Fresher’s Week Survival Guide

As the days go by fresher’s week is approaching and so many students are wondering how amazing fresher’s week is going to be. Except what they don’t think about is how unwell they’ll become if they don’t care for themselves or the practical decisions to make in order to make sure you don’t blow all of your money during the week and be left without any money at all for the rest of the term. Having experienced many fresher’s weeks I’ve managed to learn a few tips and tricks in order to survive the most incredible but exhausting week you’re about to experience. 

So, continue to read on about how you can survive your first week from uni. Remember to be careful when enjoying your week, you’ll more than likely be in a new place with new people and as exciting it is, not all people can be trusted. Ensure you never leave your drink alone and to be safe when heading out and not to head home alone. Please don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t particularly feel comfortable doing and make sure you know your drinking limits. 

1- This is probably the most important tip I have to cope through fresher’s week. Budget, by doing this you’ll be able to set aside money for each night that you’re out and as long as you stick to it you won’t end up completely bankrupt and calling your parents asking for money before the week even ends. I suggest planning a budget on the day you get there or the day before and budget for around £30 a night and to buy alcohol from a supermarket for pre-drinks as this is the way to get drunk and you won’t have to spend as much money when you’re out. You more than likely won’t go out every single night as well, which does follow onto my next tip.

2- Fresher’s week does fly by and with that at the end you’ll be exhausted and the dreaded fresher’s flu will begin. To prevent having the worst cold of your entire life, take a few nights out. You may find you aren;t interested in some of the events that are being held and on those nights I totally recommend having a hot bath/shower, have a proper meal and head to bed for an early-ish night. Yes, the old lady in me has come out but it’s so important that you maintain your health and well-being during the week and the continuing term. 

3- You’ll find across the week that you’re going to meet people or a specific someone that you think is totally incredible and gorgeous and with that.. well you know what happens. Ensure you take precautions to stop any unwanted accidents happening. Whether you visit your local doctor before heading to uni to be placed on birth control, condoms are still an important factor of safe sex. 

4- You’ll definitely have your fair share of take-away’s during the week but try and have a few properly cooked homemade meals. Doing this will provide you the nutrients and a healthy balanced diet as well as a method to help you last longer whilst you’re out. It’s never nice to feel starving, bloated and unwell when you’re drinking and yes, heavily drinking. 

5- Do other things than just drink. You’ll be in a new place and it’ll all be totally differnt, yes you’ll have three years of your life to explore but you’ll find that people in your building will be doing certain things. So get involved and this is an extra important thing to do as you’ll be able to meet friends outside of your flat. 

There we have it, some tips and tricks on how to survive freshers week safely and appropriately! I hope you enjoy your first fresher’s week and continue to enjoy your degree, it’ll be the fastest years of your life but the most incredble and rewarding experience you’ll ever have. 

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What’s Up, Buttercup?

During the past 5 weeks a lot of things have happened but most importantly of all, I received my university classification and I realised I have to get my shit together. 

I graduated Aberystwyth University with a upper second class honours degree in Childhood Studies BA Hons (2:1). This is a huge achievement that I’m extremely proud of, in fact I can’t believe it’s happened. I’ve spent the last 3 years working so incredibly hard to achieve this degree and I never thought I would achieve the grade that I did, let alone have a first in my dissertation. 

However, nobody prepares you to finish university and enter the real world and become a proper adult. I honestly believe that there should be a third year module called How to Adult. This should be on all higher education courses. 

So, I had decisions to make. To move home, find a full time job and make a start on adulting. Or another option, stay in university and do a Masters of Arts degree. Well, after serious consideration I’m prepared for 2 more years in university to study a MA degree in Equality and Diversity in Society. 

Only three years ago I was preparing to study my first degree, now I’m preparing to move to a new town and study my next. Am I ready to start adulting? Absolutely not. Do I have to do it anyway? Absolutely, just throw myself in the deep end and pray that I can swim. 

MA degrees are funded differently and I don’t have student finance to pay my tuition fees for me now. Instead, I’ll receive a 10,000 loan for the 2 year period and £6000 of that will be spent on the course. Therefore I need a job with plenty of hours and a decent pay to fund my lifestyle and bills. It’ll be hard yes, but I’m so looking forward to a fresh start and a change in lifestyle. 

Onto the next adventure! 

Aberystwyth University Society Awards 

In January 2017 I launched a society in University called EduSoc (Education Society). EduSoc is a society that encourages all students who want to work with young children. Whether it’s teaching, nursing, author or parent. Within the also 4 months we have gained over 50 members and welcomed each of them into our little community with open arms. I have worked tirelessly to create a name for our wonderful little (big-ish..) society and on Wednesday, that was definitely shown. 

