Book Review: Am I Normal Yet?

Hey humans,

This week’s book review is on the novel Am I Normal Yet? By Holly Bourne. This touching, a heartfelt story has really hit home for me. I bought mine on Amazon for £4, you can get it here. Little did I know when buying this book that it is, in fact, the first book of a 3 part series, all available on Amazon and are called “The Spinster Series”.

The first book of this series is called Am I Normal Yet? and for me this book hit home. I had come across this whilst purchasing The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson (Also available on Amazon here). I had read the reviews and thought it seemed interesting. Having had it for several months a friend of mine told me about it and said how much it reminded her of me and my own situation with anxiety. At that point I had remembered that I owned it and instantly went home to read it, just to understand what she meant.

This book is about a 16-year-old girl who is finishing her high school career and struggles with OCD and anxiety and just wants to be normal. Evie had longed to be just like her friends, a normal carefree 16-year-old girl whose biggest worry is what boy is going to like them next or how the up and coming party is going to turn out. For Evie, it wasn’t that simple. Evie had struggled with OCD and constantly desired to live in a clean and bacteria free environment. Having continued visited with a therapist and being placed on medication, Evie eventually had started being taken off the medication and begun feeling more herself. She had found herself the best of friends and even had some male attention. Until those feelings of normality stopped and Evie began feeling more anxiety and her OCD had begun causing issues.

This book is excellent, the plot is told brilliantly and provides a thorough explanation of the day to day life of an individual who struggles with mental health issues. It’s beautiful. I recommend this book to anybody and especially those who struggle with anxiety and OCD and most definitely people who would like to understand more about OCD and Anxiety. It’s written with experience and shows so much honesty, in fact, it is definitely the most honest book I have ever read. Not only that but this book is witty, its smart and full of banter. This book really did give me a better insight into how I’ve been living my life for the past 9 months and has helped encourage me to seek help with my anxiety.

If you liked this book here is a list of recommended books for you to try:

  • Lisa Williamson: The Art of Being Normal. (The link to buy this book on Amazon is above.
  • Alyssa B Sheinmel: Faceless. Buy it here.
  • Jesse Andrews: Me, Earl and the Dying Girl. Buy it here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks review!

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Bucket List.

For so long I have wanted to start a bucket list, there are so many things I’d like to do in my life and I have no idea where to start. I may not do them today, this month or this year but at some point in my life I will do them. My friend Karrie has begun her bucket list and I just thought that it was such a unique way to live your life. Also I find it so satisfying when I cross things off my lists and now I get to live my life crossing my accomplishments off. So here we are, the beginning of my bucket list.

  1. Pass my driving test.
  2. Travel abroad alone.
  3. Finish my degree.
  4. Visit L.A
  5. Own a pet of my own.
  6. Watch all of the Harry Potter film’s in a single day.
  7. Be a home owner.
  8. Spend Christmas/New Year in New York City.
  9. Start a blog.
  10. Go in a hot air balloon.
  11. Build my own library.
  12. Have a 24 hour party for my 24th birthday.
  13. Go on a safari.
  14. Learn a language.
  15. Learn how to Swim.

Here we go, the first 15 things on my bucket list. Eventually I’ll add more but for now these will do me just fine. Let me know whats on your bucket list in the comments below.

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Back To University: Budget Stationery

Hey guys,

It’s that time again when I start preparing to go back to university. I attend Aberystwyth University a quiet seaside town far away from any large cities and shopping districts. I’m a childhood studies undergraduate and I spend an awful lot of time writing in notepads, highlighting and trying to find the many lost pens in my room. I know how expensive stationery is and how easy it is to run out. Today’s post is about the budget stationery I buy for the academic year and how I manage not to break the bank.

Over the years I’ve always spent a fortune on stationaery because they were cute and looked pretty. Since I started buying my own things I realised that money really doesn’t last forever and I would have to budget my way through university.  Instead of paying a fortune for stationery I now head to Wilkos and The Works for my stationery and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

To save paper I will almost always use my iPad in my lectures. I downloaded Microsoft PowerPoint on my iPad and it allows me to make fast notes. It’s such a convenient way of living for me as I’m usually always on the go. However, for those who don’t own an iPad there are other alternatives.

