I probably should do and I will be whilst away. However, I realised throughout this experience that even though I’ve gained weight and I’m not as small as I used to be, this does not determine my worth or happiness. 

I’ve never been the skinniest of girls, ever. That’s okay and I’m not wanting to lose weight to be skinny, I’m wanting to lose weight to feel comfortable and happy in my own skin. 

My issue is that, when I’m happy I celebrate with eating. When I’m sad, I eat. It’s just who I am and it’s how my friends, family and I do things. I don’t have to stop doing this I just have to make better choices. That’s why, when I’m away this summer I’ve decided to pick healthier options which may be difficult since I’m in the country with the most fatty foods ever. Instead of having a steak with chips, onion rings and a dessert. I’ll pick a steak with a salad (which won’t be difficult since I enjoy it). I’ll pick options that are lower in calories but not only my food choices, but to exercise more which won’t be difficult since I’ll be running around all day with children and enjoying it. 

Perhaps, hopefully when I return I can update you on whether 1. I’ve lost weight and feel happy about it or 2. Just accept it’s who I am and I like cake. 

With love, 

Beth x 

Makeup Look Using Products under £10

I love makeup just like many, but am I willing to sell my organs and limbs to afford a high end £50 foundation? uh no not even sorry. The drugstore have released some incredible products this year and along the way I’ve found some older products that I’ve never used too. So, I decided to to do a makeup look using products that cost under £10 and I tell you.. some of them have become my absolute favourite go to products and I’m super excited to share them with you! So I headed to my makeup collection and found some of my favourite drug store products under £10 and then finished by going to Superdrug and basically finding anything I don’t have to create this glowy bronze and mauve eye look. 


I started by using the Rimmel Insta Fix and Go 2 in 1 Primer & Setting Spray (£6.99). This stuff, ugh incredible. I then wait for it to settle into my skin before applying the L.A Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation (£9) in the shade fair and buff in using a beauty sponge. After buffing in I use the L.A Girl Pro Conceal in porcelain (£5) and added it to my under eyes, bridge of my nose, cupids bow and the centre of my forehead. I used the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Longwear Matte Powder (£6.99) in 10 ivory and set my whole face. 

To complete the rest of my base makeup I used the Revolution Iconic Lights and Contour Pro palette (£8) and used the 3rd shade from the left to bronze my cheeks, forehead and neck. I also like to bring my bronzer across my nose as this is definitely where I look most tanned when it’s natural. For blush I used a little bit of the Essence Matt Touch Blush in Berry Me Up (This is £1 and the pigment is bloody awesome. If you want to read more about these look here). For highlight I used the Revolution highlighter in golden lights (£3). To finish the base I then add more of the Rimmel setting spray to make my skin look glowy and for it to fix it all day. 


For eyes I went with the Revolution palette in Iconic 3  (£4) and used the 1st shade (white) all over my eyes then put the 7th shade which is a deep mauve shade in the crease, continuing to add and blend until it looks dark on the outer eye and transitions lightly into the inner corner. I then used the 4th shade slightly lower than my crease to make it look slightly ombre and then used the 2nd and 3rd shade on the inner part of my eye and inner corner. I then used the 7th shade back until my eyes lightly to add a small amount of colour. For liner I used the Maybelline Master Piece Liquid liner (£5.99) to create a flick before adding the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes (£9.99) on my bottom and top lashes. To make my eyes more alive I used the Rimmel Scandaleyes (£3.99) eyeliner in nude along the bottom water line and the Bourjois Kohl and Contour (£4.99) eyeliner in Black on the upper water line. 

For eyebrows I used only the Maybelline Brow Drama (£4.99) in the shade Medium Brown all over to just set them in place and add a light colour. 


For lips I went with the Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick (£4.99) in Birthday Suit and then used the Tanya Burr Lipgloss (£5.99) in Lunch Date on top to make it more glossy. 

There we have it! My finished look using products under £10! I love all of the products that I have used in this makeup look and totally recommend them. My favourite out of all of them has to be the eyeliner as it’s got the best fine tip which makes it so much easier for a better more precise line. 

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The OA // Worth Watching?

I tend to mix between books and TV series quite often and after reading several books I decided it was time to start watching something new. So as I do, I headed to Netflix and seen that they had added some new shows and movies and among all the options I came across The OA remembering that so many people had been talking about it on Twitter I made the choice to give it a go. It’s newly released with only 1 series and 8 1 hour episodes.

Prairie Johnson had been missing for 7 years until she was spotted jumping off a bridge. Despite having been blind due to an accident as a child she could see. Prairie now goes by ‘The OA’ instead of her adoptive name and refuses to share any information from her disappearance. In hopes to save others like her she assembles a team of 5 to help her find others who have been experiencing the same situation as her. 