Myself, James, Roisin and Megan attended the Aberystwyth University society awards and had a lovely night. We ate, drank and celebrated the achievements of EduSoc. Throughout the night there are awards available for societies such as biggest contributors (charity and non-charity), volunteer of the year and society of the year. 

EduSoc were nominated for the following awards and here is what we won:

Best New Society: 2nd place. 

Society of the year: no place.

I was also nominated for an award and won 3rd place for societies personality of the year. Along with that, I was honoured enough to receive my full colours from Aberystwyth University which is an incredible award and I am so humbled and grateful for both of my achievements. 

As I’m now graduating I am no longer president of this wonderful society. However, I know I’ve left it to good hands. Good luck to the 2017/2018 committee. I hope to see some of you up on that stage next year. 

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My Flatmates Are Cool

In September 2016 I moved into a new flat with some of my very best friends, Macaulay, Naomi and James and now it is coming to an end, I’ve realised how fantastic my flatmates really are. So, I thought I would share exactly why they’re so brilliant. 

A little insight into my friends and how we met.. Macaulay and I met almost 4 years ago during a 6 week summer university taster in Aberystwyth (where we now live) and we’ve been best friends ever since. When Macaulay moved to Aberystwyth in 2015 he moved into a flat with James and Naomi, as well as Matthew my boyfriend. Across the year I became really good friends with all of Macaulay’s flatmates and when the time came we decided that we would live together and I’m super happy we made the decision too. I really appreciate having flatmates who are my friends and who make me feel so comfortable in the place that I live. They’ve made this year so much easier and have helped to make my final year of university the best I have ever had. So, I thought I would share with you guys a few little reasons to why they are the coolest and some of my most favourite people. 

1- They are always there for me when I have been stressed, overwhelmed with university and on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. My anxiety can sometimes get the best of me and panic attacks occur, this is when these guys are running into my room to cuddle me and make me feel so much better. This is the reason I love them, because of their constant support. 

2- They love my boyfriend just as much as I do.. sometimes I wondering if they love him more than me though. 

3- They super chill. Literally all the time, sometimes after a few hours of not hearing any of them I start to wonder whether they’re still alive. They are forever so calm and understanding of everything and they don’t kick up a fuss over a bit of mess. It’s the best. 

4- They’re always ready for a takeaway. Our most asked question in the group chat is ‘fancy a takeaway?’ and we always say yes. That way when I fancy a takeaway but don’t want to feel guilty, they do it too and I feel better. They take one for the team. 

5- James and I have this odd banter when we shout and swear at each other just because… But it doesn’t change the fact that he’s one of my very best friends and I love him a lot. However, I really do like walking into a room and shouting at him for fun. It’s amusing. 

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How To Prepare To Write An Assignment


As a student I know how difficult it is to actually sit down and write an assignment. The worst bit for me is definitely the mentally preparing myself to actually attempt to write it, especially when I’ve not created a plan or if I don’t actually understand what I’m doing. These are my few tips and tricks that can help you to prepare yourself and become motivated to actually write an assignment.

#1: Look at the assignment guidelines, check what your assignment requires and begin to think about how you’re going to go around it. Doing this will help you to discover what the title asks if you and during this time you can begin to mentally prepare the content of your assignment.

#2: Create a step by step plan. Doing this will help you to place your content into the correct areas. Ensure that you’re sticking to the plan through the writing process, if you don’t you may find yourself going off track and writing the wrong content. An example below:


– Main text 

Paragraph 1:

  • Bullet point notes and subtitles, this will help you to stick to your content.

Paragraph 2:

Paragraph 3:

– Conclusion 

#3: Reading the recommended reading is so important as it’s a starting point to where you can begin to write your assignment. The recommended reading list is clearly recommnded for a reason and it’s a crucial area for the writing process. I was definitely this person to avoid the reading and it always ended up with a bad grade.

#4: Don’t begin an assignment hungry, ever. Get yourself some snacks and a drink to settle you for a few hours. This way you won’t get distracted when you’re becoming bored and you can reward yourself with new snacks every time you’ve finished a big section.

#5: Create a space full of no distraction. Boredom can give you the opportunity to clean your room, organise your DVDs and CDs alphabetically or wash the windows. I always make my way to the library and give myself a distraction free zone. There is nothing in the library that I’ll find distracting other than social media and I’ll have to resist the urge.

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Get Ready With Me // University Day

Hey, Guys!

I thought it would be cool for you to see what I do to get ready for a day in Uni. Admittedly, my days in uni aren’t long at all, in fact my longest day is 2 hours. However, I like to make sure that i’m in the library or in my room doing work at some stage throughout the day and I still like to look presentable and ready for the day. Getting properly dressed makes me so motivated to actually get out of bed and do things, If i’m in my comfy clothes all day I just find myself becoming less enthusiastic actually do work. My hair is generally quite basic and straight with a middle parting, I’m definitely more of a makeup type of person and I focus more on my makeup and outfit. So, lets’s get ready shall we?

