My favourite Disney films 

I’m an avid Disney fan, how can you not be? But I definitely have my favourites just like everybody. In fact, I have 5 favourite Disney films that I repeatedly watch and fall in love with every single time. I’ve been collecting the Disney classics this year and my collection is very slowly expanding. I’m hoping Santa brings me a few of my favourites this year.

Disney has always been a huge part of my life since childhood and having been the younger sister of two older brothers, I often got to choose what we would watch and without fail, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was always my first choice. I loved it, my favourite drawf is Sleepy because he reminds me so much of myself. I love a good nap. Snow White is my favourite Disney princess and I just like how innocent she is also the youngest of all the princesses. This was and always been my overall favourite Disney film.

My second favourite is Big Hero Six. Having recently been released I wasn’t that fussed on watching it but once I did I was so overwhelmed with the story. It wasn’t your traditional Disney film and it actually represented the feelings and emotions of grief and depression through loss of a loved one. It’s brilliant and it also makes me a lot happier that Fall Out Boy sang the ending song.

My next favourite is The Aristocats. I bloody love this film which is surprising since I’m not an animal lover and especially not cats. However this film so freaking cute, Marie is my favourite because she’s full of so much attitude and sass. I actually first saw this when I was 16, definitely not a childhood love but it’s grown on me and now it’s the film I will always watch when I feel unwell.

My fourth favourite is Frozen. Some of you may really dislike this option but I don’t care. This film is bloody great, it’s not about romantic love but sibling love. It’s the total opposite to the normal Disney film and I think that’s what brings so much character this film. Olaf is so cute and bubbly, I want him in my life.

My final favourite is Cool Running’s. It’s not animated and is actually based on the true story of the Olympic Jamaican bobsledders. It’s utterly fantastic and so funny. I first watched this with my brothers when I was a kid and now I can’t even count how many times this film has been watched by me and made me bubble with love and happiness. It made me want a lucky egg for so long.

There we have my top 5 favourite Disney films. What’s yours? Let me know!

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Book Review: Girl on the Train

This weeks review is well overdue, the film was released in October and if I’m honest I only read the book because of the film. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins was surprisingly good but slightly predictable. Continue reading for this weeks book review. 

Rachel has been separated from her husband for several years and well before their separation her life began to crash down. Her trouble with alcoholism seems to be taking away her memories and now she has to discover what really happened the night her ex-husbands neighbour went missing. 

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I wanted too. It was massively raved about and so many were saying how brilliant and captivating it was but I didn’t feel it at all. In fact I was slightly disappointed with it. It took a long time to read and get into and it wasn’t really until I reached the last 150 pages of the book that I was enjoying it. The book felt slightly dragged out and the chapters were the most confusing part. The book is sectioned out between Rachel, Megan and Anna. The three women in Tom’s life. It was just so confusing to read between different views every chapter especially when I didn’t care for Anna at all so I was least interested in her chapters. I personally preferred Gone Girl and Behind Closed Doors. 

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DIY // Face Masks

When I first started my blog I had purchased some face masks and began to understand why people loved them so much. Having been new to face masks I wasn’t sure what to expect and whether they were just a gimmick, I was wrong. They’re fab. However, I’m aware that they can be very expensive and sometimes not worth breaking the bank for.

Truthfully, face masks have become a necessity in my skin care because they help to brighten and make my skin glow, reduce my acne, pores, and blackheads and simply allow my make up to sit better on my face. What more could you want?

For us people on a budget or those simply looking to have some fun,  DIY face masks are the way forward. Using natural ingredients that you’re likely to already have in your kitchen you can create your own face masks and save penny’s whilst having fun!

So, I’ve spent the last few weeks creating and testing out some DIY face masks. The ones I’ve mentioned are the ones I believe actually work and are worth creating, however, go ahead and try out some others. Take a look on Pinterest for some inspiration and get creating the perfect face mask.

Mask #1:

I was looking for a mask that would brighten and illuminate my skin as a glowy base for my make up or just for every day when I don’t want to wear make up. I mixed 1 TBSP of coconut oil and 1 TSP of baking soda to help my skin look brighter and make it so soft. Apply the mask and gently rub in circular motions for 2-3 minutes, remove with warm water and pat dry.  It’s as easy as that! If you don’t have any coconut oil it can be purchased from Amazon or in Boots for less than £5 and it also a useful and harmless way to remove makeup naturally.

