My Favourite Palettes

I’m an eyeshadow hoarder. I’ll admit I have a problem and I can’t help but buy them and fall in love. My biggest issue is buying Too Faced palettes. They’re my all time favourite, I just love the consistency of them. They blend so well and they’re so easy to work with. Too Faced is my definite recommendation if you’re looking for eyeshadows that are suitable for beginners. However, I do also have a few that I love that aren’t Too Faced but I’ll show you all of my favourites! 

The Tanya Burr eye shadows are affordable and high quality. For the quality I would have expected them to be in the mid-range for makeup (around £12+) but they’re around the £7 mark and even maybe lower. They’re not chalky at all and the quad gives you 4 colours that you can use to create multiple looks with. I have the galaxy palette that I love for smokey eye looks and I think it’s gorgeous. The shades are beautiful and I’d definitely repurchase! 

I already said how much I love the Too Faced palettes but the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon palette was the first I ever bought and I always return to it. I can create looks for all seasons with this palette and I love that it caters to whatever I’m feeling that day. Again, the shadows are outstanding and I don’t mind paying £40 for the palette. 

The Morphe 35O palette is the ultimate Autumn/Winter palette. It has a combination of 35 shadows from neutrals, browns and red tones. For £23 you get 35 shadows that are highly pigmented. Although, some can be a little chalky for the price you can’t go wrong and not all of the shadows are that way. Generally, they’re such good quality and that’s exactly why it’s my go-to for the Autumn/Winter. 

Let me know some of your favourite palettes and maybe I’ll try the. 

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With love, Beth x 

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