Book Review: The One We Fell In Love With

This novel by Paige Toon made me rekindle my love for reading again. Since Christmas I found myself not enjoying reading as much as I used to and The One We Fell In Love With was the perfect romantic novel to remind m. 

Rose, Phoebe and Eliza were identical triplets and as many siblings do, they had their differences. However the three of them were different in all ways other than their appearance and their love for Angus, their next door neighbour. At 17 when each of them met him had they known he was going to be play such an important part of their relationships I’m sure the sisters would have never batted an eyelid at him.  

I heard so many people raving about this book and since my parents bought me it for Christmas I thought it was about time to give it a go. It was the best decision I’ve made. This book was written beautifully and with so much passion, Paige Toon has really thought about the characters in this book and they were written perfectly. The relationship between the sisters felt so real that I could easily have imagined I was one of them. It’s beautiful, heart warming and I cried an awful lot. 

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