Favourite Things About Christmas

Hey, Guys!

Christmas is near and I’ve just finished university for 3 whole weeks, yippee! As a little treat to you guys, for this full week you’ll be getting a new post everyday until Christmas Eve. Be sure to check back here everyday at 1pm for a new blog post. Merry Christmas! 

As you know by now I love Christmas and for my family it’s a busy time of year but it’s the best. There is nothing better than spending the festive period with your loved ones to celebrate. We make such a huge effort at Christmas time and my parents home looks like Santa’s grotto for around 6 weeks (yep, i’m serious it’s that long), the kids love it and I love having the chance to relax and spend time with my friends and family. I thought I’d let you guys know what my favourite things are about Christmas! 

#1 – From around November 1st the Christmas Spirit is in full speed and everybody is preparing for Christmas. I love the upcoming weeks to Christmas when everybody spends their weekends shopping, taking the kids to visit Santa and his reindeer and visiting Winter Wonderland. It’s such a great time and I really enjoy the build up to Christmas. It’s so lovely to walk down the high street and hear people singing Christmas Carols and dancing around the supermarket to Wham!. Nothing is better than seeing my Niece become a big ball of excitement because Santa will be here soon. My Nephew, Ethan is almost 1 year old and this is his first Christmas, I can’t wait to see his little face on Christmas either. 

#2- Christmas films are a brilliant way to get you in the Christmas spirit. I love turning on the TV with a cup of hot chocolate and curl up with a good Christmas film. It’s so relaxing and peaceful to chill out, especially after busy day, with a film and it’s even better to do with your loved ones. Every Christmas eve, my parents, brother and I always like to sit down and watch a film together before the business of Christmas begins. 

#3- My favourite thing is giving people gifts that I know they’ll love and appreciate. I like to buy gifts for my friends and family that I know they’ll love and be so grateful for. I’m not one of those people that needs to receive a present when I’ve given one to someone, I just love giving people that little something to let them know I’m so grateful to have them in my life and appreciate the things they have done to help me through the year.

There you have it, my favourite things about Christmas. What are yours? let me know in the comments. 

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Christmas Countdown // Festive Playlist

As a part of my Christmas countdown each Wednesday at 1pm for the next four weeks I’ll be posting a Christmas themed post, this week is my festive playlist, keep reading to check it out. If I’m honest, there’s a chance all my posts may be Christmas themed.. we’ll see!

IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS PALS!!! Christmas is approaching and fast. Each year I wonder how Christmas has come around so quickly but this year has flown by, how is it even the 30th of November already?! 2016 slow down. I do feel like now I’m older the years go faster, though. I will admit, I’m one of those people that start playing Christmas music from November 1st. It’s just who I am, I’m pretty certain I was an elf in my past life. My Christmas playlist is on repeat and I love it, it makes me so festive and excited for the upcoming holiday. It especially makes me excited because I live away from home and I’m able to look forward to going home with my family and celebrate the holidays. Let’s get right into it!

Fairytale of New York: The Pogues (how can you not love this one?)

Do They Know It’s Christmas Time: Band Aid 30

Santa Claus is Coming To Town: Bruce Springsteen

Frosty the Snowman: Gene Autry

All I Want For Christmas is You: Mariah Carey

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas: Michael Buble

Blue Christmas: Elvis Presley

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Johnny Mathis

Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer: Gene Autry (Gracie and I love to sing this together)

Driving Home For Christmas: Chris Rae

Winter Wonderland: Tony Bennett

These are without fail the songs that I always listen too throughout the Christmas period and especially on the train home from Aberystwyth to begin my Christmas festivities. These songs just get me so excited. I’m like a child, it’s fab. Let me know your favourite festive songs!

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November Favourites

November favourites time! This year has flown by, I can’t believe we’re already heading into December. Not that I’m complaining because I love Christmas. Throughout the month of November I’ve been loving a few little bits and I’m so happy to share them with you guys!

Let’s get all things beauty out of the way! Firstly, I purchased the newly released L.A Girl Foundation in fair. I already know I love the concealer and have purchased so many tubes of this over the years but I was slightly sceptical about this product. However, it surprised me and it’s fab. I’ve been really enjoying using this foundation and I can definitely see me repurchasing it. It sits beautifully on the face and it’s only £9! Super affordable and I just love the brand. I got mine from Beauty Bay.

