L’Oreal True Match 

I’ve been testing out the L’Oreal True Match foundation for a few weeks now and I totally forgot how good of a foundation it actually was. I was using this religiously a few years ago and I found other products and never returned to it. 

I bought mine from Superdrug for £9.99 and I think the best thing about this foundation is the massive amount of shades that are available. It’s huge! It’s the widest selection of shades that I’ve seen in the drugstore and it ranges for the palest of skin to the darkest. It’s incredible and I think it’s so good of L’Oreal for bringing it to the drugstore. 

This foundation works so well for a variety of different skin types. I have combination skin and it doesn’t wear away on my oily skin and doesn’t look cakey on my dry skin. It’s extremely long wearing and for that I think it’s totally worth the money. I find that my creams and powders just glide on and I’m an avid fan of this product. 

I kinda knew I would love it again since I really enjoyed the L’Oreal Cushion foundation so much and this really reminded me of how good the L’Oreal foundations actually are. 

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Book Review: When We Collided

I recently come across a new author to me, named Emery Lord. I purchase two of three books that she has published, When We Collided was the first I read. 
I was in the mood to read lovey-dovey, romantic novels and after reading the first chapter of both books and the back of the book, I knew that this would be a good read. Let’s get to the point, it didn’t fail me & I really enjoyed this book. 
Jonah and his family had experienced the dreadful loss of his father and never thought he would feel normal again. Vivi had moved to his home town for the summer with her artist mother in hopes to start experiencing the world in a way she’s always wanted too, happy. Never did they both know that, during the summer they would experience their first love that consumed them. 

It’s been months that I have come across a book that I’ve become obsessed with. This one really did it for me, I read this during the summer when I had been missing Matt so much and it just helped me to relive the happy memories and all of the loving feelings I have for him.

I especially liked that the stigma of mental health and death hadn’t been ignored and instead, totally emphasised in the most powerful and thoughtful way. Emery hadn’t ignored the fact that people have difficulties regardless of what they are and she noticed that all problems and life changing events should be recognised. 

The story was beautiful and full of love between two teenagers that eventually realised how to love themselves again. 

With love, Beth x 

My Actual Morning Routine 

Nobody likes mornings and if you do well we just can’t be friends. I will admit that I’m normally awake before 9am on my days off from uni because I like to stick to a sleeping pattern for the days that I am actually busy doing things (I know i’m lame). However, I see all these Bloggers and Youtuber’s posting about their morning routine and none of them seem realistic at all and it’s about time we started showing people what an actual morning routine really is like. So let’s get straight into it! 


On a day when I have to be up for a 9am or early start in uni, I generally wake up about half an hour before I’m due to be there. Get myself in a total fluster because I’m probably going to be late and I’m one of those people that if i’m late I simply won’t go. I don’t exactly help myself by waking up half an hour before I’m due to be there but I just like to sleep as long as I can. Generally I don’t put any makeup on, I’ll wash my face and brush my teeth and sometimes because I’m human I may even forget to do that. I’ll brush my hair and throw it in a messy bun and dress in jeans, hoodie and converse ready for a lecture/seminar. My days are generally quite fast so once I finish with my time on campus I’ll head home and do my makeup, hair and start my day properly after it.

I don’t understand how people can sit down for like half an hour of their day to drink 4 different types of drinks and a proper meal and a full work out before spending an hour getting ready, that’s not realistic at all. I’m lucky enough to grab a piece of fruit and get out the door. I generally shower at night so I don’t have to get up early in the morning but if I didn’t do it the night before I’ll go home after my lecture and do it then. 


On a day that I’m free like a weekend when I don’t have any specific plans or have to be up early I’ll start my day off by waking up whenever I fancy and have a scroll through my social media to catch up with my messages and the events throughout the night. Shortly after I’ll head to the bathroom, brush my teeth and wash my face and then head to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast. After this depending on my mood and what I plan on doing that I’ll day i’ll either shower to wake myself up or have a nice relaxing bath and after this spend an hour or so getting myself ready for the day, so hair, makeup and dress myself. I’ll probably take stops between these times to watch a T.V show or read some of my book but because these days as so free I don’t mind taking that little extra longer with my breakfast or time to read a bit of a book. After I’ve done these things is usually when I decide what I want to do with my day, they’re usually quite chilled and relaxed. 

I really like to give myself this time on my day off to unwind and feel a bit more relaxed from any uni work or stress that may be building up. As I struggle with panic attacks and overloading myself with stress I find it really important that a few times a week I give myself some me time and have a break. 

