My Favourite Things About Autumn and Winter

The Autumnal/Winter season is by far the best time of the year, I love the change of weather and ALL of the holidays. Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year are such exciting holidays and every year I love to make a big fuss of the celebrations, especially Christmas. It’s now October 31st, HALLOWEEN WOO!

So, actually Autumn has been around a little while and I’m slightly delayed on this post.. regardless. It’s Autumn. It’s Halloween. Winter boots and knitted jumpers are the ready, pumpkin spice latte to drink and cinnamon buns to be eaten. The original white girls are on patrol, except me.. because well, I don’t like hot drinks but a girl can dream, eh?! I have so many favourite things about Autumn and this whole time of year just gives happy feels. I thought I would give a list of my favourite things about Autumn and why I love it. So, here we gooooo!

I love the dark, cold nights. This may be bizarre to some people but I’m just not a summer person, I don’t like the hot weather and I just simply prefer the colder weather and warmer clothes. I love cuddling up when the nights become darker earlier, I’ll pop a film on and relax in the warmth of my bed. I also love to have a bath and light some candles, I just find it a more comfortable and happier time for me. It’s excellent.

Fallen leaves is another favourite. I love the change in colour of the leaves and watching them fall, it’s such a peaceful experience. As a child my brothers, Daniel and Kyle and I would run through all the fallen leaves and I think it’s such wonderful memory for me. Each year when I notice the leaves are beginning to fall and it’s instantly makes me feel so loved and I really enjoy the memories of my childhood.

Everything about Christmas gets me excited, Christmas for my family is huge. My house looks like Santa’s grotto every single year. My brother Daniel and I still technically live at home with our parents and every Christmas morning we still wake up early (at like 6am!) to have our gifts and spend the day with our parents and family. Even though Daniel is 22 and I’m 20 we’re still like big children during this time of year and I love it. It’s the greatest time of year that we can still relive our childhood, and Christmas spirit.

Fashion and beauty change throughout the year when the seasons change and as much as I love floral and pastel colours, I just think that I personally suit Autumn and Winter colours more and I love the dark reds, navy and purples throughout this time of year. Winter boots are so comfortable and make all my outfits just simply more seasonal and I love to wear beanies so much so that my collection seems to be never ending.

Snow and rain are by far the most relaxing types of weather. I find them so peaceful to watch, admittedly though I don’t really like being in the snow. However, I love to fall asleep hearing the rain hit my window or read a book and watch the snow fall throughout the winter. Its so relaxing and walking home from a lecture In the rain, jumping into bed with a hot water bottle and a hot chocolate is my ideal afternoon. 

    So here are my favourite things about the Autumn/Winter period. What are yours? Happy autumn! I can’t wait to post some Christmas related blog posts.

    ***Just a reminder that although Halloween is a fun and eventful night, it’s so important that you remain safe and ensure that yourself and your friends stay together and stay out of trouble. It’s a fun night but lots of people put on a costume and forget that they’re not actually Batman or Harlie Quinn. You aren’t invincible. Happy Halloween!***
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    Book Review: See Me

    Book review day is always my favourite, i’m an avid reader and I just love that I can share my love of books with you fantastic humans. This weeks review is on the new novel by Nicholas Sparks, called See Me. I’m a sucker for a Nicholas Sparks book and I’ll admit it, The Notebook was a complete heart breaker for me. However, this new novel is absolutely brilliant and totally captivating. I literally couldn’t put it down. I bought mine on my iBooks app for £3.99 but it’s available to purchase on Amazon for less than £5. Look here. I know that I say this for so many books but ugh, this one is brilliant.

    Colin and Maria had totally different lives growing up. Colin had a troubled history with anger problems, PTSD and ADHD. The lack of support he had received at home allowed him to become a trouble child and got himself into serious issues with the police. Eventually, at the age of 25 he begun to turn his life around. Maria was the complete opposite, having been raised in a loving and supportive environment she had been able to finish college and become a qualified lawyer. Unexpectedly Colin and Maria come across each other and eventually fall in love. Early into their relationship Maria had begun to experience strange messages and violent threats which results in both Maria and Colin fearing for their lives and everybody they knew and loved.

