Book Review: We Were On A Break 

It’s the first book review of 2017!!! Wahooooo! What a time to be alive kids. Can you tell I’m probably too happy about this? Yeah probs. Eh never mind. I can’t even tell you guys how excited I am that I have another year to read so many books. I bloody love new book releases. I probably need to get another hobby this year, perhaps that should be a 2017 resolution. Anyway, lets get into the review. Remember to join me at 1pm every Friday for a book review. 

This weeks book review is on the Lindsey Kelk novel called We Were On A Break. I bought this from W H Smith for ¬£7.99 as I had been noticing so many people raving about it and as usual, I just had to get on it didn’t I. Fitting with the crowd and all that. 

Adam and Liv were so happy. They had 3 wonderful years together with so many happy memories full of love and happiness. After their holiday to Mexico things took a turn for the worst. Unsure of whether they’ll ever rekindle their love for each other, their relationship could potentially be over. Having decided to go on a break, Liv and Adam must remember who they were and what they want before making big life decisions. 

For someone who has been in a relationship for almost 16 months, I found it so useful to read. I understand that it’s a novel and fictional but for me it really helped me when it comes to my relationship. It’s hard, loving someone everyday is so easy but making huge commitments and constantly being in a team is really bloody difficult. Some days I might put 10% into the relationship but matt will put 90% and will always be totally understanding and that’s makes me remember why I love him and I’m so grateful to have him. 

This book really does describe the reality of a relaionship and how difficult they really can be. It was so comforting to read and really made me think more about how grateful I am to have a boyfriend who is so easy to communicate with. Really love this book and it’s definitely made me very happy. What better way to start the year than with a bloody good book. 

Let me know what you thought of this book. 

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