Book Review: Just The Way You Are

My weekly book review has arrived, don’t fret little ones. It’s here. How exciting! This weeks book was read on my iPad though the iBooks app. I bought it for 99p and can only be bought as an ebook. Admittedly, this book was bought on a whim (actually aren’t most of my books bought on a whim?) because it was reviewed by Giovanna Fletcher and I often swear by her reviews.

This story is about a woman named Eva who hasn’t ever been happy go lucky, especially regarding her relationship. Having been receiving letters from an anonymous writer for six years Eva thought she would never love anybody the way she did with Mr. Writer. Having a terrible time with her recent love interests Eva sets out to discover the identity of Mr. Writer in hopes that he is as perfect as his letters once were.

I really did enjoy this book but the story was predictable. Half way through the book I knew who Mr. Writer was and it really disappointed me. However, this book was so captivating. It was so well written and it flowed well, it’s just a shame that it was so predictable. If you’re looking for a romance book then you’ve got it right here. For 99p it’s a bargain and I totally recommend to those who are a sucker for a love story just like me!

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