Book Review: White Lies and Wishes

This weeks book review is on the Cathy Bramley novel White Lies and Wishes. This book is due to be released January 26th 2017 so only a few days a way! I was sent this book by Transworld Books and I’m extremely grateful to have had the privilege to read such a lovely book. 

Sarah, Jo and Carrie had recently met at a friends funeral and although the situation was a sad time. Having met each other they instantly felt better for it. Through a random idea from Carrie the girls had decided to make their own bucket list in hopes to make improvements in their lives. Having spent months making their wishes comes true the girls each had been telling white lies and each decided that it was about time to be truthful about what they really wanted. After everything though they really did make the best of friends.

I really enjoyed this book but to be totally honest, in parts of the book it is slightly predictable and I found myself guessing the story before reaching the end of chapters. However, the relationship that had formed between the three woman reminded me of my friendships with my best friends. The book really does see the reality of life and what women take throughout relationships and even facing their own insecurities. It was a lovely story but it didn’t wow me at all. 
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