Book Review: Two By Two

I’m a sucker for a Nicholas Sparks book, I just can’t help myself. I always anticipate his newest books and I’m not ashamed to say that I find them so enjoyable and such lovely reads. He recently published a new novel called Two By Two and I actually listened to this through an audio book rather than actually reading it which was so different for me. 

At 32 Russell had the perfect life, a beautiful wife, Vivian and a fun loving 5 year old daughter, London. With his career booming and his family at it’s peak makes his life as perfect as ever. Until life comes along and changes everything he has ever known. Russel describes the problems he had facing his divorce to Vivian, his loss of job and the new venture with his business, which isn’t going well at all. 

I will admit, this isn’t the best book I have ever read (or listened to) by Nicholas Sparks but it wasn’t my least favourite. It started off slow within the first 5 chapters but eventually I begun to really enjoy the story and relationship between Russell and his daughter London. The story is very real and perfectly describes the issues couples and families face throughout their lives. It also focuses on Russell’s life as a single, newly divorced parent and how his life changed to create a comfortable and happy life for himself and his daughter. It was a lovely read, occasionally a little bland but something I could see myself reading again since it was so easy to follow, as are almost all of his books. 

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Review: Riverdale

Riverdale has been the hype recently and along with so many other’s, I watched it. I found out that it was going to be a newly released show last November and without a doubt, I knew I would watch it. I crave cheesy, drama filled, romantic TV shows, I cant help myself. So, I watched the trailer, forgot about it and then it began in January. So, season 1 came and passed and after spending 13 episodes watching it, I can finally give you my full review on this show. 

Is it worth the watch? I think so. If I’m totally honest, I was more interested in the story line of Jughead, Archie, Veronica and Betty than the murder of Jason Blossom, although I understood the point of Jason’s story line. However, as a show I think it’s brilliant and definitely could replace my love for The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf (there isn’t any supernatural behaviour in Riverdale though).  

It took me 4 episodes to actually enjoy the show. That’s mainly because it was only introducing the character’s and setting the plot though. So nothing to do with the show exactly as the introduction is totally necessary. I do have favourites in Riverdale and my goodness, I really do look forward to seeing Cole Sprouse every single week. He play’s Jughead so well and has definitely drifted from his earlier work on Disney Channel. He’s fantastic as an actor and absolutely gorgeous. Where can I get one? Or two?

I’m also incredibly interested in the Cooper family, they just seem to have so many secrets and I want to know them all. However, Betty definitely seems like a totally different person in comparison to her parents. 

I particularly love this 50s vibe that is has. I didn’t quite understand it at first, then found out that it’s because the comics were set in this time and just love that the show has stuck to this. The vibe is fantastic, the scenes are excellent and the cast couldn’t be any better.

I can see the next season being even better than the first and it’s been said that season 2 will have 22 episodes rather than 13! Wahoo. I thoroughly enjoyed this show and I can’t wait to see what hold’s for Jughead and Betty and to also finally see what drama Veronica’s dad brings to the town. 

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Book Review: Between Sisters 

My first review of February is on the novel Between Sisters by Cathy Kelly. I love a new book and having recommendations so let me know some of your recommended books in the comments. I bought this book from WH Smith in the buy one get one half price deal and if I’m totally honest, it wasn’t even worth half of its original price. 

Cassie and Coco had lived their whole lives without their mother which left serious insecurities about parenting and separation from their loved ones. Now adults Cassie and her husband Shay have two beautiful young daughters whilst Coco remains single, childless but full of ambition with her fashion boutique. Yet between them both something continues to feel missing. 

This book was really disappointing but I’m not saying I don’t recommend it since everybody has their own preference and tastes. I found that this book dragged, I didn’t actually get into it until half way through, which was 12 chapters. I found that it didn’t flow all that well and I probably would have enjoyed the story if it had been written in a different way. It jumped from story to story without any clarity and it just confused me a lot. I struggled with this book massively which influenced how I felt about the actual novel. It want interesting at all and the story was very dull. It’s such a shame since the blurb made it so enticing. 