Mask #2:

I’m prone to acne and my face is often red and has blemishes. I was looking for a mask that helped to decrease blemishes and redness as well as reduce current acne and prevent it too. This mask will also help with fine lines and wrinkles but most importantly helps to create a healthy and nourished skin. I mixed 1 TBSP of coconut oil and a pinch of turmeric. This combination will reduce any imperfections as well as allow the skin to feel healthier and look more nourished. Apply for 15 minutes, rinse with cold water and pat dry. 

Mask #3:

As I said before, I’m prone to acne and pimples and my skin is quite sensitive. I was looking for a mask that would be gentle on my skin but also fight against acne and pimples. I mixed 1 TBSP of coconut oil and 2 TBSP of honey to create this mask. You should apply it for 20 minutes, rinse with cold water and then pat dry.

I used each of these masks 3 times a week to see a difference and I definitely did. I loved how soft and replenished my skin was and how beautiful these masks allowed my make up to sit. They’re also super fun to make and don’t break the bank at all.

Let me know your favourite face masks.

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Book Review: We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves

Another weekly book review, remember to check them out every Friday at 1pm. This weeks review is by far the weirdest of them all, it’s by the author Karen Joy Fowler and is called, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. Usually when I begin a new book I’ve normally finished it within a few days, except this one. This one took me near two weeks to read and not because it was boring or didn’t make me enthusiastic. It did, in fact whenever I picked it up I would be reading for ages. However, once I had read a few chapters I found that I had to put it down for a few days for the story line and information to actually sink in. I got all types of confused about this book.

The story is told by Rosemary, daughter of a psychologist. Now 22 years old and in college Rosemary begins to think more and more about her beloved brother, Lowell and sister, Fern. Realising that in order to move on she must make peace with her past and begin to relive the time at 5 years old, having been sent home from her grandparents to find Fern gone.

Now, you’ve probably read the above paragraph thinking there is the possibility that both siblings somehow died, possible kidnapping etc. Well stop, you’re wrong. I don’t want to give too much away in case some of you are really interested in this book. However, what I will say is that this book is 308 pages of utter confusion but totally captivating and brilliantly written. It’s so smart and gripping, the intelligence is overwhelming. I do think i’m probably going to re-read this overtime just because it was so educating. Recommend to those who love anything educational or psychological!

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Autumnal Look // Makeup

Throughout the Autumn season I love those burgundy lips and the browns smokey eye but each year I definitely mix up my make up. This year I have had this go to makeup look throughout the whole season and just had to share it with you all. I’ll even show you all the products I use and I’ll also add in a dupe of the Naked 3 palette which cost only £4! I’m totally in love with this makeup look and I think it’s so fitting for the season and can work with so many outfits for day or nightwear.


I started by priming my face with the NYX Photo Loving Primer. I personally love a full coverage foundation, I have so much redness and freckles on my face I just prefer to cover it up. I used the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation for this look, in the shade 1.0. It’s so lightweight and absolutely full coverage, I used 1 pump for my whole face and it sits beautifully and all day long.

I then used the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 10 Fair to cover those dark circles and topped it with the Collection Perfection concealer in 1 to highlight my under eye.

To bronze my face and bring some dimension to it, I used the Benefit Hoola Bronzer and a bit of the Revolution Iconic Lights and Contour Pro palette to do so.

Topping it off, I then used the Kate Moss Sculpting Palette in Coral Glow 002 and used the blush to add colour to my cheeks.

To finally complete the base, I used the Sleek Highlight Palette in solstice,  for that extra glow to the high points of my face including my cheek bones, cupids bow and bridge of my nose.


I used the Iconic 3 palette by Revolution to make this eye look, it’s a cheap £4 and is absolutely a dupe of the Naked 3 palette. It’s super pigmented and long lasting, the shimmery colours are so sparkly and pretty on the eye and I just love it. If you’re looking for a dupe of the Naked palettes, head to Superdrug or online for the Revolution Iconic palettes. They’re fab! I took the palette and used the orange shimmery colour all over my lid, this is the dupe for the colour ‘trick’ and then I used the brown shade next to it in my crease, the dupe for ‘nooner’.

I then put a thin line and flick for eyeliner using the Rimmel Glam’ Eyes liquid liner.

