Oval Makeup Brush Review 

I was scrolling through bloglovin’ a few weeks ago and seen someone talking about these Ebay budget style dupes for the Artis oval brushes. I couldn’t just ignore it, I was so intrigued so I went over to EBay and go myself some and thought I would give you guys a little review to let you know whether or not they’re worth the purchase or if I plan on binning them. 

I got mine from EBay for ¬£13.95 for a full set. From what I’ve seen the style and design of the brush is identical to the Artis brushes. However, I don’t own any of the Artis brushes and I’m also not willing to sell a limb or organ in order to purchase one, so these will just have to do. 

I’ve given these brushes a trial and test for the past month and I’ve grown to like some and really dislike others. Personally I think for the price of mine the smaller brushes are brilliant, especially the small dence brushes that I use to apply crease colours. 

I really didn’t like the two larger face brushes mainly because every time I used them to apply foundation they didn’t distribute it easily at all. The brushes soaked up the product and left so much redness and uneven colours. They didn’t show any streaking at all but I just felt that my beauty sponge applied the product better and more even. It’s unlikely that I’ll keep these larger face brushes. 

Now, I used one of the smaller face brushes for my concealer and it didn’t do a bad job at all. I used it and went over the concealer with my sponge but the brush never lifted the product and it was actually a faster process. I’ll definitely continue to use this brush and test it on other areas too. 

In total there were 10 brushes and I think I’m keeping around half. Which isn’t bad at all. I personally don’t think that they’re the best brushes I’ve ever used but since they’re supposed to be dupes of the artis brushes I don’t think I’ll ever purchase the originals. I much prefer the normal style brushes and beauty sponges. Call me old fashioned, eh? 

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