Hidden Figures // Is It Worth Watching?

I recently went to watch Hidden Figures with a few friends and it totally changed my life.. might be a slight exaggeration but it’s definitely one of the best films I’ve seen in a very long time. So good that I just had to share my views with all you guys. 

Hidden Figures is based on the real lives of three black women in the 1960’s who are just trying to make their way in the world. Kathryn Goble, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan all work at NASA and are all known for their hard and aspiring work during the space race. Kathryn Goble (later Kathryn G. Johnson) went above and beyond to calculate the flight trajectories for Project Mercury. Mary Johnson, the first African American engineer to work in NASA. Dorothy Vaughan, the first African-American supervisor in NASA. Each of these women became someone who they never thought they would have a chance to be. During the 1960’s life wasn’t easy for black people and often harder just being a woman. However, these three women fought to show that they are just as equal and worthy as men. 

This film taught me so much, showed me so much history and made me realise that these women are truly spectacular. Due to this film I got to see (although I already knew) how difficult life was for black people but being a black woman trying to make a career in NASA was extremely difficult for these three extraordinary women. Hidden Figures really identifies equality between people and how women are often under estimated for their abilities.. something that continues to happen in 2017. 

Kathryn Goble especially made a difference to me. She fought hard for what she believed in and for who she is. She isn’t afraid to show her intelligence or her hard work and I think it’s brilliant that she worked so hard to be noticed for her work and her abilities. Her work in NASA changed everything that was believed, she completed the work alone to help make Project Mercury exist. She battled her way into NASA with men in the 1960’s.. that’s just inspirational alone! 

I totally recommend this incredible movie to all! I’ll be reading the book next. 

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With love, Beth x 

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