Being Highly Sensitive

I have always been a sensitive person and for so long I have thought that this is a problem and I should try to change this. However, during 2017 I realised that this is actually a really lovely aspect of my personality and something that 1. I cannot change and 2. I don’t want to change. I think it’s so important that people understand that sensitivity shouldn’t be taken lightly and if you know someone who is incredibly sensitive, please accept that they need a little more lovin’ and protecting than others. 

For me, I cry at everything. I may not even be sad and I’ll cry. I’ll especially cry if I’m angry or arguing with someone. This one makes me feel so irritated because it looks like I’m upset about the situation or feeling guilty and like 80% of the time I’m neither of these but just emotion. I also find that I feel so vulnerable during this time so people will stop arguing with me and dammit, don’t!! If I feel like I’m right in the situation, accept that I want to argue my point even if I am crying. 

However, there are more things that are irritating about being highly sensitive. Such as overthinking, if I come across something that I don’t particularly like I will probably overthink it and continue to overthink it until it drives me insane and I eventually have to mention it. 

Since I do cry at anything, I can even watch those videos of babies and without fail will cry instantly. Even videos when people get engaged also when children are reunited with their parents who are in the army.. yep I’ll cry. I once even cried when I saw a puppy who was as big as my hand. I don’t even like animals all the much. Honestly, it’s ridiculous how much I cry at things that aren’t even worth crying at but people often find this humorous. 

Like I previously said, I have always seen my sensitivity as a flaw but what I’ve realised most is that I’m actually a very loving person and I’m always careful and considerate of feelings (although I don’t always have a filter and have been known to upset someone, apologise and then think about it for the rest of my life and always feel like the most horrible person to ever exist). I put others first before myself and I like to give people lots of loving and overwhelm them with my time and attention, even if they don’t want it. 

In actual fact, being sensitive doesn’t mean it’s a bad part of my life but it does help me to be a more kind and compassionate person. I may always feel like I have done something wrong or upset someone, I don’t enjoy confrontation so when I do have to do it, I cry and that’s okay because it’s just who I am and I have learned to accept it. I also find that I miss others more than they miss me and I’ve learned to accept that even though I’m not reliant on other people but I like to be comfortable with who I am around and I’ll miss you the most if I’ve not seen you in a long time. That’s not bad at all and I’d love and appreciate any person who is like that with me. 

So, if you’re a highly sensitive person.. don’t worry about it! You aren’t the only one and you’re going to be known for being loving, kind and thoughtful. I will always prefer to be known as that than something else.

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