As much as I would like to be one of those people who get out of bed at 6am, go to the gym and have their life together. I am not. I don’t mind if I look a little messy for a 9am but if I know I have a really important meeting to go to I will make that little extra effort and get up slightly earlier to make myself presentable. Everybody has these expectations that they feel that they have to meet and for me, getting out of bed hours in advance before my 9am lecture is not something I feel will benefit me at all. Nobody cares if I walk into my lecture with unbrushed teeth and hair because it’s likely there are plenty of us doing the same. 

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My Curves

I have never been a small, skinny girl. Ever since puberty began I gained weight and my body shaped formed into curves, big booty and big boobs and over time I learnt that there isn’t anything wrong with that. I spent all of my adolescent years and even now at 21 struggling with body confidence, being ashamed of the body I have and feeling that I couldn’t be proud of the body I was given because it isn’t what society deems beautiful. But I am beautiful. I may not be skinny but my curves are a part of me and I feel so damn sexy in them. It’s baffling how many girls feel that they aren’t sexy because they aren’t a specific size.

In the UK the average woman is a size 14-16. In my wardrobe my clothes vary from size 10, 12, 14 and I even own a size 16 dress. So what am I? above average? Below average? or average? Does my size of clothes determine whether I am healthy? Does my body shape make any difference to anybody other than myself?

In the summer of 2015 I lost almost 2 stone in weight and I didn’t feel any healthier than before. I went from weighing 13’6 stone to 11’10 and although I knew I looked good. I didn’t feel good. I was afraid to eat in case I gained weight, I was so happy every time the numbers stopped on the scale. I wasn’t enjoying my food. Losing weight took over my life and nothing would stop me. Nothing made me happy like losing weight. Then I met Matt. Matt and I met in September 2015 just after I lost the weight. Right from the start he made me so happy, loved me for my curves and my edges. His love helped me to start eating properly again and enjoy my food. It wasn’t easy but I became happy again, remembered what I loved about my body. My body loves me. 

The biggest problem for me is feeling comfortable in clothes and I know how challenging it is to find outfits that make you look and feel beautiful. Here are a few outfits that I like and flatter y curves. Don’t fear them, love them. 

This bodycon dress makes me feel so comfortable and I think it’s really flattering on me. I like that it doesn’t make me look massive (or so I think). I even like that it does place emphasis on curves. That evening I felt so good and comfortable!

I freaking love skirts. I love showing off my legs and although I don’t always feel comfortable doing so. I know that I should mainly for my self esteem. This photo was taken on a holiday in Spain last year and I pretty much lived in skirts and vest tops and I loved every minute of it.

This photo was taken after I had lost weight and now I look at it, I don’t look much smaller thank am now. I still love this dress and how basic it is. 

In fact, I think in all of these photos I look different. My body changes all the time and I’m thankful to now understand and truly believe that weight does not determine your worth, whether you’re more valued and most definitely not whether you’re loved. 

Be kind to yourself, love your body and remember that you’re not just your weight. 

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Growing Up With Brothers

I could never imagine myself being an only child. Admittedly, having been raised as an only girl with two older brothers I definitely wished as a child that I was an only child. Now as an adult I’ve realised that being raised with two older brothers impacted my life incredibly and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Regardless of anything we go through, my siblings are 100% the people who have given me the most motivation to be a better me and they influence everything I do. I have two older brothers, Kyle and Daniel. Growing up is difficult for anybody, however I found growing up with two brothers to be so bloody difficult. So today, I thought I would share with you guys how having two older brothers shaped me into the person I am today. 

As I said before, I have two brothers who I love dearly but I am definitely closer to Daniel than Kyle. That doesn’t mean I love them any different or have a favourite (that’s a lie, it’s Daniel) but they both equally motivate me and have been the most influential people to shape who I am and want to be as an adult. Let’s start with Kyle, my oldest brother. Kyle and I have an 8 year age difference and I do this that this age gap has been the biggest issue  within our relationship. Daniel and I are only 2 years apart and are closer now as adults than we ever have been before. 