I’ve also been loving these new Essence Blushes, I have one matte shade and one satin shade and oh my god, they’re excellent. I got these in Wilkinson for £1!! I definitely didn’t think these would be good at all, I assumed they wouldn’t have much pigment or be long wearing but they’re totally opposite. My favourite is the satin blush in satin love and they’re sooo pigmented and they blend beautifully. They have definitely encouraged me to try more from essence.

One beauty product i’m always looking for is a new face powder. I’m quite fussy when it comes to powders as I have dry patches and some powders stick to it. However, the Revlon Photoready Powder is fantastic. It literally makes you photo ready. I’ve been combining this powder and the L.A Girl foundation and they create such a beautiful dewy look. I only use a small amount as I’ve not been feeling the matte look but it’s so lovely and lightweight. It feels like i’m wearing nothing at all.

TEEN WOLF IS BACK!! During April/May 2016 I binge watched Teen Wolf seasons 1 – 5 in like 2 weeks, I was obsessed. Since I caught up to date I’ve been waiting for so long for the new season and just as I fell in love with the show and they decide to finish it on season 6. What a surprise, ugh. So for now I’ll appreciate the time I have left with the show and re-watch it when I need a little bit of Dylan O’Brian on my screen. It’s such a good show and admittedly it’s quite cheesy in bits but who doesn’t love a bit of cheese? I’m so happy it’s back and now I have something to be excited for on my Tuesday evenings.

Another show that has returned is I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, each year I wait for this show to come back mainly because it’s like a countdown to Christmas. I love the amusement of the show and the arguments simply make the winter nights more fun. What more could I want than to see random celebrities eat testicles and anus?

There you have it! These are the things I’ve been loving this month. What’s your November faves? 

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Favourites // Online Stores

I love shopping, I really do. I spend so much time browsing the internet looking at things I’d like to buy and the majority of the time I don’t actually buy anything because I want everything and I can’t make my mind up. However, I always go to these specific websites first before any others even if I’m just browsing. I’m definitely a compulsive browser, I just like looking at the new trends but I’m definitely the worst at shopping for clothes. I hate online shopping for clothes unless I know the store well and I know exactly what the size of the clothes are like. My favourite thing to buy is home-ware. I love it so much, I literally only have a room to decorate in university but I’m always buying things that’ll look nice, especially photo frames. Admittedly, I don’t actually do any online shopping often because I’m so impatient and I want to have my things right away but when I know it’s something I can’t get locally, I do give in.  Let me know in the comments what your favourite online stores are.

Online Store #1: New Look.

I recently posted a mini haul and I bought a lot of clothes from New Look. It’s my go to place to shop at because I know that the clothes are good for value and they fit exactly how they should. It’s an affordable shop and it’s always following the seasonal trends. Check out their website here. It’s such an easy website to navigate around and I love that they do a New Look Store Card, I have a £50 maximum on mine which I can use throughout the month and pay back the next month. This is such a useful thing to have as I’m a student and money can be sometimes tight. They also do 10% student discount and I without fail always take advantage of this.

Online Store #2: ASOS.

ASOS are another online store that I rely on, it has a combination of brands that I love and I know that their sizes fit wonderfully. Check it out here. Again, ASOS always follow the seasonal trends and that’s why I like its so much. Not only do ASOS sell clothing but beauty and they have a gifts section. ASOS Market Place is also really good for those who like a vintage look and like to find unique items to add to their wardrobe. I always look at ASOS when I’m looking for a sale or reasonable deal, they also do student discount which is fantastic.

Online Store #3: Feel Unique.

I often buy a lot of beauty products from Feel Unique because they always have sales and deals available to check out. They sell affordable and high-end makeup and skincare and their sales are without fail the best around. Check Feel Unique out here. If you spend over £15 online they will give you free delivery, this is definitely handy for me as I hate paying delivery charges. Another pro for Feel Unique, they provide two free samples for orders over £30 and they price match other competitor prices to make sure you’re getting the best price for your purchases.

Online Store #4: Not On The High Street.

Not On The High Street is a website that I love to go on and have a look at the pretty things, they have such a unique selection of items and they cater for all genders and ages. I love to buy Christmas and birthday gifts from this website just because they’re so unique to anything I’ve ever seen and quite affordable. Some items on this website are a bit expensive but they’re such good quality I often don’t mind spending that extra bit of cash.

Online Store #5: Amazon.

Who doesn’t love Amazon? I know I do! I love amazon for everything, it’s such an inexpensive website and is so easy to use. I buy a lot of used book’s and DVD’s off Amazon because they can be worth so little money. I always buy my phone cases from Amazon too! My current phone case was 99p and is a jelly case and does exactly what I need, I even had free delivery with this case, look here. Amazon Prime is such a useful feature for students and they provide new students a free 6 month period using their service which provides free delivery for all prime orders and full use of the Amazon Prime Video service, which is very similar to Netflix. Check out amazon here if you haven’t already.

