October Goals Update

October has been a productive month to say the least. I’ve been getting back into a routine, juggling my studies, social life and work life with great difficulty. I’ve also been a little unwell during the month so healthy eating and fitness has been a little slower (had a week off to recover and start to control my asthma again). All in all, it’s been a decent month and just as I had wanted it too, it’s been my favourite so far this year. 

My main motive for this month was to just be happy and to be honest, I really actually have been. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what I want in my life and making changes to improve it. I’ve made some lovely new friends whom I get along with so well! I also feel like now I’m doing more of what makes me happy my life is generally drama free. It’s been an easy month, one of which I’ve enjoyed a lot. 

I’ve not managed to go to the gym every week as I had to take 1 weeks off due to illness. However, I’ve been eating as healthy as possible and generally just trying to keep as fit and healthy even when I’ve been so unwell! 

My course is underway, it’s challenging and hard work but I love how motivated it makes me and how happy I am to be doing a masters. I love education and furthering my education really does make me feel like I’m bettering myself and to be honest, I love improving my own life. 

It’s been a lovely month and I’ve really enjoyed myself so I’m hoping November will be just as fantastic. 

Twitter: @bethdaviesblog 

Instagram: @_bbbbethan 

With love, Beth x 

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