    This book was so unlike the other novels written by Nicholas Sparks, it wasn’t just a romantic love story it was a mystery. I often find most mystery books to be predictable and I’ve already figured out the plot half way through the book. Except this one, this book kept me on my toes and made me want more and more after every chapter. It’s full of emotions but it was such a thriller too!  Couldn’t love this book anymore, it’s brilliant and is definitely in competition with The Notebook. Thoroughly enjoyed.

    If you liked this one, take a look at:

    Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl, look here.

    Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train, look here.

    S, J. Watson – Before I Go To Sleep, look here.

    Also, take a look at the other books written by Nicholas Sparks. They’re excellent! especially for those who love  romantic stories like me.

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    Aber Petting Zoo // 2016

    I spent this whole weekend hanging out with Mwnci See Ultimate Frisbee at their 2016 Petting Zoo tournament and I had an excellent weekend, so I thought I would let you guys know about the Sport that is Ultimate Frisbee and what I got up to.

    Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport played with a flying disc. Points are scored by passing the disc to a teammate in the opposing end zone. Players must not take steps whilst holding the disc and interceptions, incomplete passed and passes out of bounds are considered turnovers. Each game lasts for 15 minutes and is generally a friendly game with 5 players per team.

    Aberystwyth Ultimate Frisbee is run by a committee of students who get together each week to train in preparation for tournaments but also to have fun in a stress-free environment from deadlines and academic work. 9 teams from across Wales showed up in Aberystwyth for a weekend full of fun, frisbee and to do what students do best, drink alcohol. The teams consist of students and graduates from Swansea and Aberystwyth, as well as a local club from Bridgend to compete in 2 days full of games and by the end of the weekend one team will leave as Aber Petting Zoo champion. *ooooh!*

    This weekends teams were:


    • Mwnci See
    • Mwnci Do
    • Baby Mwnci
    • Aber Au (Aberystwyth Alumni Team)


    • Hywel I Met Your Mother (Swansea Alumni Team)
    • Swansea: Return of the Ol
    • Swansea: Empire Throws Break
    • Swansea: A New Poach


    • Frizee Rascals


    By the end of the weekend the teams had battled it out and at the end of the tournament the winners were announced. The winners were so well deserved and each team played brilliantly and fairly. A massive well done to all the teams who competed and the final winners were:

    Best Spirit – Hywel I Met Your Mother
    Party Animals – Swansea: Empire Throws Break
    Spoon – Baby Mwnci
    Bowl – Swansea: Return of the OI
    Plate – Swansea: A New Poach
    Cup – Hywel I Met Your Mother

    Overall the weekend went brilliantly, the teams thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and I really enjoyed watching them play and having out with the Aberystwyth Committee. My boyfriend, Matt is Tournament Organiser and I couldn’t have been more proud of how well the weekend turned out. Knowing how hard he worked with the other committee members to make sure the weekend went well makes me even prouder of his achievements.

    A huge well done to Charlotte (President), Chris (Secretary), Emily (Captain), Adam (Vice-Captain), Tyler (Coach) James (Coach) and George (Social Secretary) for their efforts in making the tournament run so smoothly and completing their first event as a committee. You worked brilliantly together as a team!


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    Travel Bucket List

    I recently wrote a post about starting my bucket list which I wrote a few things that I want to do in my life, one of them was actually to travel abroad alone. I feel like travelling is something that everybody should do at some stage in their life, I understand that some people like to stay in their comfort zone. However, I for one like to see new things and experience a way of living differently to my own. This year, my Boyfriend Matt and I went to Salou and Barcelona in Spain in we loved it. It’s definitely inspired me to explore and see more of the world whilst I’m young, whether I’m alone or with others.

