August Goals Review 

At the beginning of the month I posted my August goals as a test to see whether I actually committ to them. I’m so happy to say that it actually does help motivate me and I really enjoyed keeping to them this month. 

Along with my August goals I’ve spent all month working and planning to go to uni next month and I’m so excited for it. So, did I achieve all my goals? 

I did happen to achieve losing 7lb, in fact I lost over 7lb and hit the first 1 stone mark. I hadn’t anticipated to lose weight so fast but I’m glad I have been because now I have lose another 7lb or more before heading to uni. 

I did save money! I wanted to save between £50-£100 but I saved more than that. I had a rather large deposit to pay for my flat and I was so afraid of not having the money so I literally spent the whole month doing nothing so I could afford it. 

My nails didn’t grow. In fact no matter how hard I tried, they would snap. Do you guys have any tips on how to grow your nails? Let me know in the comments. 

Now, for the big one.. did I finish the Harry Potter books? Well.. I almost finished the Harry Potter books. I currently have 1 more to go before I’m totally finished but I feel like reading all 7 Harry Potter books in almost 2 months is an achievement in itself. 

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With love, Beth x