Generally all of us are quite introverted and like to have our own space so we rarely spend time together and we definitely never ever spend time together just the three of us. It’s awkward, uncomfortable and I don’t wish it on anybody. Considering we are family it still shocks me that we don’t really have any thing in common with each other. I mean, Daniel and Kyle do but I definitely don’t with Kyle and minimal with Daniel. As a child this was really hard for me because it meant that I spend almost all my time alone and with nobody to hand out with and enjoy the same interests. During my childhood I was definitely more extroverted and thrived for the comfort and conversation from others so I spent a lot of time feeling lonely. As awful as this was for me as a child it helped me so much as an adult as I can now work better independently as well as in groups and has played a huge role in working with groups and interacting better. It has always allowed me to appreciate the alone time I do get and never take for granted being able to do things that I enjoy without being interrupted. I very rarely feel lonely as an adult and I’m pretty sure it’s because I got so used to it as a child it became the norm for me which I actually love now. 

The biggest issue I had in my life was that I lacked femininity. I have my mum but she doesn’t wear makeup and doesn’t enjoy anything to do with fashion, books or anything I’m interested in. Which may seem like a surprise to most since I was the only girl and my mum would have a lot of time for me. However, it’s not the case at all. I taught myself how to use makeup using YouTube and used the internet, magazines and TV for fashion inspriration. I learned what I know from the media. I think having a closer bond with my mum would have made a huge impact on my friendships with other girls as I’d be able to understand most about what they enjoyed from an earlier age. 

My parents always expected me to act the same way as my brothers and so often I was asked “why aren’t you more like your brothers?”. This infuriated me and made me so angry every single time I heard it. My parents never accepted that not only was I younger than my brothers but also a differen gender with different interests and ideas. Having heard this for so long during my teenage years I rebelled a lot and decided to go things I knew my brothers wouldn’t do because it would disappoint my parents and I didn’t care. To me, the more I wasn’t like my brothers the better and I enjoyed it that way as much as I do as an adult. 

Regardless of these issues I loved my childhood and thoroughly enjoyed having wrestling fights and tickling matches and oversized tshirts to wear. My parents worked hard to give us the best that they could and I’ll be eternally grateful for the life they gave me an my brothers. 
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10 Difficulties of Being a Student

The general stereotypes that students have aren’t always necessarily true. A popular stereotype that I have come across in university is that, being a student is an easy way to avoid employment. I have to say that this one really frustrates me because I have such a strong work ethic and I’m always prepared for new employment when it comes my way, so hearing comments like this grinds my bones. A few other stereotypes are that students are lazy, we don’t earn our way through life and best of all one that I received a lot from people that I know, people who go to university are stuck up and snobby. Student life is a lot harder than people understand and it is especially difficult if you move away from home like I did. I’m so grateful for the experience I’ve had from moving away from home and I am forever thankful that I was able to move away from home because it encouraged me to become more an adult. However, it’s not easy to do and now my undergraduate degree is coming to an end, it’s saddening to see such a wonderful time in my life has gone by so fast. I thought I would share with you guys some of my difficulties that I’ve faced over the three years as a student in Abersytwyth. 

1- Something I never done before moving away from home was learn how to cook and at 18 I had minimal basic knowledge. Having to learn how to cook was probably the most challenging yet rewarding thing to do. It’s a known fact that going to university helps you to grow into an adult and in my experience, this means learning how to actually cook healthy and nutritious meals. In my first year I was always eating out or having microwave meals and I tell you, doing this is not healthy and I definitely gained at least 3 stone. If not more. So when I reached the summer of my first year I knew that I needed to change my habits and by doing this I managed to lose almost 2 stone in weight and become more confident in the kitchen. Now a third year I’m always making meals from scratch and freezing them for a later date, this is not only healthy but a money saver. 

2- Living away from home is hard, really bloody hard. Aberystwyth is around 2.5 hours away from my hometown and not having my closest friends and family around when I need them the most is so hard. It’s not as if my mother is around the corner to comfort me when I’m feeling unwell or sad or to call my best friends for a heavy night out to celebrate high assignment grades or new jobs. However, over my time in university I’ve formed lifelong friendships with people who I now know as my family. They’re the people I go to when I need comforting and support, something I learned I had to do since I could no longer rely on people from home like I used to. My brother Daniel and I are incredibly close and he is definitely someone I miss the most about my hometown. Although technology is a wonderful thing of the 21st century and I’m so grateful to have him on the end of the phone for a chat when I need him. 

3- Being a student is expensive and although I do have a student loan, it doesn’t last forever. Sometimes I do wish I had gone to a university in a city as it may have been easier to get myself a part time job as in Aber they don’t come around very often. You don’t realise how expensive it really is to live alone, pay rent etc but that’s why I think university is such a good experience as you learn to appreciate your money more and have an opportunity to understand more about how to budget your finances to last you the full term. I’m also a sucker for new makeup releases and can never resist.. always so bloody poor.  

