The OA // Worth Watching?

I tend to mix between books and TV series quite often and after reading several books I decided it was time to start watching something new. So as I do, I headed to Netflix and seen that they had added some new shows and movies and among all the options I came across The OA remembering that so many people had been talking about it on Twitter I made the choice to give it a go. It’s newly released with only 1 series and 8 1 hour episodes.

Prairie Johnson had been missing for 7 years until she was spotted jumping off a bridge. Despite having been blind due to an accident as a child she could see. Prairie now goes by ‘The OA’ instead of her adoptive name and refuses to share any information from her disappearance. In hopes to save others like her she assembles a team of 5 to help her find others who have been experiencing the same situation as her. 

So is it worth watching? definitely! I was 12 minutes into the first episode and totally hooked. You think, how is it possible to be to into a show only 12 minutes in? Well, it’s different. Totally different to any other show I’ve ever seen. The OA’s story is like no other and is totally unique which made me even more interested in the rest of her story. Throughout series one you met new characters who bring the story to life and allow you to understand more about the situation. One specific character (a scientist, I won’t spoil it!) really interested me the most as he was someone who could definitely exist in this world. An utter nut job, crazy weird guy.

I think this show is brilliant and I can’t wait for season 2! You guys should definitely watch it and let me know what you think. You’ll definitely like this show if you’ve watched Stranger Things.

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My favourite Disney films 

I’m an avid Disney fan, how can you not be? But I definitely have my favourites just like everybody. In fact, I have 5 favourite Disney films that I repeatedly watch and fall in love with every single time. I’ve been collecting the Disney classics this year and my collection is very slowly expanding. I’m hoping Santa brings me a few of my favourites this year.

Disney has always been a huge part of my life since childhood and having been the younger sister of two older brothers, I often got to choose what we would watch and without fail, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was always my first choice. I loved it, my favourite drawf is Sleepy because he reminds me so much of myself. I love a good nap. Snow White is my favourite Disney princess and I just like how innocent she is also the youngest of all the princesses. This was and always been my overall favourite Disney film.

My second favourite is Big Hero Six. Having recently been released I wasn’t that fussed on watching it but once I did I was so overwhelmed with the story. It wasn’t your traditional Disney film and it actually represented the feelings and emotions of grief and depression through loss of a loved one. It’s brilliant and it also makes me a lot happier that Fall Out Boy sang the ending song.

My next favourite is The Aristocats. I bloody love this film which is surprising since I’m not an animal lover and especially not cats. However this film so freaking cute, Marie is my favourite because she’s full of so much attitude and sass. I actually first saw this when I was 16, definitely not a childhood love but it’s grown on me and now it’s the film I will always watch when I feel unwell.

My fourth favourite is Frozen. Some of you may really dislike this option but I don’t care. This film is bloody great, it’s not about romantic love but sibling love. It’s the total opposite to the normal Disney film and I think that’s what brings so much character this film. Olaf is so cute and bubbly, I want him in my life.

My final favourite is Cool Running’s. It’s not animated and is actually based on the true story of the Olympic Jamaican bobsledders. It’s utterly fantastic and so funny. I first watched this with my brothers when I was a kid and now I can’t even count how many times this film has been watched by me and made me bubble with love and happiness. It made me want a lucky egg for so long.

There we have my top 5 favourite Disney films. What’s yours? Let me know!

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The Crown // Is It Worth Watching?

The Crown was released as a Netflix original in November and I’ve finally caught up on the hype to see whether it’s worth watching. 

I love history and I find the history of the royal family really interesting. The Crown follows Queen Elizabeth II from her wedding day to her coronation to become Queen and all the way to the present day. It looks at the family background, the responsibilities as a member of the royal family and the issues that Elizabeth II faces as Queen. The first season is based between 1947-1955 and will follow through six seasons and ending the series with viewing the Queen’s life in the present day. 

