10 Benefits of Exercising 

I recently started to take exercising more seriously and don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert at all. Although that doesn’t mean I haven’t become aware of the perks of exercising whilst doing it, my body has been changing but not only that, my mental health. Whether it’s my shape, my skin or my mind, I’m finding that there are so many benefits from exercising and it’s encouraged me to do it more. 

It has so many benefits, most of which I never knew or understood for a long time. In fact, the thought of exercise used to give me major lazy-bones syndrome. I hated everything to do with exercise for so long and when I eventually started taking my weight loss seriously I just knew that I wanted to increase my chances of loss and changing my body shape by adding exercise to my plan. 

Exercise is different for everybody and people change in accordance to their mind and body. These are the things I’ve noticed that have happened since I’ve started taking exercise more seriously but I would love for you to share with me your feelings on exercise! 

I used to exercise religiously, in fact it probably wasn’t at all healthy. However,after minimising the amount I exercise and finding a balance between what makes me happy, I have noticed the benefits that come from exercising. So, what benefits have I noticed from exercising? Continue reading to find out. 

1. I do struggle with acne and I always have but I’ve found since exercising my skin has become so much more clear. Perhaps this is the amount of water I’m now drinking, the healthy balanced diet and exercise combined. Whatever it is, it’s working and I’m very happy! 

2. Exercise boosts your endophines, meaning that you’ll become less stressed, anxious, angry and confused. 

3. You’ll feel more confident seeing changes to your body. You’ll try on your old clothes and start feeling more yourself again enjoy the skin you’re in. 

4. Eating healthy and exercising can decrease your chances of being unwell and having to fight those nasty winter colds. As well as improving your blood pressure.

5.  Your balance will improve along with your flexibility! I really encourage yoga for balance and flexibility, it’s a great workout and I’ve found my body has become more flexible in just the few months that I’ve been practicing. 

6. Improves your sleeping pattern. I sleep so much better than ever! Getting between 8-10 hours a night. 

7. You will have picked up a new hobby so instead of spending your time doing nothing whilst sat at home, head out and exercise. It passes the time away and makes you feel good. 

8. It’s mentally stimulating which helps productivity throughout the day. For me, if I’ve got an essay to write or reading to do I’ll always start my day off with a workout to aid my energy levels. 

9. Your lung capacity will improve and you’ll find yourself with better stamina. At the beginning I noticed this change and you will too, eventually you’ll be doing certain exercises like jogging better with your ability to control your breathing through the session. 

10. Exercise gives you a better outlook on life, it helps with your mental health drastically and can seriously reduce depression and anxiety. Along with that you can decrease your chances of having diabetes, heart problems as well as a strokes by up to 50%. 

Before my masters degree I wasn’t ever keen on exercising, I didn’t know what I was doing and I couldn’t control my breathing correctly. With time you’ll adjust and you’ll learn how to successfully control your breathing, for me, yoga did this. I practiced yoga before starting the gym and it really helped me to learn how to control my breathing when in poses and sessions that are hard.  Don’t get me wrong, I do struggle to find the time for it as I’ve gotten busier these past few weeks, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t like to exercise. In fact, I enjoy it more!

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October Favourites

The month of October is ending and now I can share with you all what i’ve been loving this month. Just a little warning now but this months favourites is kinda boring. Having broken my dominant hand i’ve not been wearing much make up or styling my own hair (Thank you Tasha, Meg and Nimbob for being my very own stylists). However, there are a few little bits that i’ve grown to love a whole lot.

I received my first Birch Box, the September edition during the first few days of October. Later that week followed by my October edition. I love these boxes, I pay £12.95 (inc p+p) a month and I received 5 new products to try and test out. I think the beauty subscription boxes are fantastic, I always love trialling new products but I never know what I want because the selection is so wide. Each month i’ll be posting about what I received in the box, be sure to check them out. Go back and look at my September, here & October unboxing here. 

On the same path of my Birch Boxes, I recently received the Rituals Magic Touch Body Cream. I hadn’t ever tried anything from Rituals and I am definitely not going back now. It’s so, so, so super moisturising and hydrating on my skin. Currently my right arm is out of use because of my broken wrist and because I’m trying not to get it as wet as I can in case I ruin the cast. I’ve been using this moisturiser on my arms in the morning and night. It’s been a life saver, especially because my arms are so dry at the moment. It’s fantastic and I definitely think I’ll be repurchasing. 

Behind Closed Doors by B.A Paris is a book I’ve been meaning to get around to reading but never having the time. I recently read this and I now see why so many people raved about it. It’s brilliant, written so well and keeps you wanting more and more after every chapter. It was one of those books that doesn’t give away any clues. Utterly fantastic. My review will be up within the next few weeks, be sure to look out for it.

Little Mix have released a song from their new and fourth album called Shout Out to My Ex. It’s bloomin’ great and so catchy. 100% was written with a person in mind for each of the girls. Especially for me, whenever I listen to it I know exactly which of my ex boyfriends I relate it too. It was sang on X-Factor and they sang it so well. They’ve come along way since winning the X-Factor in 2011. However, their outfit choices for their performance on x-factor were slightly revealing but regardless the song is fantastic.

I bought the Bourjois Radiance Concealer in Superdrug for £8 check here. I love it, for a drugstore concealer it’s so full coverage and light below the eyes. I got mine in shade 1 to highlight my undereyes and hide my dark circles. I love it so much, will definitely be repurchasing. 