4- The stresses of doing actual academic work is so overwhelming that it literally messes with your mental health. You become so overwhelmed with having so such reading, planning and writing to do that it can either go two ways 1. overwhelmed with everything you don’t stop doing work for days and before you know it you’ve been awake for 3 days straight. 2. You don’t know where to start with your pile of work so you just leave it, take a nap and procrastinate for a few hours/days/weeks and hope things get better. In my case it’s usually the second after having an extreme panic attack and total meltdown. 

5- Sleeping become non-existent, especially in your first year when you’re so full of excitement about adulthood and living away from home. Eventually when the summer comes you organise your sleeping pattern better and go to bed at normal times of the day until September appears again and you’re spending your day sleeping and your night wondering how you got back to the same situation all over again. 

6- Maintaining a balance in your life is probably the worst thing about being a student. You literally have so much to do that you don’t even know where to start so you don’t do anything at all. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve totally given up, locked my bedroom door and started to binge watch a new T.V series and once the show is over I’ll make my way back into reality to do it all over again. I’ve watched some bloody good T.V shows in my three years as a student though.

Image result for balancing a student life

7- At the beginning of my degree I was dead set that I would become a primary school teacher. That’s all I ever wanted to be since Year 7. Until my second year of uni and I hated everything to do with literacy and general primary school teaching so the time came when I knew I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. My course bored me, the modules were all education based and I literally never turned up to any lectures or seminars.  My future scared me and I wanted nothing to do with making plans so I ignored it. At 19 I really didn’t want to make any decisions on what career path I would take, instead I probably ordered myself a take away and watched High School Musical for the 1000th time in hopes that someone would make the decision for me. They didn’t but I still love High School Musical. 

8- Making friends isn’t easy. You have to remember that your friends at home you most likely met in primary school or high school, meaning that 5 days a week you were forced to be their friends. So when you go to university and you meet new people some people excel in this area and others have a melt down and don’t know where to start. For some they stick to their flatmates and others join a sport/society and meet friends for life. It’s not like the films when you meet your best friend in the welcome talk, you actually have to leave your bed to meet people. 

9- When you move into halls you’ll be living with total strangers. People who all have different ways of living, some are messy and others are really organise. You need to create a balance with the new people in your life as they’ll be around you for a full year with no control. In your second and third year you can finally choose your own flatmates and it’s fun but you’re still wondering why you’re the only person to be buying toilet roll and why nobody else mops the floor but it’s easier. A whole lot easier because they’re your friend and you picked them. 

10- Being unwell isn’t fun but being unwell when your mother isn’t around to love you and rub your head whilst you sleep is literally the worst thing in the world. Whether it’s a cold or a major illness, you always need your mum to give you a bit of TLC and when she isn’t there you feel more sorry for yourself than you probably should. For me, I was diagnosed with kidney stones at the end of my second year and I was fortunate enough to only be without my mum for a few weeks but during those times I genuinely thought I would never be comforted or loved by a mother again. Admittedly, my boyfriend was fantastic at it but it wasn’t quite the same. 

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What I Eat In A Week // Dieting

As you may know I am dieting, If you didn’t well now you do. I’m heading to America for near 3 months as of June and when I’m there I want to feel my best in swimwear. In desperate hopes I’ve turned to Slimfast since nothing was working for me. I always thought Slimfast was a gimmick, that it didn’t actually work and I would probably be wasting my money. I’m currently in week 3 (having missed a few days due to emotions and hangover, student life eh) but in my first week I lost a total of 7lbs! I’m over the moon and totally motivated to keep it up for the next few months before I leave. Since I know so many people are wanting to diet but don’t know where to start, especially with Slimfast since it can be quite confusing. I thought it would be great to let you guys know what I eat during the week of dieting. 

Dieting isn’t easy and anybody who says it is, they lie, don’t be friends with them. You don’t wake up every single day completely motivated to lose weight or even want to lose weight. I definitely don’t wake up instantly feeling positive and ready to run 10 miles (those who do, I salute you). It’a really bloody hard and the best thing I find is to have motivation, a goal to pursue. Mine is NYC and to feel good in my own skin although Matt disagree’s and often attempts (sometimes achieves) for me to go off plan by teasing me with take aways and random suprise cakes that he has bought for me (best boyfriend ever). 

