Recent Struggle: Body Confidence 

Recently I have gained a little more weight than ever before. In fact, whilst writing this (in advance since I’m now in America) I’m at the biggest weight I have ever been and I’m definitely feeling less confident. I’m still healthy and happy-ish but I’m not comfortable at all. 

Now, most of you will be sat at your screens or phones thinking “stop complaining and do something about it”. You’re right yes, I probably should do and I will be whilst away. However, I realised throughout this experience that even though I’ve gained weight and I’m not as small as I used to be, this does not determine my worth or happiness. 

I’ve never been the skinniest of girls, ever. That’s okay and I’m not wanting to lose weight to be skinny, I’m wanting to lose weight to feel comfortable and happy in my own skin. 

My issue is that, when I’m happy I celebrate with eating. When I’m sad, I eat. It’s just who I am and it’s how my friends, family and I do things. I don’t have to stop doing this I just have to make better choices. That’s why, when I’m away this summer I’ve decided to pick healthier options which may be difficult since I’m in the country with the most fatty foods ever. Instead of having a steak with chips, onion rings and a dessert. I’ll pick a steak with a salad (which won’t be difficult since I enjoy it). I’ll pick options that are lower in calories but not only my food choices, but to exercise more which won’t be difficult since I’ll be running around all day with children and enjoying it. 

Perhaps, hopefully when I return I can update you on whether 1. I’ve lost weight and feel happy about it or 2. Just accept it’s who I am and I like cake. 

With love, 

Beth x