How I Bleached My Hair

Recently I changed my hair colour from a light brown to an ombr√© style,  brown/blonde. I’ve had it like this previously, around 2 years ago and life got in the way and I lost interest in maintaining it. However, now I’ve decided that I miss having blonde hair so I changed it back.

I used several products to achieve this look. As fairly straight forward as it is, it does need a lot of time and effort to do it. So make sure you have several hours to spare in your day and be patient, ensuring you get every bit of hair. 

I bought everything I needed from the Superdrug website for ¬£21. It’s a lot cheaper than visiting a salon as long as you’re doing it correctly. 

What you’ll need: 

  • Mixing bowl. 
  • Brush.
  • Touch of silver shampoo and conditioner – Doesn’t need to be this brand but it does need to be purple. 
  • Brown hair dye for roots. 
  • Jerome Russell Maximum Blonding Kit – This also includes a mixing bowl, brush and cap. Along with the bleach. 
  • Jerome Russell platinum blonde toner.
  • Foil -Although not in the photo, it’s useful to keep heat in and help the bleach to work better. 

I also recommend doing this with someone to help you so you make sure you get every part. 


Step 1: section your hair into 3 sections. The front 2 parts and the back. I used clips to keep these sections in place. 

Step 2: see where you want to stop at your root and prepare the bleach. 

Step 3: place a piece of foil under the section of hair and begin to apply the bleach at the tips of your hair and work up. Do this for every section. 

We chose to not hit the root at all and even leave a little of the previous colour to make it look more of a subtle transition. 

Step 4: once finished, apply the head mask to maintain heat and help the foils stay in. 

Step 5: I waited 40 minutes before checking how the colour looks and then decide on whether you want to keep it on for longer. 

Step 6: Once you’re ready to take it off, wash out the colour using the conditioning shampoo provided within the box. Then determine the levels of brassy tones within your hair and apply the toner. 

Apply the toner all over the bleached hair and put the plastic hood back on. Use a hair dryer to add more heat to make the toner more effective. Allow the toner to develop for around 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with a purple shampoo and conditioner. And blow dry. 

Repeatedly wash your hair with the Touch of Silver Shampoo and Conditioner, leaving in the both the shampoo and conditioner for longer than usual and continue to use to see improvement. 


I am very much aware that my hair still has brassy, golden tones in it. This is actually fine and I know with the use of purple shampoo and conditioner and perhaps another toner, this will minimise within time and I’ll progressively make my the shade in like. 

I never actually used any of the brown hair dye since I didn’t feel like I needed it. 

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With love, Beth x