My Childhood Friends 

I’ve been friends with the same girls since high school. Slowly I became friends with each of them across the 7 years I was in school with them and although we aren’t always close, I don’t see them all the time and life gets in the way, I can honestly say that they’re the best of friends I could have ever wished for. 

Karrie, Annie, Nikki, Ellie, Darian, Megan, Becky and Demi have been with me from high school, 3 from primary school and I’m not gonna deny it but they’re some of the most supportive, loving and funny bunch of dickheads I’ve had the pleasure of growing up with. 

Some say that you’re only friends with the same group of people during high school because you’re forced to be with them 5 days a week. Now, I can’t answer that for some but I know that these girls are friends for life. No matter what the situation is, they’re there whenever I need them. We’re all growing up and having our own lives but I know that they’re only a text or phone call away. I know that regardless of what happens, they’re my friends and even after losing the closeness with them whilst in uni, they welcomed me back like I had never left. 

I’m so proud of every achievement they have made and the way they battle their way through any challenges that come their way. There are so many reasons why each of these girls mean something to me and I know that even through the tough times, they’re there. Most importantly, they’re there to make our way through several bottles of wine and a kebab on the way home whilst talking how much we love each other. 

If it means that I’m only ever going to have the same friends for the rest of my life, then I’m glad that these are the girls I have. 

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With love, Beth x 

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