These are my favourite online stores that I go to buy everything I need and I repeatedly return to. What’s yours?

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My Top 5 Make Up Products.

Hey, guys

I frequently fall in love with make up and end up using it repeatedly for a few weeks until I buy something else. However I do have a selection of   beauty products that I love and have returned to for so long. All five products belong to different brands and each of them has made me love them repeatedly. I didn’t struggle at all with the post as I knew exactly what my favourites were but I am always open to trying new products. So let me know your statement beauty products in the comments below and I’ll check them out.

First of all, the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon palette. My gosh, this palette is perfect. It has everything I need for a natural daytime look to a nighttime glam. It’s so easy to use and they blend so well and the shadows are so creamy.  It has a variety of shades from transition colours and shimmers, they’re so pigmented too. It’s beautiful. I bought mine for £39.00 in Debenhams in April and haven’t stopped using it. You can buy yours here. I will admit, I dropped it once and damaged the colour Malted but they’re still so perfect. It’s my go-to palette and one that I’ll always return too. Also, it smells amazing! It smells just like chocolate. It’s definitely tempted me to buy the other palettes from Too Faced, perhaps my student loan will come in handy this year..

I’ve been using the L’Oreal Infallible 24h Matte foundation for well over a year and I’ve bought so many tubes of this. I got mine in the shade Porcelain 10, because I’m super pale. You can get it at Superdrug for £7.99 here. It’s so easy to blend and it feels so soft and has a medium but build-able coverage. I find with some matte foundations they feel chalky but this one is totally different, it never cakes around my dry areas and it’s so good for us oily girls! I totally recommend for all skin types to try. It’s lovely and it’s so affordable.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara is so quick and easy to use on those days when you’re in a rush or can’t be bothered to do a full face of makeup. Mine is in the shade Medium Brown, it’s able to shape my brows and make them look thicker and so natural whilst keeping them in place all day long. It’s available here, in Superdrug for £4.99. For less than £5 I think it’s fantastic.

I had never tried many liquid bronzer’s before this one is Stila Aqua Glow and has been my trusty sidekick for several months now and I use it almost everyday. I got mine on Feel Unique for £22, take a look here. It’s so easy to use and provides such a nice natural glow to the skin. I use a pea sized amount on my cheeks and forehead and it always looks so lovely. It’s lightweight and even looks so good on my pale skin. It adds a nice bronze to the face and helps to shape and add colour.

I’ve been using the NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder in Translucent for almost a month and ugh I love it so much. It just makes me so happy to use. It sits comfortably on the face, it doesn’t cake up around my eyes and dry patches. It allows my makeup to stay on all day and looks wonderful. It helps to highlight my under eyes so well and makes them look wide awake. What more could a girl want? I raved about this in my August favourites (go take a look) and I still love it. I can see this continuing to be in my everyday makeup bag for a while! I got mine in boots for £8, have a look here and try it out for yourself. You won’t regret it.

There is my top 5 beauty products that I repeatedly use and fall in love with.  I do apologise for the state my products are in, they’re slightly messy but well loved. Let me know yours and come back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm for more posts.

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My Rainy Day Playlist.

Music doesn’t come so easy to me, I’m really fussy with the types of music that I listen to.  I’m not the biggest music fan and I honestly, prefer a book and silence. I really struggle to listen to music whilst I’m reading or working because it becomes a total distraction and all I want to do is dance. However, on those rainy day’s and I want to be lazy and relax, I’ll cuddle up with my iPod or have a bath and play these songs. I hope you enjoy.

 Jessie James Decker: Lights Out Low

Paramore: Ain’t It Fun

Josh Turner:  Your Man

All Time Low: Therapy

Passenger: Let Her Go

Green Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

City and Colour: The Girl

Gavin Degraw: I Don’t Wanna Be

The Fray: How to Save a Life

McFly: Star Girl

One Direction: History

George Ezra: Budapest

The Lumineers: Ho Hey

Kelly Clarkson: Piece By Piece

Rachel Platten: Fight Song

Sleeping With Sirens: November

Lukas Graham: Mama Said

Labrinth: Jealous

These are my ‘rainy days songs’ some of them are upbeat, others are soft and slow. It’s a variety of music that I find relaxing and comforting to me. Let me know your favourites!

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