I find Wilkos notepads the most ideal for me as they are available in a variety of sizes and are so inexpensive. The functional A5 notepad lined paper is available for 50p, it holds 60 pages. You can purchase it here. I usually buy 2 of these per term to help make notes, to do lists or generally just doodle when I’m procrastinating. I also buy the functional A4 notepad, which is available for 75p. It has 80 pages and I find then to be super helpful for revision. However, the yellow covered books are only available in store, another A4 notepad available is the Wilko A4 refil Page with 80 pages. It is identical to the functional notepad and exactly same price, available here.

I find having a diary much more effective than using my calendar on my iPhone or iPad. I personally feel more comfortable having a hard copy of my weekly activities on me at all times than having something on my phone, just a personal preference really. I use the 16 – 17 diary, a Wilko A5 Academic Diary for only £2, you can get them here. It’s got everything I need, including a section for my timetable.

I use 2 A4 ringbinder’s each academic term to hold all my print outs, assignments, feedback etc. I find this the most useful way to store all my work and to keep me more organised. The more organised I am the more motivated I become to do work. The ones I use are only 50p and I think they’re fantastic, they’re sturdy and practical and keeps all my paperwork neat and tidy. You can purchase these online here.

Throughout the year I must buy countless amounts of pens because I use so many and as well because pens are so easily lost. I’ve started this year off by purchasing the Wilko gel pens for 75p. Buy them here. However, I’m always rushing off to Poundland to buy them too. Another alternative is to use the branded pens for your university, they’re often spread across displays and are available on open/visiting days. They’re free and can be found in numerous areas of your university.

I don’t often use pencils but they’re always useful to have in case of any spontaneous drawing or revision notes. These ones I bought were only 35p (10 pack) and can be purchased online here. They’re strong and are brilliant for everyday at an excellent value.

I use sticky note so often and I like to make sure i’ve got a large selection of them available at all times. They’re so useful to put in book to make sure you don’t miss the line you were reading as well as to make to do lists and reminders. Unfortunately mine are no longer sold in The Works, so i’ve attached alternatives here. They’re brilliant and such good value for money.

I purchased my stapler and hole punch for £4 in The Works. However, I’ve been unable to find them on the website so i’ve attached alternatives for you to purchase here. They can also be purchased individually. For a set however, you can’t go wrong. If find having a stapler and hole punch so useful to have especially for large articles that i’ve got to read. Another alternative would be to use paperclips which are also reusable.

I hope you’ve found this useful! There isn’t any need to splash out a fortune on things that seem pretty, as long as they’re good value and practical for everyday use these items above are affordable and exactly what you need.

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Book Review: A Light Between Oceans.


Hey guys!

Welcome to my first book review! If you fancy something new to read or if you aren’t a reader and want to become one you’ve come to the right place. Each week I plan to write a review about a book i’ve recently read in hope to inspire other book worms, to promote these fantastic books that i’ve read and to help others use their imagination.  If you didn’t already know but i’m an avid reader. I’ve always got a book on the go,  for as long as i can remember reading has always been a huge part of who I am and for that I am totally grateful to every single author I have ever read, yes that includes the bad ones. I’m often found in my favourite comfy clothes, laying on my bed reading a book. Its my happy place. I hope that I can help you guys discover your happy place.

This week I’m reviewing the book A Light Between Oceans by M.L Stedman. I bought mine on Amazon for less than £5 you can purchase yours here. The story is based in the 1920’s in World War One about a lighthouse keeper, Tom and his wife, Isabel who desired to start a family. After several miscarriages and loss of their children they had lost all hope. During their tough time they come across a washed up boat on the island of Janus which carried a dead man with his newborn daughter who was still alive. As a desperate act to make their family complete they make the decision to break all rules and follow their hearts of having a child. Eventually they get caught and the authorities have to decide what actions to take towards the couple and reunite a mother with her lost daughter.