From the first episodes I was sucked in. I binge watched it and couldn’t help but be so interested in the background, history and lifestyle of the royal family. It made me admire the Queen more than I ever did before simply because the demands of being Queen are more extreme than what I ever could have imagined. I never really knew much about the royal family before watching this and it’s definitely encouraged me to learn more about them. I especially enjoyed the affair between Margret and Peter Townsend, it made me realise that they aren’t perfect at all. In fact they are most definitely as human as the rest of us. 

It’s a show that you have to carefully watch and concentrate on. It won’t be something that you can have on in the background whilst you do something else. It’s full of little details and a broad story. I can’t wait for the next season. I 100% think it’s worth watching if you have an interest in history and the lives of the royals.

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I waited so long for new episodes of Gilmore Girls and they did it, 4 brand new 90 minute episodes and I couldn’t hold my excitement in. I love Gilmore Girls, it’s my go to tv series to watch when I’m feeling a little bit down and sorry for myself. It was a part of me throughout my adolescent years and even now as an adult it makes me think so much about my life. Gilmore Girls revival is a 4 part show that is filmed in each season of the year, beginning with Winter. After 10 years of being gone it’s finally returned and if I’m honest, it didn’t wow me at all. In fact, I was quite disappointed with it.

For me, the best part about the show was that Luke and Lorelai finally got their happy ever after. They were supposed to be together throughout the whole show and I couldn’t have been happier with their story. The fact that they finally got married made the show worth watching. Another part that I couldn’t help but cry at, was discussing Richard’s death and the funeral scene. As soon as I found out Gilmore Girls Revival was a thing I knew that Edward Hermann wouldn’t be in it and I was worried how the writers would go around it. However, they wrote in him beautifully and gave him the goodbye everybody needed. Such a lovely tribute to Edward! 

I still can’t believe that Sookie St James played a small cameo in the revival. Her character played such a positive and important role to Gilmore Girls and not having her in it just seemed so wrong. It wasn’t right and it felt like there was a part missing. 

After Gilmore Girls finished I always had it in my mind that Rory would have ended up back with Logan. I had my heart set on it. They were the ideal couple full of banter, fun and love and when Rory gave back the engagement ring in the final season I was devastated. Now in the revival they’re having a secret open relationship whilst Logan is engaged and Rory has a boyfriend. What is that?! It’s not what I had expected nor wanted. They’re grown adults who know better than to treat people with no respect and cheat. It just made me dislike Rory’s character more than I ever did before. 

Episodes 1 and 4 were my favourite, they were written by the original writer of Gilmore a Girls and they were fab. I never felt bored through them and really enjoyed watching them, unlike the 2nd and 3rd episode. In episode 3 there is Stars Hollow musical and it takes up 15 minutes of the episode. It’s the most pointless and boring scene ever, it’s too long and was totally unnecessary for the show. It wasted time and more could have been included about Rory, Lorelai and Emily. 

Overall I was truly disappointed by the revival but I do hope more episodes are released to close the story of Rory’s pregnancy. If you really enjoyed the Gilmore Girls revival then please don’t take offence to my opinion on it. I understand that others have different tastes and for me I just wasn’t happy with the turn out of the show. 

Let me know what you guys thought of it. 

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Book Review: Behind Closed Doors

This weeks book review is so exciting, this book was absolutely brilliant. It’s the novel Behind Closed Doors by B.A Paris. For more book reviews look back at my previous ones or check them out every Friday at 1pm.

Jack and Grace seemed to live the perfect happy wife. Jack, the ideal husband with the most loving and kind heart and perfect Grace, the devoted Wife. On the outside they look like they live the most normal and happy life but behind closed doors, their lives are far from normal and happy. Jack has hidden his urges for so long and once he met Grace he knew she was the one to make his dreams come true. If someone doesn’t stop him, who knows how far he’ll go to get what he wants. 