I curled my lashes and then coated them in the Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara on my upper lashes and then the Benefit Roller Lash on my lower lashes.

I usually put a bit of the brown shade from the palette underneath my lower lashes too but this is entirely your choice. I then used the lightest shade from the palette underneath my brow bow and inner corner. I used the Maybelline Brow Drama on my brows and then I was finished!



I coated my lips in a gloss by Sephora, it doesn’t have a name but it’s a nude pink and I think it looks beautiful with the eyes. However, to complete this look you can use any nude lipstick with this look.

The lip gloss I used is from the Sephora collection brand and is in a limited edition palette which includes 96 x eyeshadows, 84 x lip glosses, 1 bronzer, 1 x mascara, 6 x cream eyeliners and 2 x eyeliners.

There is the finished look! I’m not a professional makeup artist and nor will I ever claim to be. It’s simply an interest and hobby for me and I love to experiment with new products and keep up with the seasonal trends. If you liked this post let me know and I’ll do more in the future.

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My Go To Outfits // Fashion

Hi, Guys!

When I choose my outfit of the day 9 times out of 10 I always go for comfort rather than style and If I manage to pick both, well that’s just a bonus. Almost all of my outfits are based on the type of shoes I plan on wearing that day, I’m definitely not a heels type of girl, even on nights out. They aren’t comfortable or at least the ones I own aren’t, I’m also flat footed and I struggle to walk in certain shoes and most shoes make my feet hurt so I tend to stick to Converse or boots. I don’t really wear much jewellery and my outfits are usually quite basic but I wear 4 rings and a necklace that was bought for me by Matt, on a daily basis.

I’m known to wear three different types of outfits which include casual days, comfy days and dressy days. These are the three types of outfits that I most identify to and I definitely feel that I’m at my best when I wear them. The different styles all make me feel different and confident. I feel like they’re the outfits that best suit my personality and how my mood changes throughout the day.

Comfy day:

A comfy day for me is definitely my favourite I will admit. Jogging bottoms and a hoodie is pure comfort although I will only really wear Jogging bottoms if I know I have to go somewhere, otherwise, it’s usually pyjama bottoms and a hoodie. Below you’ll see me wearing my favourite pair of jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, I’ll then add a hoodie and I’ll slip on my vans and away I go! I don’t really use a bag on my comfy days as it’s not common that I’ll go very far and I’m in pure comfort and bliss. It’s my favourite type of day and I love it especially when Matt does the same and we get to spend the day snacking and watching TV. Oooh, the happy feels.

Casual day:

A casual day for me is running errands, heading onto campus for lectures and the spending time in the library. I don’t like to really wear comfy clothes on these day only because It makes me feel productive to get dressed and do my hair and makeup. I become more motivated when I have prepared myself for the day. Usually, on these days I’ll wear a pair of jeans, Converse or Vand and match it with a basic t-shirt and a jacket. Depending on the weather I may add a coat, beanie and scarf but not always the beanie and I’ll definitely always have a bag on me. The bag I’m using at the moment is the River Island Brown Faux Suede Messenger handbag, available here.

Dressy day:

Dressy days are such a fun day for me, these are the days I usually have the most time to spare and I’m able to carefully consider the outfit and how it looks. I find it so fun to dress up and feel pretty and confident, I always like to choose outfits that flatter my curves and my short legs. At 5’2 I find that certain trousers and dresses are too long on me and look odd, whilst shirts and blouses make my upper body look chunky and uneven. This type of outfit is definitely chosen based on the weather that day but if it’s that bad, let’s be fair I’ll be in comfy clothes and not leaving my bed. So, in that case, I usually wear tights unless it’s too warm. I may match a tube skirt or skater skirt with a slim fit t-shirt and boots or trainers and possibly black or skin colour tights, although depending on the colours I may add burgundy tights to show some colour. I may add a cardigan and away I go. Take a look at my choice of outfit for a dressy day below. This type of outfit is the sort I’ll wear on a night out or for a meal, I’m not really fancy and I’m usually quite basic with my outfit choices. I like comfort over glamour, unless I know it’s a really fancy event but it’s not often I’ll go to them.

So here we have it, my go-to outfits for a casual day, comfy day and dressy day. Let me know what you go to outfit is in the comments below.

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