So is it worth watching? definitely! I was 12 minutes into the first episode and totally hooked. You think, how is it possible to be to into a show only 12 minutes in? Well, it’s different. Totally different to any other show I’ve ever seen. The OA’s story is like no other and is totally unique which made me even more interested in the rest of her story. Throughout series one you met new characters who bring the story to life and allow you to understand more about the situation. One specific character (a scientist, I won’t spoil it!) really interested me the most as he was someone who could definitely exist in this world. An utter nut job, crazy weird guy.

I think this show is brilliant and I can’t wait for season 2! You guys should definitely watch it and let me know what you think. You’ll definitely like this show if you’ve watched Stranger Things.

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Welcome 2017

It’s 2017! Happy New Year everybody!

2016 literally flew by and it only feels like yesterday since I woke up on January 1st 2016 with the biggest hangover of my life. Entering 2017 was no different either, I spent the night with Matt, Mac, Callum, Jack, Foz, Arron, James and Lewis getting very drunk and thoroughly enjoying the last night of 2016. We spent the evening in Aberystwyth town with many others and had a excellent night full of dancing, singing and drinking. I’m not one for nights out but I really enjoyed spending quality time with some of my best friends and specially entering another new year with Matthew by my side. 

During the month of December I’ve been thinking about what I want to do to make 2017 a better year. So, for the first time ever I’ve made a few new year’s resolutions, let’s just hope I stick to them. I’ve decided to share them with you guys and throughout the year update you on how I’m getting on with them. It’ll be a total failure if I end up messing them up. I haven’t made too many as I don’t want to be too overwhelmed with trying to maintain them and I’ve made them quite realistic too so that I’ll be able to actually achieve them. So, here is a list of my new years resolutions for 2017, let me know what yours are in the comments. 

1-  I’d like to have a more positive outlook on life. 

Like most I have a habit of expressing my negativity when I find something or someone has annoyed me. I’d like to be a bit  more positive when it come to things that annoy me. Rather than seeing it as irritating I’d like to have a different outlook on it and think of how things could be worse therefore it’s not as annoying as I would have found it. 

2 – Exercise more. 

Since being a third year student I find that I’m so busy and I become so stressed very easily. It’s a known fact that exercise can help to reduce stress and help you to become happier and relaxed. Whether it be going to the gym or playing a sport, I would like to spend a few hours a week exercising. This will probably contribute towards my next resolution. 

3- Lose a small amount of weight. 

As happy as I am with my body, I’d like to lose around a stone in weight for my health. I personally don’t mind being curvy and embrace what I have. I was definitely more confident with my body when I was stone lighter and I’d like to get back to that place before the summer comes around. 

4- Be more sociable.

So many people believe that I’m an extrovert but in reality, I’m actually an introvert. I spend a lot of my time alone as I like my own company and I often find being around people for too long quite suffocating. However, I’ve realised that I should make more of an effort to spend time with my friends and go out more (I rarely drink and go on nights out, it’s just not my thing). 

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Book Review: 642 Things To Write About

I’ve recently gotten back into using these books since I had my cast removed. This week’s book review is slightly different and it’s on the interactive booked called 642 Things To Write About.

I own two of these, the other is designed to write 642 Things To Write About Me. These books are a brilliant waste of time if i’m totally honest. They’re fun, creative and imaginative. I use them as a stress relief and I bloody love to sit down and write about random things. I’ll leave a few examples of the questions below. I got mine from Waterstones for £12.99 each. They are also available on Amazon. Some people like to write in diaries but I personally would rather just use one of these as a way to remove myself from any stressful situations or boredom. I especially use the 642 Things To Write About Me edition when I’ve had a particularly stressful day or if I feel a panic attack approaching. I instantly find relief through writing random things about myself. I also use these to procrastinate, A LOT. I just find them really amusing and fun.

642 Things To Write About:

  • Describe each person in your family with just one word.
  • The person in your life who you’re most jealous of.
  • Study a stranger. Go home and write a tragedy about his or her mother.

642 Things To Write About Me: 

  • Imagine yourself in another century and place. Where would you go? why? Write a scene that places you there, that compares and contrast where you are with where you’ve left.
  • You are a toy. In three scenes, write about who makes you, who buys you, who keeps you.
  • The author Cheryl Strayed had to walk 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada over the sierra mountains to find herself. What did you have to do?

The people who created these books, The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto seem like the most fun but crazy bunch of people to ever exist. I like them a lot and I have never met them.

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