August Goals

I’ve read a few blog post recently all about people’s monthly goals. I thought this was such a fun and creative way to keep track of my goals and see how well I have done at the end of each month. I’m aware that we’re almost a week into August but I did actually start these things at the beginning of the month, no harm right? 

August 2017 goals: 

  • Lose 7lb in weight – Might seem a lot but I’m hoping to get as close to this as possible and I’m already 2lb into this! 
  • Save £50 – £100. 
  • Finish the Harry Potter book series. 
  • Grow my nails and maintain them. 

Let me know yours, I’d love some inspiration!

Twitter: @_bbbethan

Instagram: @_bbbbethan 

With love, Beth x 

4 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. Good luck with your weightloss journey you’re doing great! We’re only 1 week in! How are you doing it? I’d love to see a progress post? I can never stick to anything when trying to lose weight. I lost 10lbs a year ago, then put it back on, lost 7lbs by May and put it back on and now I’m only at a 2lb loss! X

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    1. Thank you I’m actually 4 weeks in! And at a loss of 8lb so far. I do struggle with weight loss but if you keep at it and reward yourself from time to time, just for motivation is works well. I reward myself every time I achieve a loss of 7lb! I also keep a log of all the foods I eat. I cut out chocolate, crisps, take always completely as drink a lot of water! Hopefully a progress post will be up in the future 🙂 xx

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  2. Good luck hitting all of your goals and have fun finishing up the Harry Potter books, that’s my favourite book series ever! This post actually reminded me of how much I need to start saving as well…

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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