    New York City, USA

    Queensland, Australia

    Florence, Italy

    Santorini, Greece

    Lapland, Finland

    Los Angeles, USA

    New Orleans, USA

    Vancouver, Canada

    Agra, India

    Budapest, Hungary

    These are just some of the places that I’d love to spend some time in and experience the music, food, life and see things outside of Wales. I’d love to go shopping on Rodeo Drive, visit the TajMahal, be in Lapland during Christmas, New Year in New York and listen to live music in New Orleans. All of these places have a culture and a way of living that I wish to experience, something that is different to my life in Wales. A temporary time break from my day to day life at home.

    However, I totally understand that visiting these places and travelling across the world will be very costly and are just dreams for the time being until I’ve finished my education. I’m not looking to travel all places in the world just a few that I know will make a difference to my way of thinking and living.

    Travelling allows you to become more educated as you’re giving yourself the chance to learn more lessons and grow as an individual. You’re able to reevaluate your priorities and learn to value the experiences you have and appreciate the life you were given. You become to understand that packing lightly allows you to realise that you don’t need jewellery, clothes and makeup to survive in life and make you happy. It’ll teach you to take day by day, stop planning too far ahead and life is short so do the things that make you happy. Travel, explore and be excited to take on the experience.

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    Non-Touring Makeup Look

    Hey, Guys!

    I recently come across a new trend that introduced the no contouring look. It’s a super glowy, natural look and it makes you look wide awake and fresh. I think this is an ideal look for those early mornings when you know you look and feel crappy, so you pop on a bucket full of highlighter in hopes to look super energetic and fresh. This is also a really good look for those who aren’t so good at contouring or bronzing or want to try out a new look. I got the idea to do this by Shaaanxo who posted a video of her recreation of a non-touring look. It’s pretty much a really basic look with lots and lots of highlighter. Without further or do, lets get straight into it.


    The base is the main area of the look, as a preference I love a natural, glowy look for everyday wear. It’s super quick and convenient for the day and helps to make you look more awake and fresh faced. I started off by spraying the Urban Decay Setting Spray all over my face and then adding the Nivea Post Shave Balm. I love these two products combined and not only does my foundation look glowy but it also stays put all day.

    After allowing the primer to go tacky, I used the Revlon ColourStay Foundation and mixed in a small amount of the Stila Aqua glow Liquid Bronzer. Mixing in this product to the foundation helps to create a natural toned look without adding any bronzer or contour, it also helps add an extra glow to the face. I only used the liquid bronzer because my foundation was too light for my face, this helped the foundation to look slightly darker and a little extra glowy. This is totally optional.

    I didn’t go for a full coverage base because this look is all about looking natural and just making your own skin look slightly better but not totally different to what you actually look like. I added the L.A Girl Pro Concealer in Porcelain under my eyes in a triangle shape, along the bridge of my nose, centre of my forehead and cupids bow. Once blended I added a small amount of the Collection Concealer in 1 under the eye to highlight slightly more.

    I used my B. Beautiful Beauty Sponge to blend all of this in, making sure it’s damp before using it. This helps the base to look absolutely seamless, ensure that you blend the foundation down your neck too! This is super, super important and makes sure it looks flawless.

    Taking the Sleek Makeup Highlight Palette in Solstice, I used the cream Highlighter on top of my cheek bones, bridge of my nose, above the brow, cupids bow and brow bone. I used this as a primer for the other highlighters I’ll be adding shortly.

    Using the Revolution Pro Iconic and Contour Palette I set my under eye area, chin and forehead using the lightest shade in the Palette. Making sure to miss the areas I added the cream highlight.

    I then took the Sleek Highlight Palette again and used the Purple baked highlight over the tops of the cream highlight, including my inner corner. To top it off I used the Revolution Highlighter in Golden Lights over the top of all the highlighter I had already put on. This is quite excessive and YOU DON’T have to do this if you prefer a less highlighted look.

