4 Tips To Keeping Healthy Through Summer

Summer is here and it’s the time of year when I forget to do certain things to make sure I keep healthy. I’m sure so many of you also do this and forget that your body and skin need extra loving when the seasons change and if I’m totally honest, I definitely forget to do some of these things every single day and that’s okay. However, for the majority of the time, I try my best to make sure that I’m keeping healthy, active and comfortable in the hot summer weather. I thought I would share with you guys my top 3 tips for the summer! 

#1: Drinking plenty of water is important any time of the year but I do find myself getting more dehydrated throughout the summer months and during this time I like to increase my water intake. Water is so important for your body and I find the more water I drink the better my skin looks, I don’t feel as bloated and generally I feel so much happier within myself. 

#2: SPF!! I think people forget that you should be wearing SPF every day regardless of whether it’s a sunny or gloomy day and I like to make sure I’m wearing this throughout the whole year since I’m so incredibly fair. However, in the summer I especially make an effort to apply more SPF than normal or a higher SPF, usually SPF 30 or more. I always buy a moisturiser with an SPF in it and often my primers have it as well and I also do this for my body moisturisers. It’s incredibly important that you wear SPF every day to protect your skin and too much sunlight without protection put’s you more at risk of burns or other skin related problems. 

#3: Getting a full night’s sleep is incredibly important and I especially find that in the summer I can’t sleep as well as I do during the milder months. I always find that if I don’t get a decent night’s sleep I end up so moody and unhappy the next day and feeling hot and sweaty just makes me even moodier, nobody needs this. I like to make sure I have a fan on during the night to help me get a more relaxed sleep. This may be a weird one to some people as like I said, getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly important regardless of the weather but I find it’s worse in the summer and I can’t deal with being tired and hot at the same time. 

#4: I know some people don’t like to wear any protective wear like a hat or sunglasses but what you don’t know is that, wearing these really help to protect you. I know some people really dislike hats and I agree, they’re often really irritating and as a glasses wearer, I have to buy prescription sunglasses for me to be able to see. However, protecting your head from the sun when you’re in it for long periods of time helps to minimise the risk of sunstroke, dehydration, headaches, sickness, exhaustion and so much more. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and enjoying the start of your summer! 

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With love, Beth x 

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