Book Review: Diary of a Fat Girl

I recently read this novel by Moira Mugweni and it 100% changed my life. Diary of a Fat Girl was beautifully written and as though it was written through her own experiences. 

Bernie always felt that she was unloveable, less than others and not beautiful simply because she was fat. After finishing high school she was glad to see the back of the people who made her most miserable, except when she decided it was time to lose weight Warren decided he was the one to help her do it. Throughout the summer Bernie had managed to gain more than she could ever have imagined and eventually she gained the confidence to be herself, something she never thought she could do. 

This book has changed my whole outlook on weight, love and life. It’s a beautiful book and one that I feel I could read forever. It’s in the form of a diary, written by Bernie who describes the summer of a lifetime and her mission to gain a body that she was comfortable with but in order to do that had to take a look at her past. Bernie actually reminds me of myself and I found this book so motivating and encouraging. It’s a gorgeous novel and I can’t wait for the sequel of The Burn Diaries, called Diary of a Girl. 

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