My Weight Loss Diary

Since the end of July it’s been my mission to lose weight. This is definitely attempt number 1 million but this time I’ve never been more motivated to actually give it a go. Two years ago I lost 2 stone during the summer and felt amazing, then got into a relationship and gained it all back and more. Now I’m single again, the mission to lose weight is so much easier and definitely less daunting. 

I’m not following any diets at all, not slimming world, weight watchers or any fad diets. I’m just going with what I feel comfortable with and it seems to be working quite effectively. Truthfully, I’m so proud of myself for how well I’ve done in such a short space of time. My weight loss has definitely been a large contributor to how my mental health is doing and it just continues to motivate me to be and do better. 

So, how have I been doing? 

I lost 1 stone within the first month. I definitely think this is mainly because I’m just generally eating better. I eat a fruit and vegetables every single day with every meal. I drink plenty of water but occasionally I still treat myself. During the first month I had 1 bad day in total and I ate everything in sight and then I nipped it in the bud and had a fresh start the next day. It didn’t help that I was going away for the day and making healthy choices wasn’t the easiest option.

I don’t want to lose loads of weight, maybe 2.5 or 3 stone (30-40 pounds) just so I feel comfortable in my own skin. I’ve never ever been skinny and I don’t want to lose the curvy figure that I have. 

Honestly the best way for me to lose weight was to find motivation, something to aim for. Perhaps you have a holiday, a wedding or a birthday. In my case,  I just want to feel comfortable again. After a breakup feeling unhappy with your life and yourself is natural, so in order for me to get over the breakup I started focusing on myself for the first time in forever and I’ve loved every minute of it. 

Losing weight is hard, after the first stone I lose I found that I’m not losing the weight as fast as I was used too. However, a pound or two a week is actually more than you can imagine. They build up and eventually your weight is dropping, your clothes don’t fit, you can run up the stairs without feeling like you’re going to pass out. Not only that, you become happier, more comfortable and most importantly, confident. You feel like you can rule the world and you definitely can. 

Weight loss is different for everybody. We all have different body types, different motabolisms and it’s difficult to say that the way I’ve lost weight is the same way that you will. Whatever way you’re losing weight just do it the way that works for you. There’s no right or wrong as long as you’re doing it in a healthy way. 

Below is a food diary for myself for one day, feel free to follow it.  

Breakfast: 2 weetabix/honey whole grain cheerios and fruit or 1 wholemeal toast and scrambled egg with fruit. 

Lunch: Jacket potato, salad and chicken/tuna, with a small amount of salad cream 30% fat free. 

Dinner: Spaghetti bolognase or chicken curry. 

Snacks: Alpen light bars or fruit. 

If I’m finding myself craving sugar, beef space raiders or a freddo are my go too. 

I do drink Diet Coke but I’m often found with an apple and raspberry sparkling water and I like to drink a lot throughout the day. Often if you feel hungry it’s normally because you’re thirsty, so for smaller portion sizes drink a glass of water before your meal and before your snack to make sure you know what you’re feeling. 

Honestly though, during weight loss you’re going to have those days when you want to give up and eat 3 Big Macs, a pizza, the whole willy wonka factory and a house. Some days you just need it and once I’m a while I eat something that’s out of plan. It helps with weight loss as your body will become used to the healthy foods and it’ll adjust and your weight loss will be slower. So once/twice a week make those choices on what you want to treat yourself with. I like chocolate and crisps, although now instead of a kit kat and a bag of Doritos I’ll eat a freddo and a packet of space raiders. They’re lower in calories, smaller portions and I find them satisfying enough to keep me going. 

It’s so important to mix my meals up, I don’t want to be eating the same things over and over again because well that’s boring. So instead of a jacket potato, I might have a chicken salad wrap. The wrap would be my carbs for the day. If I have bread or cereal I won’t have anything else and I never have both bread and cereal together. I also do the same for diary so if I have milk, I don’t have cheese. 

I also love a cheat meal at least once a week. I’m entitled to it and I know lots of people have cheat meals through their diet. It’s alright to do this but remember to get back on your diet straight after. It’s a cheat meal, that doesn’t mean you should fall back into your old ways.

I’ve found having motivation or a purpose to lose weight really helps. Mine has been for several reasons but really it’s for myself, I want to feel comfortable in my skin. 

I’m over 1 stone gone and I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve by January 2018. 

Next step: exercise more. 

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With love, Beth x 

What I Eat In A Week // Dieting

As you may know I am dieting, If you didn’t well now you do. I’m heading to America for near 3 months as of June and when I’m there I want to feel my best in swimwear. In desperate hopes I’ve turned to Slimfast since nothing was working for me. I always thought Slimfast was a gimmick, that it didn’t actually work and I would probably be wasting my money. I’m currently in week 3 (having missed a few days due to emotions and hangover, student life eh) but in my first week I lost a total of 7lbs! I’m over the moon and totally motivated to keep it up for the next few months before I leave. Since I know so many people are wanting to diet but don’t know where to start, especially with Slimfast since it can be quite confusing. I thought it would be great to let you guys know what I eat during the week of dieting. 