If you’ve read this, let me know whether you liked it. 

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Christmas Countdown // DIY Gifts

I love giving gifts to my loved ones, especially DIY gifts. They’re so personal and these ones are such great stocking fillers. Every year I like to make a little something because I simply enjoy it, I also like to give them to those who will appreciate them the most. Matt is such a sweets type of person so giving him a big jar of sweets is such a good gift for him knowing how much he’ll appreciate the thoughts and effort that has gone into making it. These DIY gifts don’t have to cost a fortune and they can be as big or small as you like. So, here are a few little ideas for DIY Christmas gifts.

Mason jars can purchased in your local £1 shop or only. Totally inexpensive and decorative. They can also be recycled and used to add character to a room. I bought mine in a set of 3 for £2.99.

My first DIY is a sweet jar, as said above Matt loves sweets, so this year I’ll be adding some of his favourite sweets into a mason jar, adding the finishing touch of a ribbon and tag. Of course the ribbon and tag arent essential but it just makes the jar look so festive and pretty. Look below for my example of the sweet jar.

My next DIY is a small beauty hamper. I like small sample sized products a lot, I think they’re fantastic for those who aren’t entirely sure what types of beauty items they like or should be looking for. I’ve made this beauty hamper for a friend. Admittedly, I sort of cheated with this DIY. I used some of the sample sized products I got in my Birchboxes to complete this DIY. These are generally the ones that I don’t particularly like or I feel that another one of my friends would enjoy more. I includes 4 of these products into the jar and rapped a bow around it. Boots and Superdrug also sell small products if you’re interested in this DIY but don’t have the Birchbox subscription. 

Around Christmas time so many stores sell hot chocolate sets, this is all well and good but a lot of the time they cost so much money. Why not make your own? I got a mug from B&M for £1 and filled it with my favourite hot chocolates and small marshmallows. Totally inexpensive and fun to make. This can suit any gender and is such a lovely stocking filler.

So here you have it, three DIY gift ideas suitable for all genders and are budget style. Let me know in the comments what you think.
With love, B x

Book Review: What Alice Knew 

Before getting into this weeks book review I feel that I should address a few little things.. Number one, I understand that this review is on a Wednesday this week. This is because I’m a part of a blog tour for this book! Take a look at other bloggers reviews, the dates are attached below. 

Number 2, to follow through, this book was sent to me and is due to be released in April 2017!

The book is by T.A Cotterell and is called What Alice Knew. I will admit that recently I’ve been going through stages and all  I read is the thriller/mystery genre, this has given me a chance to thoroughly review this as I can compare it to the previous books I’ve read. Now, that being said amongst the books I’ve recently read, this has been my favourite. In fact I knew it would be once I reached the middle of the book and couldn’t put it down. It was fantastic. Bloody loved it, well done Mr Cotterell! You’ve done brilliantly. This psychological thriller had me feeling all sorts, straight from the beginning and by the end I was left in utter disbelief. 

Alice had the perfect life with her husband the doctor and two children. Her career as an artist was blooming and life was going well until an unexpected turn and it left her feeling unhappy and confused about making the right decision. To make things worse an old friend from her past has sprung back into her life she realised that it definitely wasn’t a pleasant surprise. Now it’s time for Alice to make big decisions even if it does have big consequences for her loved ones. 

I totally recommend purchasing this book if you like something that gives you an unpredictable ending (don’t we all?). I read this book after I read B.A Paris, Behind Closed Doors and even though I loved both I definitely think I preferred What Alice Knew. It was brilliant and intelligent. 

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L.A Girl Foundation Review 

IT’S THE FIRST DAY OF BLOGMAS! My first ever blogmas is here and everyday until Christmas Eve I will be posting a new post. So what better way than to start off with a beauty review? I hope you enjoy!

I’ve been wearing this foundation pretty much everyday of November to give you guys my honest review. I’ve worn it enough now that I feel I can truthfully tell you what I like and dislike about this product. Carry on reading if you want to know more.