    To finish I lightly look the coral blush shade from the Rimmel Sculpting Palette on the apples of my cheeks to add a little pop of colour.


    I didn’t pay much attention to the eyes because I was more focused on the base. However, I used the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon Palette and focused on creating a shimmery look that helps the eyes to look wider.

    I begun my using my concealer as a primer, making sure to evenly cover the whole eyelid. With my finger I then used the shade, Divinity to help set the concealer in place.

    I mixed Almond Truffle and Cashew Chew together and placed it just above the crease of my eye to begin my transition shades. After this I added Mocha to the crease and made sure to blend thoroughly, continuing to add Mocha until reaching my chosen transition colour. I then finished the look by adding satin sheets to the whole lid, ensuring that the transition colour wasn’t too dark so the whole eye blended well together. With a clean brush I then continued to blend to tidy up the eye look.

    I didn’t include any eyeliner because I personally prefer this look without it. However, if you want to use eyeliner you’re more than welcome too.

    Finally, I curled my lashes and added the Kiko Extra Sculpt Mascara to my upper eyelashes and Benefit Roller Lash to the lower. Adding some of the Maybelline Brow Drama my brows to make them a bit more fuller and even. I also included some of the Revolution Golden Lights Highlighter to my brow bone and inner corner.


    I think this look looks perfect with a nude or pink toned lip. I used the NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee which completes the look and creates a natural and soft lip. However, for an extra added touch I changed and used Mac Lovelorn and placed a bit of the Revolution Golden Lights highlighter to the centre of my lower lip.

    Match with your favourite hairstyle, mine is a messy bun, and here is the finished look. It’s my take on a non-touring, extra added highlight look to create a more natural and fresh glow.  Let me know what your top highlighter is!

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    Author Review: Giovanna Fletcher

    Hey, Guys!

    This week’s book review is slightly different, I’m not just reviewing a book this week but discussing the author, the incredible Giovanna Fletcher. Having been a huge McFly fan for so long when I had heard that Tom Fletcher’s wife had released her first novel I almost burst with excitement, as I have done for all her books. Each year I anticipate the arrival of her new release with hopes that it’ll be as good as the last and she is yet to fail me.

    About Giovanna Fletcher: 

    Giovanna is an author, actress, mother, wife, YouTuber, blogger and all round spectacular woman. She discusses body confidence, motherhood, family and general life antics on her social media. Giovanna is known to uploads weekly YouTube videos to her sister in law  Carrie called ‘Dear Carrie/Dear Gi’ to keep in touch with their lives. Giovanna has written 4 books and 2 short stories. All of which I personally think are bloody fantastic. They’re written wonderfully, so well thought with beautifully described characters.

    Billy and Me:

    Billy and Me is about a young woman named Sophie who lives in a small town with her mum and works in a cafe. Unexpectedly meeting a handsome, Billy Buskin an English actor who Sophie had no idea existed but resulted in making a huge difference in her life. This story has a wonderful story line and flows so well, I read this whole book in less than a day because I just couldn’t put it down. It has me hooked from the beginning. It was funny, realistic and captivating.

    Giovanna also wrote a short story called Christmas with Billy and Me which extends on their life together and the lengths Sophie, Billy and their family go to in order for Sophie to help an anonymous man to propose to his partner.  It’s such a lovely, thoughtful way to extend upon the book and further develop the characters.

    Always with Love is the final instalment of the Billy and Me series in which Billy goes back to continue acting in L.A which becomes a strain on his relationship with Sophie as they lived long-distant for several months. This book really finalised the series for me, it gave me everything I wanted for Sophie as a character and also helped me to understand some of the characters that were introduced in the first books (Colin and his children). It really was such a wonderful third book and for me, if there were no further books on Sophie and Billy’s story, I wouldn’t be disappointed at all. These three books are so wonderful and I re-read them all the time. They provide such a loving and compassionate story which represents the true love between partners and families.