Dieting isn’t easy and anybody who says it is, they lie, don’t be friends with them. You don’t wake up every single day completely motivated to lose weight or even want to lose weight. I definitely don’t wake up instantly feeling positive and ready to run 10 miles (those who do, I salute you). It’a really bloody hard and the best thing I find is to have motivation, a goal to pursue. Mine is NYC and to feel good in my own skin although Matt disagree’s and often attempts (sometimes achieves) for me to go off plan by teasing me with take aways and random suprise cakes that he has bought for me (best boyfriend ever). 

How does it work? Well, Slimfast is a 3, 2, 1 process. You are able to have 3 snacks a day, 2 meal replacements (shake or meal bar) and 1 600kcal meal whilst drinking plenty of water. So, if you’re really interested in what my week of food looks like whilst I diet, continue to read! 


Depending on whether I’ve gone out during the weekend and had a few drinks I may have been off plan for a few days, therefore Mondays are usually quite well. I’ll start my morning with a shake which is normally banana or vanilla but sometimes chocolate. I’ll use the blender to mix it as I like how frothy it gets rather than manually shaking. 

On average I eat around every two hours, so I’ll then have a snack. This could be either some fruit, a boiled egg or even a Slimfast snack either the cheese bites, sour cream pretzels or the snack bar. 

After this I will have finished lectures so I’ll head back home and make myself a 600 kcal meal. I usually have my 600 kcal meal in the afternoon as I find it fills me up slightly more than I would be if I had it in the evening. As you can see, today I made a homemade chicken curry with rice. If you’re interested in a recipe post for this meal let me know. 

Again, two hours later I’ll have another snack. This time I went with the Slimfast bites because they’re my favourite. 

My final meal of the day was another shake. I probably ran out of the meal bars (they’re so good) which resulted in having two shakes that day. 

Right before bed I then had some fruit to last me throughout the night. 


I like to mix the order of my food up each day to not be in such a routine. Since I did have a shake Monday morning I decided to go with a meal bar whilst heading to my morning seminar. 

My seminar is only 1 hour long so at around 11 I’ll then have a slimfast snack, those bites mhmm. 

I then decided to go ahead and have a shake for lunch (usually between 2 – 4), again blending it up because well, it’s delicious that way!

After this I then had some fruit. I’ve grown this obsession with kiwi recently and I just can’t get enough of it. 

It’s then time for my 600 kcal meal so I went ahead and made my favourite chicken, bacon and asparagus pesto pasta. As usual all homemade and healthy! 

My final snack of the day was the chocolate Slimfast snack bar and then Tuesday was complete!

Tuesday nights are EduSoc (Education Society) social nights out when we all head into town and have the best night. However, as fun as this may seem it does mean that I’m off plan and probably going to demolish a subway when I get back into bed. Fortunately, this week I avoided this by going to the sober social instead and slept peacefully knowing I hadn’t failed myself! Wahoo. 


Wednesdays are quite an odd day for me since I am free all morning until midday when I have a one hour seminar and then I’m free all afternoon. So, since I was able to have a lay-in I went and made myself a shake and a green tea. I do usually like to have a green tea in the morning if I have time and since I did today I went with a mint green tea as they are my favourites. 

After this I’ll have a snack whilst at the library, running errands or doing chores it just depends where I am or what I’m doing that morning. This time I went with the pretzels. 

Around 11:45am is when I’ll make my way to my seminar so on the way I’ll have a meal bar or if I’m not feeling hungry before the seminar I’ll have it whilst walking home, my favourites are the young fruit crunch. 

I followed my snack on with some fruit a few hours later and a big glass of water to keep me going until my next meal. I like to make sure I’m keeping myself distracted other wise I’ll definitely eat out of boredom and that is when it all goes down hill. 

By the time my 600kcal meal is due I’m most likely to be starving and this time I went with spaghetti bolognese with a small amount of parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. 

By bedtime comes I’ll probably be feeling slightly peckish again so I had some fruit and headed on my way to bed. 


Thursdays are my quietest day of the week. I have the whole day off and no lectures or seminars. So I pretty much just hang out at home and do things that I’ve wanted to do throughout the week. Usually I’ll catch up on further reading for uni work or even a book and watch some TV shows (I’ve been loving the Fresh Prince of Bel Air). General lazy days, these are the days that I am more likely to want to snack on bad foods or get a take away. However, today I done my best!  Right now to stop my boredom I’m writing this blog post. 

