Maybelline Push Up Angel Mascara

Maybelline released a new mascara and I was interested in whether it’s actually any better than any other mascara. I personally believe all mascaras are quite simple and have specific jobs such as lengthening and volumising but no mascara has ever amazed me. Mascara isn’t something I really anticipate for the newest releases for and I don’t even have a holy grail mascara that I already repurchase. In fact, I haven’t ever repurchased a mascara because I liked it, I do always go for something new. Having seen this mascara in Superdrug and Boots I just thought I would pick it up simply because I had already planned to purchase something from Maybelline and it was in the 2 for 10 deal. 

I’m not usually a fan of the plastic and small wands but this wand is a total game changer for me. As you can see in the picture, the wand is very small and thin but has small bristles that means you can get really into the lash line and coat your whole lashes without missing areas. This is by far my favourite thing about this mascara, otherwise to me it’s just any normal mascara that adds a nice amount of length. Since the mascara does help the lashes to separate and look longer I can imagine a fluttery pair of falsies looking amazing with this mascara. 

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