Book Review: The One Memory of Flora BanksĀ 

This novel by Emily Barr is truly wonderful and written with so much knowledge and heart. The One Member of Flora Banks is so different so any book I’ve ever read about characters with illnesses. In fact this books is written as though Emily had experience with this.  

Flora Banks has amnesia due to an illness at the age of 10. She can remember all of her memories before this age but cannot make any new memories. She has short memories that last a few hours and then she will completely forget them. Having been kept the safety of her parents her whole life, Flora is a lot more adventurous than she and anybody else would have though. 

Flora is a truly incredible character and this book turned out to be so much more different than I could have ever imagined. It didn’t end how I thought it would and it’s totally unpredictable. Admittedly slightly bland in a few chapters but overall a very pleasant read and I look forward to reading something else by Emily Barr! 

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With love, Beth x