How To Prepare To Write An Assignment


As a student I know how difficult it is to actually sit down and write an assignment. The worst bit for me is definitely the mentally preparing myself to actually attempt to write it, especially when I’ve not created a plan or if I don’t actually understand what I’m doing. These are my few tips and tricks that can help you to prepare yourself and become motivated to actually write an assignment.

#1: Look at the assignment guidelines, check what your assignment requires and begin to think about how you’re going to go around it. Doing this will help you to discover what the title asks if you and during this time you can begin to mentally prepare the content of your assignment.

#2: Create a step by step plan. Doing this will help you to place your content into the correct areas. Ensure that you’re sticking to the plan through the writing process, if you don’t you may find yourself going off track and writing the wrong content. An example below:


– Main text 

Paragraph 1:

  • Bullet point notes and subtitles, this will help you to stick to your content.

Paragraph 2:

Paragraph 3:

– Conclusion 

#3: Reading the recommended reading is so important as it’s a starting point to where you can begin to write your assignment. The recommended reading list is clearly recommnded for a reason and it’s a crucial area for the writing process. I was definitely this person to avoid the reading and it always ended up with a bad grade.

#4: Don’t begin an assignment hungry, ever. Get yourself some snacks and a drink to settle you for a few hours. This way you won’t get distracted when you’re becoming bored and you can reward yourself with new snacks every time you’ve finished a big section.

#5: Create a space full of no distraction. Boredom can give you the opportunity to clean your room, organise your DVDs and CDs alphabetically or wash the windows. I always make my way to the library and give myself a distraction free zone. There is nothing in the library that I’ll find distracting other than social media and I’ll have to resist the urge.

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My Go To Outfits // Fashion

Hi, Guys!

When I choose my outfit of the day 9 times out of 10 I always go for comfort rather than style and If I manage to pick both, well that’s just a bonus. Almost all of my outfits are based on the type of shoes I plan on wearing that day, I’m definitely not a heels type of girl, even on nights out. They aren’t comfortable or at least the ones I own aren’t, I’m also flat footed and I struggle to walk in certain shoes and most shoes make my feet hurt so I tend to stick to Converse or boots. I don’t really wear much jewellery and my outfits are usually quite basic but I wear 4 rings and a necklace that was bought for me by Matt, on a daily basis.

I’m known to wear three different types of outfits which include casual days, comfy days and dressy days. These are the three types of outfits that I most identify to and I definitely feel that I’m at my best when I wear them. The different styles all make me feel different and confident. I feel like they’re the outfits that best suit my personality and how my mood changes throughout the day.

Comfy day:

A comfy day for me is definitely my favourite I will admit. Jogging bottoms and a hoodie is pure comfort although I will only really wear Jogging bottoms if I know I have to go somewhere, otherwise, it’s usually pyjama bottoms and a hoodie. Below you’ll see me wearing my favourite pair of jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, I’ll then add a hoodie and I’ll slip on my vans and away I go! I don’t really use a bag on my comfy days as it’s not common that I’ll go very far and I’m in pure comfort and bliss. It’s my favourite type of day and I love it especially when Matt does the same and we get to spend the day snacking and watching TV. Oooh, the happy feels.

Casual day:

A casual day for me is running errands, heading onto campus for lectures and the spending time in the library. I don’t like to really wear comfy clothes on these day only because It makes me feel productive to get dressed and do my hair and makeup. I become more motivated when I have prepared myself for the day. Usually, on these days I’ll wear a pair of jeans, Converse or Vand and match it with a basic t-shirt and a jacket. Depending on the weather I may add a coat, beanie and scarf but not always the beanie and I’ll definitely always have a bag on me. The bag I’m using at the moment is the River Island Brown Faux Suede Messenger handbag, available here.

Dressy day:

Dressy days are such a fun day for me, these are the days I usually have the most time to spare and I’m able to carefully consider the outfit and how it looks. I find it so fun to dress up and feel pretty and confident, I always like to choose outfits that flatter my curves and my short legs. At 5’2 I find that certain trousers and dresses are too long on me and look odd, whilst shirts and blouses make my upper body look chunky and uneven. This type of outfit is definitely chosen based on the weather that day but if it’s that bad, let’s be fair I’ll be in comfy clothes and not leaving my bed. So, in that case, I usually wear tights unless it’s too warm. I may match a tube skirt or skater skirt with a slim fit t-shirt and boots or trainers and possibly black or skin colour tights, although depending on the colours I may add burgundy tights to show some colour. I may add a cardigan and away I go. Take a look at my choice of outfit for a dressy day below. This type of outfit is the sort I’ll wear on a night out or for a meal, I’m not really fancy and I’m usually quite basic with my outfit choices. I like comfort over glamour, unless I know it’s a really fancy event but it’s not often I’ll go to them.

So here we have it, my go-to outfits for a casual day, comfy day and dressy day. Let me know what you go to outfit is in the comments below.

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