Today’s makeup was generally quite natural, I didn’t do much on the eyes at all but I think it’s really pretty for everyday.



I started by using the Bliss Drench n Quench Moisturiser and Doux Me pure spring water spring with wake my skin up and hydrate. I used the Milani 2 in 1 Foundation for my base and used the Real Techniques Beauty Sponge to buff in. I added some of the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 10 to my blemishes and redness and the Bourjois Radiance Concealer in 1 to my under eyes. I powdered my under eyes and face using the MakeUp Revolution Iconic Lights and Contour Pro palette and used the first and third bronzers to lightly bronze my cheeks, forehead and jaw line. Using the Morphe Brushes Blush Palette in 9B to add a little blush and the Sleek Highlight Palette to my cheek bones, bridge of my nose and Cupid’s bow.


I used the Makeup Revolution Iconic Lights and Contour Pro palette to create my very basic eye look and used the third contour shade in my crease. I added the Sephora Collection mascara to my eyelashes and went natural with the brows.


To finish, I lined my lips with the Lord and Berry Lip Crayon in Intimacy and filled them in. Then sprayed the Urban Decay Setting Spray all over my face.



Today’s outfit is a denim pinafore (Primark £12) with a white cropped t-shirt (New Look £5), black tights and black puma suede trainers (JD £40) and a oversized parka coat (Primark £20) and a green tote bag (Accessories £20)


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Aber Petting Zoo // 2016

I spent this whole weekend hanging out with Mwnci See Ultimate Frisbee at their 2016 Petting Zoo tournament and I had an excellent weekend, so I thought I would let you guys know about the Sport that is Ultimate Frisbee and what I got up to.

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport played with a flying disc. Points are scored by passing the disc to a teammate in the opposing end zone. Players must not take steps whilst holding the disc and interceptions, incomplete passed and passes out of bounds are considered turnovers. Each game lasts for 15 minutes and is generally a friendly game with 5 players per team.

Aberystwyth Ultimate Frisbee is run by a committee of students who get together each week to train in preparation for tournaments but also to have fun in a stress-free environment from deadlines and academic work. 9 teams from across Wales showed up in Aberystwyth for a weekend full of fun, frisbee and to do what students do best, drink alcohol. The teams consist of students and graduates from Swansea and Aberystwyth, as well as a local club from Bridgend to compete in 2 days full of games and by the end of the weekend one team will leave as Aber Petting Zoo champion. *ooooh!*

This weekends teams were:


  • Mwnci See
  • Mwnci Do
  • Baby Mwnci
  • Aber Au (Aberystwyth Alumni Team)


  • Hywel I Met Your Mother (Swansea Alumni Team)
  • Swansea: Return of the Ol
  • Swansea: Empire Throws Break
  • Swansea: A New Poach


  • Frizee Rascals


By the end of the weekend the teams had battled it out and at the end of the tournament the winners were announced. The winners were so well deserved and each team played brilliantly and fairly. A massive well done to all the teams who competed and the final winners were:

Best Spirit – Hywel I Met Your Mother
Party Animals – Swansea: Empire Throws Break
Spoon – Baby Mwnci
Bowl – Swansea: Return of the OI
Plate – Swansea: A New Poach
Cup – Hywel I Met Your Mother

Overall the weekend went brilliantly, the teams thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and I really enjoyed watching them play and having out with the Aberystwyth Committee. My boyfriend, Matt is Tournament Organiser and I couldn’t have been more proud of how well the weekend turned out. Knowing how hard he worked with the other committee members to make sure the weekend went well makes me even prouder of his achievements.

A huge well done to Charlotte (President), Chris (Secretary), Emily (Captain), Adam (Vice-Captain), Tyler (Coach) James (Coach) and George (Social Secretary) for their efforts in making the tournament run so smoothly and completing their first event as a committee. You worked brilliantly together as a team!


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Returning to Aberystwyth

I am finally back in Aberystwyth in time for my third and final year in university. After spending three long months at home with my parents, I’m now ready to prepare myself for the most stressful year of my life, as of yet. I’ve been really looking forward to being independent again and not having my mother do everything for me (Am I normal?), getting on with uni work and spending quality time with my faves. I moved into a new house in uni accommodation with my friends and freshers week has begun. I’m mentally preparing myself for the dreadful fresher’s flu and I’m not excited one bit. Along with a cold, having only been back for only 10 days I’ve some how fractured my wrist, I know total shocker! My friends, family and I are all so baffled to how it’s happened. I’m so accident prone it’s ridiculous haha!

I’m super excited that the colder weather is approaching and the countdown to Christmas has begun. My favourite time of year is finally here!

