21 Things In 21 Years

Yesterday marked my 21st Birthday and I realised that during my 21 years of living I have learned so many things that really make a difference in who I am and how I live. Turning 21 means that I have officially entered the years that I will make some of my biggest decisions and life changes, which is really quite terrifying. Since this is the case, as many bloggers do around their birthdays I am going to share with you guys 21 things that I have learned in 21 years. 

One: Treat people the way you expect to be treated. 

Two: You cannot please everybody. 

Three: Being sensitive does not mean you’re weak. 

Four: Failure happens all the time, stop trying to avoid it. 

Five: Make sure to do what makes you happy. 

Six: Read a book once in a while, it’ll help you grow and embrace your imagination. 

Seven: Do not google your health issues, it doesn’t help. 

Eight: It’s okay to have off days. 

Nine: Just because you own expensive things does not mean you’re worth more than others. 

Ten: Some people aren’t supposed to stay and that’s absolutely fine. 

Eleven: Embrace your emotions. 

Twelve: Nobody can help you if you lie. 

Thirteen: University is not just about education, it’s about finding yourself. 

Fourteen: Body shaming is not funny. Regardless of your size you’re beautiful. 

Fifteen: Stand up for what you believe in. 

Sixteen: It’s never too late to start fresh. 

Seventeen: Being punctual and organised really reduces stress. 

Eighteen: Don’t keep promises you can’t keep. 

Nineteen: Exploring the world will help you find yourself. 

Twenty: Leave your comfort zone occasionally. 

Twenty one: Find a partner who is also your best friend.

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