How does it work? Well, Slimfast is a 3, 2, 1 process. You are able to have 3 snacks a day, 2 meal replacements (shake or meal bar) and 1 600kcal meal whilst drinking plenty of water. So, if you’re really interested in what my week of food looks like whilst I diet, continue to read! 


Depending on whether I’ve gone out during the weekend and had a few drinks I may have been off plan for a few days, therefore Mondays are usually quite well. I’ll start my morning with a shake which is normally banana or vanilla but sometimes chocolate. I’ll use the blender to mix it as I like how frothy it gets rather than manually shaking. 

On average I eat around every two hours, so I’ll then have a snack. This could be either some fruit, a boiled egg or even a Slimfast snack either the cheese bites, sour cream pretzels or the snack bar. 

After this I will have finished lectures so I’ll head back home and make myself a 600 kcal meal. I usually have my 600 kcal meal in the afternoon as I find it fills me up slightly more than I would be if I had it in the evening. As you can see, today I made a homemade chicken curry with rice. If you’re interested in a recipe post for this meal let me know. 

Again, two hours later I’ll have another snack. This time I went with the Slimfast bites because they’re my favourite. 

My final meal of the day was another shake. I probably ran out of the meal bars (they’re so good) which resulted in having two shakes that day. 

Right before bed I then had some fruit to last me throughout the night. 


I like to mix the order of my food up each day to not be in such a routine. Since I did have a shake Monday morning I decided to go with a meal bar whilst heading to my morning seminar. 

My seminar is only 1 hour long so at around 11 I’ll then have a slimfast snack, those bites mhmm. 

I then decided to go ahead and have a shake for lunch (usually between 2 – 4), again blending it up because well, it’s delicious that way!

After this I then had some fruit. I’ve grown this obsession with kiwi recently and I just can’t get enough of it. 

It’s then time for my 600 kcal meal so I went ahead and made my favourite chicken, bacon and asparagus pesto pasta. As usual all homemade and healthy! 

My final snack of the day was the chocolate Slimfast snack bar and then Tuesday was complete!

Tuesday nights are EduSoc (Education Society) social nights out when we all head into town and have the best night. However, as fun as this may seem it does mean that I’m off plan and probably going to demolish a subway when I get back into bed. Fortunately, this week I avoided this by going to the sober social instead and slept peacefully knowing I hadn’t failed myself! Wahoo. 


Wednesdays are quite an odd day for me since I am free all morning until midday when I have a one hour seminar and then I’m free all afternoon. So, since I was able to have a lay-in I went and made myself a shake and a green tea. I do usually like to have a green tea in the morning if I have time and since I did today I went with a mint green tea as they are my favourites. 

After this I’ll have a snack whilst at the library, running errands or doing chores it just depends where I am or what I’m doing that morning. This time I went with the pretzels. 

Around 11:45am is when I’ll make my way to my seminar so on the way I’ll have a meal bar or if I’m not feeling hungry before the seminar I’ll have it whilst walking home, my favourites are the young fruit crunch. 

I followed my snack on with some fruit a few hours later and a big glass of water to keep me going until my next meal. I like to make sure I’m keeping myself distracted other wise I’ll definitely eat out of boredom and that is when it all goes down hill. 

By the time my 600kcal meal is due I’m most likely to be starving and this time I went with spaghetti bolognese with a small amount of parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. 

By bedtime comes I’ll probably be feeling slightly peckish again so I had some fruit and headed on my way to bed. 


Thursdays are my quietest day of the week. I have the whole day off and no lectures or seminars. So I pretty much just hang out at home and do things that I’ve wanted to do throughout the week. Usually I’ll catch up on further reading for uni work or even a book and watch some TV shows (I’ve been loving the Fresh Prince of Bel Air). General lazy days, these are the days that I am more likely to want to snack on bad foods or get a take away. However, today I done my best!  Right now to stop my boredom I’m writing this blog post. 

For breakfast I went with a Slimfast shake and a few hours later followed by some fruit and a big glass of water. During this time I’ll do my best to distract myself. I then had my 600kcal meal to fill the gap, this time I went for chicken wraps with salad and my goodness they were delicious. 

I then had another slimfast snack and followed on by another Slimfast Meal bar and before bedtime some fruit. 

