How You Doin’?

It’s been a while now since I posted about my anxiety and I thought it was time to update you on how I’ve been. 

During the summer I was feeling quite low for a fair while actually. I came back from New York with my self esteem feeling destroyed and then I experienced a break up shortly after. This making my anxiety hit an all time low. Some days were good, I felt like my life was finally getting on track and I was feeling myself. Then other days just weren’t so good and I hated everyone and everything but mostly myself. 

It was a whirlwind of an experience. I couldn’t help but feel like I had ruined everything, that it was all my fault and I was only to blame for my errors. Although some of that isn’t wrong I don’t feel like it’s all totally my fault. I think life got in the way, things happened and I didn’t fail. It was just how things were to plan out and I had been given a fresh start. 

However, now I feel different. Sometimes crappy and down but mostly good. Most of the time I feel like I’ve finally got my shit together. I’m back in uni, I’ve made new friends, I lost some weight and plan to carry on and finally, I don’t feel that I have to please everybody. 

I don’t regret the mistakes I’ve made, I’ve learned from them. Overall, my mental health is feeling fantastic and I am feeling better than I have done. I’m still human and I still have moments but honestly, I feel pretty great. I’ve also been reading different blogs recently, specifically with posts about mental health. Some of my favourites have been: 


You should definitely check them out, I highly recommend them! 

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With love, Beth x 

My Top Tips for Stress Relief

I’m going to admit it, I struggle with stress massively, so much so that it usually results in a severe panic attack. It’s not fun, it’s difficult to live with and it causes so many issues for me to do things during my life. Anxiety is generally the biggest problem I have and have been experiencing since the beginning of the year.

Each morning I wake up wondering how difficult the day is going to be and its a battle. But it doesn’t have to be. There are lots of ways that people can do to help reduce stress and challenge themselves during stressful times. These are the 5 ways I reduce and prevent symptoms of anxiety and stress.

One: write everything down. This may seem obvious but it works, I write down my daily to-do lists as well as any feelings I experience throughout the day. I write down any anxieties I have and then write next to it whether I can help the situation or if I’m over thinking it and let the situation go it’s own way. I find this so helpful as I become more aware of what I’m in control of and realise that I’m not in control of everything and it helps to settle my nerves.

Two: Stop whatever you’re doing and breathe. Take a deep breath, count to 10 and continue to do so until you feel better. Remember that your feelings aren’t permanent and they will ease. Nothing is set in stone. I find that panic attacks start when I forget to breathe, so I stop for a moment take a deep breath and count to 10 and do so until I feel my anxieties settle.

Three: Build a solid support system with friends and family. Make those people supportive, easy to talk to and understanding. They should be people you trust to not judge and keep your personal life to themselves. These people should be those who you can rant to whenever you need to discuss your feelings and any issues you have. Expressing your feelings is the best way to allow yourself to understand how you feel.

Four: Allow yourself a little play time during your day. Read a book, watch a film or listen to music. Allow yourself some time to do your favourite pass time that allows you to relax. It’s okay to take a break and enjoy your life beyond work, school or university. Give yourself some time to enjoy the life you’re given and remember to relax from those activities that make you most stressed.

Five: Believe in yourself. You are able to relax and feel normal, you’re able to achieve greatness. Just give yourself some credit. Everybody struggles sometimes and it’s okay. Everybody has something that they find difficult. Follow your heart, talk to your family and friends and embrace the stress. See it as a challenge rather than a problem.

These are my 5 ways that I reduce and prevent any anxious feelings and stress that may be overwhelming.

With love, Beth x