9 Things That Irritate MeĀ 

We see all of those posts telling you a 101 things that people love but what about the things that you don’t? I’m not saying you have to express every single thing that irritates you. However, it’s natural to have these feelings and I’m not afraid to tell someone when something is irritating me. So, instead of telling you 9 things that I love. I’ll tell you 9 things they irritate me instead, just for you guys to truly get to know me.

  1. Lying is my number 1 no-no. I don’t tolerate it and I don’t do it. I’m known for my honesty and I like it in return.
  2. The sound of cracking bones. I feel physically sick when I hear this noise.
  3. Wasting food isn’t funny, it’s frustrating. Use it for compost, give it to the homeless. Stop throwing away good, unexpired food. Even expired food can still be eaten.
  4. Laziness. Not the “I’m going to sit here and watch Netflix all day because I can’t be bothered” type because occasionally we all need this (granted some people take this a little overboard). I do mean those people who refuse to get a job and everything is given to them on a plate.
  5. People who look for drama. Just simply that.
  6. People who cannot accept that others have opinions and a right to express them.
  7. Crowds. I hate crowds so much.
  8. Not having my own time and space. I thoroughly enjoy a little time to myself and enjoying my free time. Let me have it occasionally.
  9. People who walk slower than me and get under my feet.

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With love, Beth x