    You’re the One That I Want: 

    You’re the One That I Want was my favourite of all Giovanna’s books, it’s brilliant. This book really helped me understand the possible consequences of having a long-distance boyfriend but also that that if you love each other things will work out in the end. It’s about 3 lifelong friends, Maddie, Rob and Ben who have known each other since they were children. Throughout their teens, Rob and Maddie fell for each other and begun a lasting relationship but along the way Ben had realised his true feelings for Maddie causing a very inconvenient love triangle between three best friends. Whilst Rob went off to University of Nottingham, Maddie and Ben made their way to University of Bristol. Along the way, all three of them found themselves in troubled situations in which they all must realise what they truly want.

    It’s brilliant, it was so easy and lovely to read. It was another book that I couldn’t put down and I was so glad that Giovanna had continued with writing such beautiful and well-thought stories. This was such a pleasure to read and it was written with such a big heart. It broke my heart for sure.

    Dream a Little Dream: 

    Dream a Little Dream was slightly off for me, It was a great book with so much charm to it and I thought it was such a lovely add to Giovanna’s collection. Sarah had been single for 2 years and it made matters worse that she spent so much time around her ex-boyfriend due to their shared friends. She was working as a personal assistant to the most horrific man in London and her ability to constantly disappoint her mother really put her down, but she was actually quite happy with her life. Unexpectedly, Sarah had begun to dream about an old friend from University who she had really grown attached to, ‘Dream Brett’ was everything she wanted in a man. Until ‘Real Brett’ begun working with her and things became a little awkward. It was written wonderfully and it was such a sweet story to read. I enjoyed it don’t get me wrong but after reading You’re the One That I Want, for me, nothing could compete with it.

    Dream a Little Christmas Dream is another short story that extends on Sarah’s life and how it had been magically turned upside down by an unexpected love. Sarah is truly happy and becomes even happier by the end of the book. I thought this was such a lovely short story and I really do think these short stories have had such a good and positive impact on the novels.

    Overall, these books are brilliant. They’re witty, romantic, realistic and full of surprises. They’re such a lovely read that kept me mesmerised from the beginning. I can’t help but love Giovanna’s work and definitely look forward to reading her next novel. Let me know your favourite book and author and I’ll check them out.

    Giovanna recently announced her new book called Happy Mum, Happy Baby. Due to be released February 2017. This book is ideal for all you mums and dads who want to learn more about the never ending, full time job of parenthood. 

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    My Top Tips for Stress Relief

    I’m going to admit it, I struggle with stress massively, so much so that it usually results in a severe panic attack. It’s not fun, it’s difficult to live with and it causes so many issues for me to do things during my life. Anxiety is generally the biggest problem I have and have been experiencing since the beginning of the year.

    Each morning I wake up wondering how difficult the day is going to be and its a battle. But it doesn’t have to be. There are lots of ways that people can do to help reduce stress and challenge themselves during stressful times. These are the 5 ways I reduce and prevent symptoms of anxiety and stress.

    One: write everything down. This may seem obvious but it works, I write down my daily to-do lists as well as any feelings I experience throughout the day. I write down any anxieties I have and then write next to it whether I can help the situation or if I’m over thinking it and let the situation go it’s own way. I find this so helpful as I become more aware of what I’m in control of and realise that I’m not in control of everything and it helps to settle my nerves.

    Two: Stop whatever you’re doing and breathe. Take a deep breath, count to 10 and continue to do so until you feel better. Remember that your feelings aren’t permanent and they will ease. Nothing is set in stone. I find that panic attacks start when I forget to breathe, so I stop for a moment take a deep breath and count to 10 and do so until I feel my anxieties settle.

    Three: Build a solid support system with friends and family. Make those people supportive, easy to talk to and understanding. They should be people you trust to not judge and keep your personal life to themselves. These people should be those who you can rant to whenever you need to discuss your feelings and any issues you have. Expressing your feelings is the best way to allow yourself to understand how you feel.