Its utterly fantastic and brilliantly written. This thriller kept me wanting more and more, it was almost impossible for me to put it down. Parts of it was heartbreaking but it was totally captivating. The best thriller I’ve read this year, in fact for a long time. I recommend it if you enjoy a mystery, thriller that will be make you want more. Grace’s Sister was truly delightful and her part in the book was devastating and really broke my heart. By the end of the book you’ll become more aware and saddened by those who have to deal with abuse in real life. It’s excellent, truly fantastic and by far one of the best books I have read this year, and I’ve read a lot.

If you liked this one, I recommend:

Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn

Girl on the Train- Paula Hawkins

with love, B x

Book Review: We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves

Another weekly book review, remember to check them out every Friday at 1pm. This weeks review is by far the weirdest of them all, it’s by the author Karen Joy Fowler and is called, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. Usually when I begin a new book I’ve normally finished it within a few days, except this one. This one took me near two weeks to read and not because it was boring or didn’t make me enthusiastic. It did, in fact whenever I picked it up I would be reading for ages. However, once I had read a few chapters I found that I had to put it down for a few days for the story line and information to actually sink in. I got all types of confused about this book.

The story is told by Rosemary, daughter of a psychologist. Now 22 years old and in college Rosemary begins to think more and more about her beloved brother, Lowell and sister, Fern. Realising that in order to move on she must make peace with her past and begin to relive the time at 5 years old, having been sent home from her grandparents to find Fern gone.

Now, you’ve probably read the above paragraph thinking there is the possibility that both siblings somehow died, possible kidnapping etc. Well stop, you’re wrong. I don’t want to give too much away in case some of you are really interested in this book. However, what I will say is that this book is 308 pages of utter confusion but totally captivating and brilliantly written. It’s so smart and gripping, the intelligence is overwhelming. I do think i’m probably going to re-read this overtime just because it was so educating. Recommend to those who love anything educational or psychological!

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Bridget Jones’s Baby // Review

Last night my friend, Liz and I went to see the newly released film, Bridget Jones’s Baby. I wasn’t disappointed at all, it’s full of love, laughter and added sarcasm for that extra buzz. It’s also totally realistic and relates to so many woman across the world, not just us British ladies. So, to read my review of the lady herself , carry on!

I’ve been a huge fan of Bridget Jones since I first watched them at the age of 14 and I loved her then and I love her more now. She is utterly brilliant and reminds me of myself on so many levels. To me, she is truly iconic character and just doesn’t fail to make me laugh, cry and generally blow up with excitment. The first two films were bloody brilliant, they’re both a classic example of a British rom-com and the new movie just fits in perfectly. Bridget is simply a modern British woman who creates some tricky situations for herself, fails at living the single life and has some horrible bad habits. In hope to change her life , she plans to stop smoking, quit drinking and focus on living a healthier lifestyle but like all woman in this day and age, has some slip-ups. In the newly released film, it skips 12 years into her life and Bridget is now a single mother-to-be, whilst still getting herself into difficult situations. This one being bigger than usual as she doesn’t know who the father of her child is between the love of her life and ex, Mark or the handsome new addition to her life, Jack.

The new film Bridget Jones Baby is fantastic. Normally I find that sequels to films aren’t ever on the same level as the first but all three of the Bridget Jones films are brilliant. They each compliment each other and the franchise perfectly, whilst they all represent the modern woman and how having a love for food and embracing bad habits is totally acceptable. Of all the ways the writers could have portrayed Bridget, Renee Zellweger creates and plays the character so well that I actually forget Bridget isn’t a real person. Renee also has an excellent British accent and clearly works hard to make Bridget the character that she is.

It’s absolutely and utterly brilliant and I didn’t stop laughing from the beginning until the end. In fact, I’ve not seen a film quite like it this year yet. Its made an excellent edition to the Bridget Jones series and I believe it to be a brilliant end to the collection. However, I wouldn’t ever turn down another new film as long as its as brilliant as the first three.

Let me know what you thought of the film, did you love it as much as I did?

With love, B x