This book was written so beautifully,  M.L Stedman had carefully considered every emotion and feeling of each character. I had never cried so much at a book in my life. It was beautiful. The blurb on the back of the book states “they break the rules and follow their hearts. What happens next will break yours” and it really did break my heart. I have never read a book with so much passion and history. In some parts of the book I felt as if I was there and had experienced what the characters had. I had felt so much empathy for the woman who had lost her husband and child with no explanation, as well as for Mr and Mrs Sherbourne who wanted nothing more than to care and love a child and create a family for themselves. It was truly mesmerising and I couldn’t put it down.

If you’re looking for a book to have a good cry at and enjoy every single word that had been written, this is a must! If you liked this book go and give these a try:

  • Nicholas Sparks: The Longest Ride.
  • Jojo Moyes: Me Before You.
  • Cecilia Ahern: The Marble Collector.

Happy reading!

With love, Beth x



25 Things That Make Me Happy

Happiness is different for each individual, it may be buying something expensive or simply going for a walk in the park. It’s a unique experience. For me happiness is laughing every single time I cry, not because i’m sad but because i’m so contained to the moment that I feel free. I laugh so much that I can’t help but cry and i’m okay with that, because for that single moment I have no fears, worries or anxieties. For that second i’m enjoying the life I was given and embracing it with open arms. Here is my list of 25 things that make me happy (In no particular order), let me know what makes you happy in the comments.

  1. Autumnal weather.
  2. Reading.
  3. Body confidence.
  4. Snow fall.
  5. Harry Potter.
  6. Travelling.
  7. Make Up.
  8. Fall Out Boy.
  9. Matthew, my boyfriend. 
  10. Family.
  11. Comfy clothes.
  12. Laughing.
  13. The Vampire Diaries.
  14. Chocolate.
  15. Friends.
  16. Education.
  17. Cooking.
  18. Bubble baths.
  19. Lazy days.
  20. My niece and nephew, Gracie and Ethan.
  21. Movie nights.
  22. Pizza.
  23. Stationary.
  24. Christmas.
  25. Beanies. 

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August Favourites

Over my many years of being on the internet I have come across so many people discussing their monthly favourites and I find them so informative and they help me when choosing new products, books, films etc. While i discuss my monthly favourites you’ll get to know me just that little bit more and you’ll understand why the small things in my life make me who I am. So, lets get straight into it!

Face Masks have been non-existent throughout my life up until recently. In my recent post I reviewed two of the Avon deep treatment masks and discussed how much I enjoyed them. So i’ve obviously bought more… oops. They make my face feel so clean and soft, they’re so gentle on my skin and they definitely help my make up to sit better on my face. I have struggles with blackheads and pores around my nose and for so long i’ve been so bothered by them, these face masks improve the condition of my skin and have minimised the pores and blackheads surrounding my nose. They’re a definite must throughout my skin care routine now.

During the month of August my old Nokia was due an upgrade so i switched to an iPhone SE and i’m so thankful that I did. I’ve always been a fan of apple products and I swear by my iPad making my life a whole lot easier. I loved my Nokia because i never really needed it for anything other than texting and calling. I had used iPhone’s before and I never thought I would miss having it but I did. It’s totally convenient  to everything I use it for, I’m able to do uni work on it and I love to Facetime my family when i’m away. It’s made being away from home a lot easier.

I discussed the NYX HD Powder over on my previous post so I wont go into it to much. However, it’s a fantastic product. It helps my make up sit wonderfully and last all day long, it looks flawless. It’s a great product to use to bake under the eyes and for the price of it you cant go wrong. It’ll be in my make up bag for a long time.

My final favourite is my home with my family, for so long I waited to be able to move out and go to university away from home so I would be able to look at the world from a different perspective and see who I am without having my family determined it for me. I’m now going into my third year at Aberystwyth University and i’ve spent the summer at home in the house I grew up in with the people who motive me and shape me into the individual that I am today. I may bicker with my family and they may annoy me but at the end of the day, they’re the only family I’m ever going to have and im so grateful for the all things they do and I love each of them so much. Going back to university in 2 weeks will be hard but i’m looking forward to having my own space again but I don’t think i’ll ever take for granted having family around again.