For breakfast I went with a Slimfast shake and a few hours later followed by some fruit and a big glass of water. During this time I’ll do my best to distract myself. I then had my 600kcal meal to fill the gap, this time I went for chicken wraps with salad and my goodness they were delicious. 

I then had another slimfast snack and followed on by another Slimfast Meal bar and before bedtime some fruit. 

I really do struggle on Thursdays because my day is so wide and free that I’m more likely to fill my boredom with snacking on chocolate digestives or some other form of snack. If I do ever fail to resist my urges I like to go on the healthy side and have some fruit since I won’t feel as guilty for being off plan. 


Friday! Yay, the weekends can either go two ways. 1 – So well, I won’t have drank any alcohol or had a take away and I’ll reward myself with buying some new clothes or makeup. 2- I’ve drank my little heart out, got myself a takeaway on the way home in my drunken state and then I’ve really buggered up the whole weekend because I fail to get back on it with a hangover. Fortunately for me I managed to stay in this weekend whilst being the boring student that I am so I managed to stay on plan. 

I started my Friday morning with a shake and then followed on by a snack a few hours later. I don’t have any lectures until 2pm and I finish at 4pm. During the morning is when I decide whether I’ll have a meal bar first or my 600kcal meal, it literally depends on whether I can handle not eating an actual meal before a two hour lecture of special educational needs. This time I went with the meal bar and took a snack with me to my lecture to eat both throughout, simply because after an hour or so I do start to get distracted and I’ll be able to concentrate more when eating a little snack and have a big bottle of water too. 

After 4pm when my lecture finishes I’ll head home and write up any notes from the lecture and decide what meal I want for my 600kcal dinner. If I am staying in I still may result in a take away, depending on whether I’m spending the night with Matt. Sometimes I resist the urge and other times I totally fail and have to restart again the day after. I don’t mind having 1 cheat meal a week simply because I’m human and my body needs a little bit of bad food during the week. It’s who I am and sometimes I like to demolish a big mac and feel totally guilt free. 

To challenge myself I decided to go ahead and make my own fake-away (fake take away) and make chicken chow mein at home and feel a lot less guilt free than I would have if I had made the trip to the takeaway. 

During the course of the evening I’ll make sure to be drinking lots of water to fill the gap before my snack and eat some fruit before heading to bed. Win, Win, Win! 


Saturday arrived and now it’s even more challenging to commit to the diet simply because everybody deserves a treat at the weekend. It’s difficult to say no when your friends are heading out for a meal and you have to politely decline and sit at home wondering why I couldn’t have just been born at the ideal weight I want now. 

I’ll start my day out with a meal bar in bed whilst catching up on any bloggers chats on Twitter, scrolling through Facebook like it’s the morning news paper and generally just enjoying my day off. I’ll then have a snack following with water (you see the pattern I have?) and decide what to do with my day. 

If I find myself getting bored I may head into town or go for a walk around my little area. For lunch I’ll then decide whether to have a shake or 600kcal meal, depending on whether we are heading out for food that evening. If we are I’ll go with a meal bar and have a snack right before I get ready so I’m hungry by the time we go out. 

Depending on where we do decide to go I’ll go online and find their menu to choose which meal seems healthiest and under 600kcal so I can stay on plan. I’ll drink water and head home after unless you know.. My friends and I decide to get white girl wasted and enjoy our night. 

At this stage it totally depends on my good decision making or bad. I may have headed home and settled in for the night with some fruit or gone out and drank too much wine and cider and got myself a take away on the way back. I know, I’m such a bad person for enjoying my life too much. 


Sunday, ah! the end of the week. A fresh start. Wahoo! If I happened to make bad decisions the night before it’s likely that I’m attempting to cure my hangover with chocolate and crisps and attempting to stick to plan. In this case, I did make good decisions and I was able to stick to plan completely all day since I had no hangover. Yippee! 

I started my day with a 600kcal breakfast. I went for the full breakfast with your normal hashbrowns, sausage, bacon. You name it and i’ll have it (except black pudding, that stuff is nasty). I make sure that it’s cooked in fry light rather than oil as it’s a lot healthier and I prefer it. I don’t tend to have my 600kcal meal in the morning often at all, simply because I find myself more hungry and craving actual food in the afternoons than I do at any other point in the day. However, it’s a Sunday and I really do love a good full breakfast. However, I may decide to eat this later than normal so perhaps I should call it brunch instead. 

Like normal I’ll follow it on with a snack and then have a shake for lunch but ensuring that I keep them 2 hours apart each. With the 6 hours passed I’ll then have a meal bar and followed by some fruit before bed. I do like to make sure I stick to drinking plenty of water throughout each day and I find that water fills the gap and stops me feelings so hungry. 

There you have it! My full meal plan for an entire week on Slimfast, that is if I am able to achieve it. Let me know if you liked this post and would like me to do something like this again!

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