Aberystwyth is a beautiful place to live and for me, it’s biggest features are having the beach on my doorstep as well as the sense of community which is adopted whilst living here. It’s such a comfortable place to live and makes you feel right at home from the start. It’s totally captivating and I utterly love it here.

I really enjoy the start of a new academic year when everybody is reunited, the sports clubs and societies are on the hunt for new recruits and many of us are dreading the awful 9ams. Since being in Aberystwyth I haven’t joined a sport or society and I feel like this is something I want to do this year. I’m headed down to the sports fair this week in hopes to find one that I really wanted to join. In desperate times I joined Badminton, because it seemed like the only sport that I would be good at. Kinda feels pointless now I’ve fractured my wrist and today is try outs.. uh oh. Not only do I want to join a sport for the exercise but as well to become healthier and more enthusiastic about exercise. I also want to do some volunteering throughout the academic year to help boost my CV and masters application so I applied for Home Start. Home Start is a community based organisation that help families with their every day tasks as well as to provide support and guidance that will make their lives easier.

For my third and final year at Aberystwyth University I hope that I can become more involved with the university and meet new people along the way!

So, here is a little look into my life in Aberystwyth as a university student.



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Beth x

Back To University: Budget Stationery

Hey guys,

It’s that time again when I start preparing to go back to university. I attend Aberystwyth University a quiet seaside town far away from any large cities and shopping districts. I’m a childhood studies undergraduate and I spend an awful lot of time writing in notepads, highlighting and trying to find the many lost pens in my room. I know how expensive stationery is and how easy it is to run out. Today’s post is about the budget stationery I buy for the academic year and how I manage not to break the bank.

Over the years I’ve always spent a fortune on stationaery because they were cute and looked pretty. Since I started buying my own things I realised that money really doesn’t last forever and I would have to budget my way through university.  Instead of paying a fortune for stationery I now head to Wilkos and The Works for my stationery and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

To save paper I will almost always use my iPad in my lectures. I downloaded Microsoft PowerPoint on my iPad and it allows me to make fast notes. It’s such a convenient way of living for me as I’m usually always on the go. However, for those who don’t own an iPad there are other alternatives.

I find Wilkos notepads the most ideal for me as they are available in a variety of sizes and are so inexpensive. The functional A5 notepad lined paper is available for 50p, it holds 60 pages. You can purchase it here. I usually buy 2 of these per term to help make notes, to do lists or generally just doodle when I’m procrastinating. I also buy the functional A4 notepad, which is available for 75p. It has 80 pages and I find then to be super helpful for revision. However, the yellow covered books are only available in store, another A4 notepad available is the Wilko A4 refil Page with 80 pages. It is identical to the functional notepad and exactly same price, available here.

I find having a diary much more effective than using my calendar on my iPhone or iPad. I personally feel more comfortable having a hard copy of my weekly activities on me at all times than having something on my phone, just a personal preference really. I use the 16 – 17 diary, a Wilko A5 Academic Diary for only £2, you can get them here. It’s got everything I need, including a section for my timetable.

I use 2 A4 ringbinder’s each academic term to hold all my print outs, assignments, feedback etc. I find this the most useful way to store all my work and to keep me more organised. The more organised I am the more motivated I become to do work. The ones I use are only 50p and I think they’re fantastic, they’re sturdy and practical and keeps all my paperwork neat and tidy. You can purchase these online here.

Throughout the year I must buy countless amounts of pens because I use so many and as well because pens are so easily lost. I’ve started this year off by purchasing the Wilko gel pens for 75p. Buy them here. However, I’m always rushing off to Poundland to buy them too. Another alternative is to use the branded pens for your university, they’re often spread across displays and are available on open/visiting days. They’re free and can be found in numerous areas of your university.

I don’t often use pencils but they’re always useful to have in case of any spontaneous drawing or revision notes. These ones I bought were only 35p (10 pack) and can be purchased online here. They’re strong and are brilliant for everyday at an excellent value.

I use sticky note so often and I like to make sure i’ve got a large selection of them available at all times. They’re so useful to put in book to make sure you don’t miss the line you were reading as well as to make to do lists and reminders. Unfortunately mine are no longer sold in The Works, so i’ve attached alternatives here. They’re brilliant and such good value for money.

I purchased my stapler and hole punch for £4 in The Works. However, I’ve been unable to find them on the website so i’ve attached alternatives for you to purchase here. They can also be purchased individually. For a set however, you can’t go wrong. If find having a stapler and hole punch so useful to have especially for large articles that i’ve got to read. Another alternative would be to use paperclips which are also reusable.

I hope you’ve found this useful! There isn’t any need to splash out a fortune on things that seem pretty, as long as they’re good value and practical for everyday use these items above are affordable and exactly what you need.

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