I bought mine in the shade fair from the Beauty Bay website for £9. I only got this because I’ve been such a big fan of the concealer for so long and I just wanted to know whether they are just a brand with only a few good products. However, after wearing it for so long I’ve come to the conclusion that this foundation is fab. I like it a lot!

I’ve got a few dry areas on my face and a lot of the time powders and foundations tend to stick to them. With this foundation rather than sticking to the dry areas, when I remove my foundation I actually feel more hydrated. To begin with I thought this was because of my change in skin care but it’s really not.

It’s so hydrating on the skin, it isn’t thick or cakes up. It’s actually very a beautiful formula. It’s super long wearing and I really enjoy wearing it. However, the shade range isn’t the greatest. I’m very fair, in fact the fairest of them all and in the bottle it looks so dark. You can’t purchase this in store and I think that’s the worst bit about it. I do find it oxidises a little but not massively. Regardless of this I love this foundation and I can see me wearing it for a long time.

What foundation do you want me to review next? Let me know!

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What’s In My Bag // 2016

I’m well aware that so many people do these posts but i’m so nosey and I love to see what other people hoard around with them on a daily basis. I thought that because I’m nosey perhaps others are too and fancy taking a look into my handbag. I’m unlikely to mention these things into great detail but most girls, if not all will keep a selection of sanitary products because well, safety first. I also have a variety of clips available and a bobble or two. These are just basic and necessary products that I use on a daily basis and I like to keep just in case of emergencies. You never know when you’re going to need them. I also keep my iPhone SE with me at all times as well as my keys. I don’t go very far without either of them and I will always use the calendar on my phone to remind myself of my daily events. I’m super forgetful so if I don’t write it down, I’ll forget to go.

Firstly, let’s discuss the bag. My handbag is a River Island Limited Edition Suede Messenger bag, I paid £26 for this. Take a look here. It’s a Faux suede bag in  a cross-body style with external zip pockets and a zip top fastening. It’s quite deep and can hold the useful necessities I use for my day to day lifestyle. I often use this bag everyday and will mix between the things I need everyday.  However, these things are without fail always in my bag and have done whilst using my previous bags.

* apologise for the awful photo, I struggled having only one hand *

The first thing that I always have my purse with me. Mainly because I carry my money, university card and my bank cards with me. It’s quite an obvious object to carry around with me and It’s something I know that everybody carries with them. I will carry this with me on a daily basis, even if I don’t have any plans to spend any money but you never know if you’re going to need it. This is also a River Island bag and I paid £17 for this. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available on the website and has possibly been discontinued. 

I also always keep a selection of lipsticks, usually Mac Lovelorn, Mac Taupe and the Tanya Burr Cosmetics lip gloss in Lunch Date. Admittedly, these three lip products are always in my bag because I often forget they’re there and I often just keep them there instead of losing them. I do love these lip products though, especially the Tanya Burr Cosmetics lip gloss in Lunch Date, it’s a very natural nude lip that is basically my lip colour but better. It’s a very lightweight gloss and it’s beautiful to wear with a natural look or a glam eye.

A notepad is obviously necessary for university as I write down so much during lectures and through meetings, library sessions and general reminders. I do remove this on the weekends or if i’m taking a shopping trip though. Along with a notepad, I obviously require a pen and I usually add highlighters just in case. These are a total necessity for my lifestyle as a university student and even when i’m not a student anymore I’ll probably still carry one around. This is my current favourite, I love me a superhero or two.

My iPad is usually with me on the days i’m heading onto campus, I like to use it for assignments or reading in my free time. It’s the iPad Air and it’s perfect, light weight and easy for everyday use. I also use this to make notes in lectures if I can’t be bothered to pop out the notepad and use a pen (Usually those 9ams) or if I have forgotten the notepad.

The final thing that is always in my bag, is my my iPod and earphones.  I find that music is a motivation for me and although I can’t listen to music whilst writing an assignment (I become super distracted) I do like to listen to a few songs to help motivate me into writing another. Usually something upbeat and something I can dance too, this helps to create a little bit of energy in preparation for an assignment or lecture.

These are the main things that are usually in my bad, what are your necessities in your bag?! let me know.

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