So there you have it, my 4 favourites of August and I still cannot believe it’s September already. Time really does fly. I hope you’ve enjoyed my monthly favourites, look back at the end of September for my new favourites!

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Beauty Haul


I recently went on a splurge and invested in some new beauty products. I bought all products that I haven’t ever tried and some new skin care to help improve and replenish a little life back into my skin. As a student money is tight and I was fortunate enough to save some money and buy small samples of the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, Roller Lash and Pore fessional Primer and Urban Decay Setting Spray. I didn’t want to purchase full products and waste money on items that I would give away or throw out. I have been trialling these products for almost a week and have been enjoying them, I went to Boots, Superdrug, Debenhams and a small selection through Avon and i’m satisfied with the money I have spent and looking forward to continuing using these products.

Skin Care:

Yes to Grapefruit Facial Wipes – Boots £3.99.

If i’m honest, I purchased these wipes on a whim and I’m actually really happy with them. They smell amazing, the grapefruit is quite clearly scented and it leaves my face smelling wonderful and fruity. The wipes are soft and gentle and are thick meaning that I only require the use of one wipe each time I remove my make up, with some face wipes I have to use two sometimes three wipes to remove my make up but these do what I need perfectly. I will admit, these are the most expensive face wipes I have ever purchased and for only 25 in the packet I almost put them down. However, I’m so thankful that I didn’t and I will definitely be buying them again and trying some of the other Yes To wipes.

Yes to Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub – Boots £6.99

As I’ve turned 20 my skin has been doing all sorts of things, scaring from teenage acne is clearly shown and my face is more prone to blemishes and redness. I had heard great things about the Yes to skin care and decided to test whether it was worth the money. The scrub is soft which is surprising for a scrub, I had assumed it would be rough. Although it is soft it still cleans and softens the skin and it makes me feel so clean after I’ve used it. Overall, my skin looks in better condition! I have a lot of pores and blackheads around my nose which has always been a problem and combining this scrub with a face mask has helped so much. I love this!

Avon Clear Skin Blackhead Clearing – Avon £1.75

Avon Clear Skin Pore Penetrating – Avon £2.50

Avon for me is a touch and go company, some of their products are wonderful and others just don’t work with me. I purchased these face masks after seeing a friend use them and I hadn’t ever really used face masks before so I thought I would add something different to my skin care routine. Both masks have directions for use on the back explaining to apply a thin layer of the mask across the skin and wait between 10 and 15 minutes until rinsing and to use between 2 and 3 times a week.

I personally have preferred using the pore penetrating face mask over the blackhead clearing face mask. The first time I used the pore penetrating face mask and put make up on the next day, my make up went on amazingly. I often look cake faced around my nose but after using this mask my make up stayed on all day and didn’t look as bad as it usually does. The blackhead clearing mask actually did leave my face feeling softer than the pore penetrating face mask but it didn’t really make any difference to the feel or application of my make up. Although, for the price you can’t go wrong with either! They’re so inexpensive and friendly to your bank balance I totally recommend these face masks and will be purchasing some of the other Avon face masks in the future.

Make up:

Over my time I have tried so many different make up products some of which I have loved and others not so much. These recent purchases were all influenced by beauty Youtubers such as KathleenLights and Zoella.

Kiko Milano Extra Sculpt Volume mascara – £8.90 but bought for £3.90 in the sale.

This mascara has been raved about for so long and KathleenLights always says how much she loved it, as I was shopping in Cardiff I come across the Kiko store that I didn’t even know existed. I obviously ran to there as fast as I could. I noticed there was a sale on all mascaras and now regret not picking up more. This mascara is amazing, my eyelashes look so long and voluminous when I use it, I now understand why it is a favourite of so many people. I will admit that i’m not a huge fan of the size of the wand it’s massive!, but since i’ve only used it a few times i’m sure i’ll get used to it. I don’t use it for my bottom lashes mainly because the wand is so large but it is so generously applied to my top lashes they look amazing. Definitely will re-purchase.