    Four: Allow yourself a little play time during your day. Read a book, watch a film or listen to music. Allow yourself some time to do your favourite pass time that allows you to relax. It’s okay to take a break and enjoy your life beyond work, school or university. Give yourself some time to enjoy the life you’re given and remember to relax from those activities that make you most stressed.

    Five: Believe in yourself. You are able to relax and feel normal, you’re able to achieve greatness. Just give yourself some credit. Everybody struggles sometimes and it’s okay. Everybody has something that they find difficult. Follow your heart, talk to your family and friends and embrace the stress. See it as a challenge rather than a problem.

    These are my 5 ways that I reduce and prevent any anxious feelings and stress that may be overwhelming.

    With love, Beth x

    Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick Review 

    The Sleek MakeUp line is definitely underrated, the majority of the products are of high quality and are beautiful to wear, especially the eyeshadows and the highlighter palette! I’ve not stopped raving about the highlighter palette in Solstice.

    Another item by Sleek that I’ve fallen in love with is the Matte Me liquid lipstick in Birthday Suit. Having never tried any liquid lipsticks before I saw the Matte Me collection by Sleek in Birthday Suit and instantly fell in love with the colour. It’s a very natural, classic nude lip that sits beautifully and dry’s so quickly. It’s gorgeous, it doesn’t cake up or show any lines across my lips. It doesn’t make my lips dry at all and  the formula is so lightweight that I forget I’m wearing it. I’m not a huge lipstick wearer and I always focus more on my eyes when doing my makeup,  but these are just so comfortable to wear and this colour will match so well with a full glam eye. It’s simple but so much more than that, it’s fantastic and I can’t rave about it enough. It’s genuinely such a lovely lip to wear. It’s encouraged me to try some more liquid lipsticks and battle them out. Let me know your favourite liquid lipsticks and I’ll give them a go.

    Overall the Sleek Makeup products have come along way over the years having introduced the highlighter palettes and the cream contour kits, they’ve even released their own brand of brushes and I’m eager to test them. My first ever purchase from the Sleek collection was the eye shadow palette in Au Natural and It was my go to palette from the ages of 14 – 16! Sleek products are sold in Boots, Superdrug and have their own website available for purchases. In fact, I recently come across the mix and match deal  in my local in Boots which is promoted each year in preparation for Christmas. I noticed that they had introduced a selection of Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks for £5 which includes 4 smaller versions of their full sized liquid lipsticks and Birthday Suit was in the collection. If you want to try some of the Liquid Lipsticks by Sleek but don’t want to spend a fortune in case you don’t like them or don’t get on with the formula, then I would definitely recommend this purchase for you. They are so affordable in this collection and considering they’re 4.99 each for a full sized purchase you’re totally saving so much money. Go along and check out your local boots or online, it’s in the 3 for 2 Christmas deal. They also have the highlight palette and Birthday Suit in a set for £10.

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    Book Review: Just The Way You Are

    My weekly book review has arrived, don’t fret little ones. It’s here. How exciting! This weeks book was read on my iPad though the iBooks app. I bought it for 99p and can only be bought as an ebook. Admittedly, this book was bought on a whim (actually aren’t most of my books bought on a whim?) because it was reviewed by Giovanna Fletcher and I often swear by her reviews.

    This story is about a woman named Eva who hasn’t ever been happy go lucky, especially regarding her relationship. Having been receiving letters from an anonymous writer for six years Eva thought she would never love anybody the way she did with Mr. Writer. Having a terrible time with her recent love interests Eva sets out to discover the identity of Mr. Writer in hopes that he is as perfect as his letters once were.

    I really did enjoy this book but the story was predictable. Half way through the book I knew who Mr. Writer was and it really disappointed me. However, this book was so captivating. It was so well written and it flowed well, it’s just a shame that it was so predictable. If you’re looking for a romance book then you’ve got it right here. For 99p it’s a bargain and I totally recommend to those who are a sucker for a love story just like me!

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