These few little things are what I’ve been enjoying throughout the month of October. Since I’ve still only got one working arm I’ve not been trying many new products so I’m really looking forward to having the cast removed. 

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My Favourite Things About Autumn and Winter

The Autumnal/Winter season is by far the best time of the year, I love the change of weather and ALL of the holidays. Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year are such exciting holidays and every year I love to make a big fuss of the celebrations, especially Christmas. It’s now October 31st, HALLOWEEN WOO!

So, actually Autumn has been around a little while and I’m slightly delayed on this post.. regardless. It’s Autumn. It’s Halloween. Winter boots and knitted jumpers are the ready, pumpkin spice latte to drink and cinnamon buns to be eaten. The original white girls are on patrol, except me.. because well, I don’t like hot drinks but a girl can dream, eh?! I have so many favourite things about Autumn and this whole time of year just gives happy feels. I thought I would give a list of my favourite things about Autumn and why I love it. So, here we gooooo!

I love the dark, cold nights. This may be bizarre to some people but I’m just not a summer person, I don’t like the hot weather and I just simply prefer the colder weather and warmer clothes. I love cuddling up when the nights become darker earlier, I’ll pop a film on and relax in the warmth of my bed. I also love to have a bath and light some candles, I just find it a more comfortable and happier time for me. It’s excellent.

Fallen leaves is another favourite. I love the change in colour of the leaves and watching them fall, it’s such a peaceful experience. As a child my brothers, Daniel and Kyle and I would run through all the fallen leaves and I think it’s such wonderful memory for me. Each year when I notice the leaves are beginning to fall and it’s instantly makes me feel so loved and I really enjoy the memories of my childhood.

Everything about Christmas gets me excited, Christmas for my family is huge. My house looks like Santa’s grotto every single year. My brother Daniel and I still technically live at home with our parents and every Christmas morning we still wake up early (at like 6am!) to have our gifts and spend the day with our parents and family. Even though Daniel is 22 and I’m 20 we’re still like big children during this time of year and I love it. It’s the greatest time of year that we can still relive our childhood, and Christmas spirit.

Fashion and beauty change throughout the year when the seasons change and as much as I love floral and pastel colours, I just think that I personally suit Autumn and Winter colours more and I love the dark reds, navy and purples throughout this time of year. Winter boots are so comfortable and make all my outfits just simply more seasonal and I love to wear beanies so much so that my collection seems to be never ending.

Snow and rain are by far the most relaxing types of weather. I find them so peaceful to watch, admittedly though I don’t really like being in the snow. However, I love to fall asleep hearing the rain hit my window or read a book and watch the snow fall throughout the winter. Its so relaxing and walking home from a lecture In the rain, jumping into bed with a hot water bottle and a hot chocolate is my ideal afternoon. 

    So here are my favourite things about the Autumn/Winter period. What are yours? Happy autumn! I can’t wait to post some Christmas related blog posts.

    ***Just a reminder that although Halloween is a fun and eventful night, it’s so important that you remain safe and ensure that yourself and your friends stay together and stay out of trouble. It’s a fun night but lots of people put on a costume and forget that they’re not actually Batman or Harlie Quinn. You aren’t invincible. Happy Halloween!***
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    Travel Bucket List

    I recently wrote a post about starting my bucket list which I wrote a few things that I want to do in my life, one of them was actually to travel abroad alone. I feel like travelling is something that everybody should do at some stage in their life, I understand that some people like to stay in their comfort zone. However, I for one like to see new things and experience a way of living differently to my own. This year, my Boyfriend Matt and I went to Salou and Barcelona in Spain in we loved it. It’s definitely inspired me to explore and see more of the world whilst I’m young, whether I’m alone or with others.

    New York City, USA

    Queensland, Australia

    Florence, Italy

    Santorini, Greece

    Lapland, Finland

    Los Angeles, USA

    New Orleans, USA

    Vancouver, Canada

    Agra, India

    Budapest, Hungary

    These are just some of the places that I’d love to spend some time in and experience the music, food, life and see things outside of Wales. I’d love to go shopping on Rodeo Drive, visit the TajMahal, be in Lapland during Christmas, New Year in New York and listen to live music in New Orleans. All of these places have a culture and a way of living that I wish to experience, something that is different to my life in Wales. A temporary time break from my day to day life at home.

    However, I totally understand that visiting these places and travelling across the world will be very costly and are just dreams for the time being until I’ve finished my education. I’m not looking to travel all places in the world just a few that I know will make a difference to my way of thinking and living.

    Travelling allows you to become more educated as you’re giving yourself the chance to learn more lessons and grow as an individual. You’re able to reevaluate your priorities and learn to value the experiences you have and appreciate the life you were given. You become to understand that packing lightly allows you to realise that you don’t need jewellery, clothes and makeup to survive in life and make you happy. It’ll teach you to take day by day, stop planning too far ahead and life is short so do the things that make you happy. Travel, explore and be excited to take on the experience.

    Let me know where you would like to visit in the world and why. Check my social media in the meantime:

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    The Birth

    Welcome fellow humans! I’m Beth, I’m super happy you’ve made it to my corner. My area of the Internet that I can come to and ignore the real world. I’m a third year student ar Aberstwyth University and I’m not going to lie, I’m terrified of starting a blog. This is the most exciting yet nauseating thing I’ve ever done. I’ve not been feeling myself lately, so what better to get myself out of a funk than to try a new activity! 2016 has been an emotional year (actually 9 months, how is even September already?!) and by gosh am I ready to start something new. So here it is, my corner. Enjoy!

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