Maybelline Fit me Concealer – Boots £5.99

This concealer is so very popular, every time i’vvisited Boots or Superdrug it’s been out of stock these past few weeks. I was finally able to pick one up and it’s not been a favourite of my recent purchases. I use it for my under eyes and I like to use a concealer that is brightening but I don’t see any difference in brightening when I use it. However, I do like this concealer. Mainly because it is so full coverage I definitely think i’ll use it for spot concealing. I got mine in the shade 10 fair and I just wish there was something lighter available.

NYX Butter Gloss  in Creme Brulee – Boots £5.50

I had this on gloss on my amazon wish list for weeks so when I noticed it was available in Boots I couldn’t help myself. Unfortunately i’m not as in love with this as I wanted it to be. It’s quite nude and it pretty much the same shade as my own lips. The texture is beautiful and so creamy it’s definitely tempted me into buying more of the lip products from NYX.

NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder in Translucent – Boots £8

I’ve recently become known to baking the face, I know i’m a bit delayed. A pintrest post informed me that this powder is a dupe of the Laura Mercier and for the price you cant go wrong. I’ve given it a go and it’s been fantastic, i combined it with the Maybelline Fit Me concealer and its made my under eyes so brightening and look so awake. I’ve also used to set the rest of my face make up and it’s been fantastic. My make up looks so flawless throughout the day, it helps to blend other products so easily and it doesn’t make my under eyes crease. WIN! WIN! WIN! This product has been my favourite purchase and I love it!

Avon Glow Bronzing Powder in Medium Rivierea – £10

This bronzer is fantastic. As I pointed out about, not many of the Avon products blow me away but this one is so lovely to apply and wear. It’s not heavy and isn’t too dark and helps to achieve the nicest bronze look. I cant stop wearing it! I use it for my cheeks and forehead and it brings so much life into my face, what more could I want?

Benefit Hoola Bronzer mini – Boots £10

I bought all three Benefit products through a deal in Boots. 3 benefit products with £10 each and get £5 off. I thought it was a bargain, especially because I hadn’t ever owned any Benefit products and had been dying to try them. Although being a student does mean that I’ve often go to be tight with my money so I was super happy that they were the mini products. The hoola bronzer is just as everybody says, it’s a beautiful contour colour for all skin tones. It makes my cheek bones look like actual cheek bones and sits perfectly on the skin and is long lasting. I love it, once i’ve used this mini product i’ll definitely buy a full sized one.

Benefit Roller Lash mini – Boots £10

I wanted to enjoy this mascara so much and i’m so disappointed with myself for not liking it more. I Tried this mascara for a few days and it done nothing to my eyelashes, they just looked flat and lifeless. I then decided to curl my eyelashes and I liked it better, once curled they looked long and flattering. I do like this mascara I just don’t think it’s as good as the reviews say it is. I personally preferred the Kiko mascara.

Benefit Pore fessional Primer mini- Boots £10

Around my nose and under eye area I have quite clear pores and it’s often a struggle to find foundations that will happily sit in these areas and not look cake-faced or separate. I used this pore fessional primer in hope that it would help with filling my pores, it does! I do think I need to try it a little longer as I’ve only actually used it twice but so far I like it. It lets my foundation sit lovely and it stays in tact all day.

Urban Decay Make Up Setting Spray Travel Sized – Debenhams £9

Finally, the setting spray from Urban Decay is used by so many I decided to jump on the bandwagon. It’s brilliant, I purchased the travel sized bottle from Debenhams for £9 and i’m so glad i did! Firstly, the price of the travel sized bottle gives you 30ml of mist. It’s actually bigger than I had expected and i’m so pleased with it. I used a matte foundation and sprayed this product on before applying make up and when I finished my make up and it helped it look dewy and fresh. I think this is a fantastic product and can’t wait to test out the other two setting sprays from Urban Decay.

There you have it my full beauty haul from my recent purchases. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, speak soon.

with love, Beth x