Book Review: The One Memory of Flora BanksĀ 

This novel by Emily Barr is truly wonderful and written with so much knowledge and heart. The One Member of Flora Banks is so different so any book I’ve ever read about characters with illnesses. In fact this books is written as though Emily had experience with this.  

Flora Banks has amnesia due to an illness at the age of 10. She can remember all of her memories before this age but cannot make any new memories. She has short memories that last a few hours and then she will completely forget them. Having been kept the safety of her parents her whole life, Flora is a lot more adventurous than she and anybody else would have though. 

Flora is a truly incredible character and this book turned out to be so much more different than I could have ever imagined. It didn’t end how I thought it would and it’s totally unpredictable. Admittedly slightly bland in a few chapters but overall a very pleasant read and I look forward to reading something else by Emily Barr! 

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Book Review: All The Bright PlacesĀ 

This weeks review is on the incredibly beautiful and heart breaking novel All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. 

After the loss of her sister Violet feels lost and destroyed. Eventually she comes across Theodore Finch who helps her to think twice about jumping off the bell tower at their high school. From the moment they met Violet learnt how to live again from a boy who wanted to die. 

I don’t cry at books very often but this book, I made many an exception for. This is an incredibly heart breaking novel and my goodness, I don’t recommend it for the faint hearted. The best thing about the book is that it captures the realities people go trough on an everyday basis and sometimes leading to their own deaths. The love between three was so obviously shown and continued to across the book and the cry for help that Theodore was asking for was never aided until it was too late. 

Incredible book and so much so since I read it in less than a day and cried for about a week.. beautiful book and totally recommend to everybody! 

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Book Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

My newest book review is here and it’s a good one! This week it is on Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I bloody love this book, it’s so creative and imaginative and ideal for children. It’s incredibly written and so fun! I totally recommend to everybody. Literally anybody, regardless of what genre you usually go for this is so suitable for everybody as it has a little bit of different genres from romance to thriller and mystery.

Jacob Portman had been listening to his grandfather’s stories his whole life, stories about a group of peculiar children whom he lives within a children’s home in Wales. As he grew older he realised that these were in fact just stories and those of which he doubts until he visits his dying grandfather and witnesses a creature that only he could see. Grandfather Abraham would describe simply as a monster. He and his father spend 3 weeks in Wales in hopes to learn more about his beloved grandfather and instead learn more than he could ever have imagined.

I think this book is incredible. I’ve not come across a review that says otherwise yet. It’s so fun to read and it makes you remember all those imaginative stories you come across as a kid. The book has old pictures of these peculiar children and I love that you get to see what these children would have actually looked like. However, it’s so frustrating that they’re in the middle of chapters throughout the book. Don’t get me wrong I love the images I just wish there was more of a structure to it as I found that I would get distracted by the images when reading a chapter.

This book is fantastic and has made me so excited to read the second and third instalments! Let me know if you liked or disliked it and check out my social media.

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Book Review: Eleanor and Park.

Hey, little ones.

It’s that time of week again, are you excited? It’s book review day! Yippee. This week’s review is on Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I turned 20 years old in April and I was given this book as a gift, however, you can purchase it on Amazon, check it out here. When I had received this book I had just completed Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and was so excited to read another by Rainbow Rowell. I will admit that I didn’t like this book as much as I hoped too but it does have good qualities.

Eleanor and Park were totally different people, they lived different lifestyles and their families were totally opposite. Park, a half-Korean boy who lives the perfect suburban life and Eleanor, a red head and slightly overweight girl with a highly dysfunctional family. They meet on the school bus and slowly begun to develop a relationship through their shared interest in music and comic books.

For me this book was difficult to read and actually took me longer than usual to read, I found bits of it a bit bland and as if it was missing a plot. However, by the end of the book, I felt real emotions for their situation, especially Eleanor. I do feel as if this book is just another teenage love story with very little plot but found the story of Eleanor’s dysfunctional family interesting and would have I think this story would have had more emotion and heartbreak if this story was emphasised more. I’m a sucker for a love story and if you’re interested in only a love story and no other story lines then this is for you. I personally preferred Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, you can purchase it here. However, we all have our own preferences.

These are my recommended books for this week if you liked Eleanor and Park, or even if you’re interested in other books to try:

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