I really do struggle on Thursdays because my day is so wide and free that I’m more likely to fill my boredom with snacking on chocolate digestives or some other form of snack. If I do ever fail to resist my urges I like to go on the healthy side and have some fruit since I won’t feel as guilty for being off plan. 


Friday! Yay, the weekends can either go two ways. 1 – So well, I won’t have drank any alcohol or had a take away and I’ll reward myself with buying some new clothes or makeup. 2- I’ve drank my little heart out, got myself a takeaway on the way home in my drunken state and then I’ve really buggered up the whole weekend because I fail to get back on it with a hangover. Fortunately for me I managed to stay in this weekend whilst being the boring student that I am so I managed to stay on plan. 

I started my Friday morning with a shake and then followed on by a snack a few hours later. I don’t have any lectures until 2pm and I finish at 4pm. During the morning is when I decide whether I’ll have a meal bar first or my 600kcal meal, it literally depends on whether I can handle not eating an actual meal before a two hour lecture of special educational needs. This time I went with the meal bar and took a snack with me to my lecture to eat both throughout, simply because after an hour or so I do start to get distracted and I’ll be able to concentrate more when eating a little snack and have a big bottle of water too. 

After 4pm when my lecture finishes I’ll head home and write up any notes from the lecture and decide what meal I want for my 600kcal dinner. If I am staying in I still may result in a take away, depending on whether I’m spending the night with Matt. Sometimes I resist the urge and other times I totally fail and have to restart again the day after. I don’t mind having 1 cheat meal a week simply because I’m human and my body needs a little bit of bad food during the week. It’s who I am and sometimes I like to demolish a big mac and feel totally guilt free. 

To challenge myself I decided to go ahead and make my own fake-away (fake take away) and make chicken chow mein at home and feel a lot less guilt free than I would have if I had made the trip to the takeaway. 

During the course of the evening I’ll make sure to be drinking lots of water to fill the gap before my snack and eat some fruit before heading to bed. Win, Win, Win! 


Saturday arrived and now it’s even more challenging to commit to the diet simply because everybody deserves a treat at the weekend. It’s difficult to say no when your friends are heading out for a meal and you have to politely decline and sit at home wondering why I couldn’t have just been born at the ideal weight I want now. 

I’ll start my day out with a meal bar in bed whilst catching up on any bloggers chats on Twitter, scrolling through Facebook like it’s the morning news paper and generally just enjoying my day off. I’ll then have a snack following with water (you see the pattern I have?) and decide what to do with my day. 

If I find myself getting bored I may head into town or go for a walk around my little area. For lunch I’ll then decide whether to have a shake or 600kcal meal, depending on whether we are heading out for food that evening. If we are I’ll go with a meal bar and have a snack right before I get ready so I’m hungry by the time we go out. 

Depending on where we do decide to go I’ll go online and find their menu to choose which meal seems healthiest and under 600kcal so I can stay on plan. I’ll drink water and head home after unless you know.. My friends and I decide to get white girl wasted and enjoy our night. 

At this stage it totally depends on my good decision making or bad. I may have headed home and settled in for the night with some fruit or gone out and drank too much wine and cider and got myself a take away on the way back. I know, I’m such a bad person for enjoying my life too much. 


Sunday, ah! the end of the week. A fresh start. Wahoo! If I happened to make bad decisions the night before it’s likely that I’m attempting to cure my hangover with chocolate and crisps and attempting to stick to plan. In this case, I did make good decisions and I was able to stick to plan completely all day since I had no hangover. Yippee! 

I started my day with a 600kcal breakfast. I went for the full breakfast with your normal hashbrowns, sausage, bacon. You name it and i’ll have it (except black pudding, that stuff is nasty). I make sure that it’s cooked in fry light rather than oil as it’s a lot healthier and I prefer it. I don’t tend to have my 600kcal meal in the morning often at all, simply because I find myself more hungry and craving actual food in the afternoons than I do at any other point in the day. However, it’s a Sunday and I really do love a good full breakfast. However, I may decide to eat this later than normal so perhaps I should call it brunch instead. 

Like normal I’ll follow it on with a snack and then have a shake for lunch but ensuring that I keep them 2 hours apart each. With the 6 hours passed I’ll then have a meal bar and followed by some fruit before bed. I do like to make sure I stick to drinking plenty of water throughout each day and I find that water fills the gap and stops me feelings so hungry. 

There you have it! My full meal plan for an entire week on Slimfast, that is if I am able to achieve it. Let me know if you liked this post and would like me to do something like this again!

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