Book Review: Everything Everything

I recently saw a trailer for the soon to be released movie,  Everything Everything. I instantly googled whether it was a book as the story looking fantastic and to my luck, it was. Here is my review on the novel Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. 

Maddy has lived her whole life in isolation due to an illness that makes her allergic to the world. Having spent her life living in the same house  she had seen several families living in the house next door and never cared to consider taking an interest. However when Olly moved in she couldn’t help her curiousity about the boy next door. 

Before I finally tell you my thoughts on this book, I’ll admit that the trailer made me more excited than I should have been. The book was well written, enjoyable and full of life. It can’t say I could ever imagine it happening (although probably does and has to someone) but it was definitely interesting to read. The relationship between Maddy and Olly didn’t excite me at all and I’m disappointed with this. I was interested in the story on her illness which I wish was written more about. 

Let me know what you thought of this book! 

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