The Body Shop Tea Tree Review

I’ve previously written a post on The Body Shop Cleansing Butter (look here) and when I was looking for new products from their collection I come across the Tea Tree face cleanser and face wash and just like every other beauty blogger I had to do a review, it’s only natural.. right? I’m sure you all know by now that I love trying out new skin care and seeing what works and what doesn’t work so well. When I came across these in store I was instantly interested in how beneficial it would be for my sensitive skin.

I use these products together by using the facial wash to begin washing my skin and then follow on by using the cleansing foam twice. I do this twice to make sure that I have definitely removed all the makeup and dirt from the day. I’ve found that these products are good, i’ll give them that. However, there isn’t really anything particularly special about them. They don’t have an extreme scent of tea tree, it’s just right which is what I like about them as a lot of tea tree products really are overly scented with tea tree and I find it difficult to use them.

I can definitely say that the face wash isn’t good at all for eye makeup, I find that I’ve still got to go in with some micellar water or eye makeup remover to fully remove all of my mascara and eyeliner. When looking for a face wash I like to find one that fully removes all of my makeup otherwise I feel like I’m paying a product that isn’t totally effective and that’s a waste.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t wear that much makeup and is looking for a cheap product to remove dirt and excess makeup then I totally recommend these and they’re specifically ideal for sensitive skin.

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What’s In My Makeup Bag

My makeup bag changes at least once a month and I’ll add to it if I buy new products that I like. Some of the products that are currently in my makeup bag are quite new and that I’ve been loving these past few weeks. I had realised I have never shared with you what is in my makeup and some of my go to products that have definitely been updated since I first launched my blog. So, since this post is going to be quite long I’ll jump straight into it. 

I’ll start with base products, in my makeup bag I have the Rimmel Insta Fix and Go Setting Spray. I’ve been loving this, I won’t say too much because I’ve got a review coming up about this wonderful little thing. I also have the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, this stuff literally sinks into the skin and is a dupe for the Benefit Porefessional. I recently purchased the L’Oreal Infalliable Total Cover Concealer palette which includes the green and purple colour corrector which I only use from this palette along with the lightest concealer shade. I don’t use this palette every single day but definitely for evenings and meals out. 

I have a go to foundation at the moment, the Milani 2-in-1 foundation is my one true love. Incredible formula and such full coverage. I also have two concealers the Maybelline Fit Me which is the same as my skin colour to help cover any imperfections as well as the Bourjois Radiance concealer that has been my go to for months, however I am looking to switch this one up so send me your recommendations. 

For powders I have the Revlon Photoready that helps me to stay matte all day long but I also use the Avon HD Finishing Powder which I don’t know if I’m enjoying or not, perhaps I’ll let you know. 

For bronzer, blush and highlight I have been using the Tanya Burr Rosy Flush Cheek palette which I absolutely love and works brilliantly with my fair complexion. I also have to include my trusted Hoola bronzer for contouring, this stuff is incredible and I couldn’t be without it. 

For eyebrows I have been using the Benefit Goof Proof Pencil in shade 4 and the Sleek clear brow gel. I love this combination and my brows always look as I want them to when I use them, whether it be a bold statement brow or natural. 

Since Christmas I have been using the Morphe 350 palette and I can’t leave it. It’s been the best palette for Autumn and Winter shades. Since the spring is coming I’m likely to take this out soon although I’m devastated about it. For liners I have the Maybelline Master Percise liquid liner as it has such a thin tip it allows me to make the most perfect eyeliner. I also have the Bourjois Black Kohl and Contour liner for my waterline. 

I have my favourite mascaras at the moment that are the Too Faved Better Than Sex and the Maybelline Push Up mascara. I like to use the Too Faced mascara on my top lashes and the Maybelline on the bottom, it creates the most beautiful fluttery lashes. 

For lip products I have several just because I can’t help myself, firstly the Nivea original lip balms are my favourite so I have at least 2 of them. I also have the Sleek Matte Me liquid lipstick in Velvet Slipper for my statement says, the Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Streak for those natural days. Lastly I’ve been using the Lord and Berry Lip Crayon in Intimacy for a few weeks now and I love to use it for those days when I have to head out quickly.  

There you have it, this is my entire makeup bag and the products I’ve been loving recently. 

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Reading List

I live for books.. literally live for them. I love nothing more than settling into bed with the smell of a new book lingering. Recently I’ve been looking for new books that I can’t wait to get my hands on and I thought I would share with you guys what books I hope to get soon.. or later. 

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr 

My Not So Perfect Left by Sophie Kinsella 

Bossypants by Tina Fey 

Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Girls, and Everything in Between by Lauren Graham 

Two By Two By Nicholas Sparks 

A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard 

Paris for One and Other Stories by JoJo Moyes 

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella 

Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven 

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness 

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My Favourite Drugstore Foundations

Foundations are a product that I am always on the lookout for as they are the product that I run out of the fastest, next to concealer. I love testing new foundations out and recommending them to other people and I especially love to find some really affordable and amazing foundations. I do find that I’m always happy to pay extra for high end foundations as I like to recommend them to other people and give advice on whether they are actually worth spending the money on. For me, I’ve definitely got some go to products that I love and will forever use because they work so well for my skin type and they are actually quite affordable. I especially love some affordable foundations too, generally these are the ones I use the most. If you want to know more about my favourite drugstore foundations, keep reading. 

Number 1: The Revlon Colourstay foundation would definitely be going first. It’s outstanding and I can’t live without this foundation. It was sent from the foundation angels I just know it. It’s amazing, so lightweight and easy to blend, super comfortable on the skin and leaves such flawless and natural look. What more could you want?  I find that it’s so easy to apply contour and bronzer so well on as well. I use the the shade Ivory in the combination to oily selection, however they do offer the same shade in the normal to dry selection. I think it’s fantastic that they offer the foundation that is suited for different skin types. I get mine from Superdrug usually and it’s £12.99, admittedly it’s on the pricey side for a drugstore foundation and is probably one of the most expensive drugstore foundations I’ve come across but it’s so worth the money, check it out here

Number 2: Milani 2 in 1 Foundation is such a full coverage foundation and at an amazing price of £11, it’s feels so high end like you wouldn’t believe. I get mine from Beauty Bay in the shade creamy vanilla, check it out here.  It leaves such an amazing matte finish and I personally love to use this on those nights when I’m out and want to make that extra effort as it lasts for so long and continues to look amazing. It covers literally everything, from the biggest blemishes to super dark circles. I can’t rave about this enough and I even posted a review about this in December, take a look here for my full review. 

Number 3: L.A Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation is my favourite foundation to create a dewy and illuminated look, it’s incredible for those days when you want to shine brighter than the sun. I get mine in the shade porcelain for £9 from Beauty Bay, check here.  It’s so glowy and blends so well, I will say that it does look wet when you first apply it but it dries into a gorgeous finish and lasts all day long with powdering. I’ve also written a blog post about this foundation too, take a look here

Number 4: The Rimmel Match Perfect foundation is my everyday wear product for a natural and basic look. It doesn’t break me out ever, it’s a medium coverage and can be buildable to a full coverage foundation and it lasts super long. However, I don’t recommend this foundation if you’re going to be taking pictures as it does leave flashback. Otherwise, it’s a basic and very natural foundation that I love to use for my everyday wear. I get mine from Superdrug for £7.99 in the shade light porcelain, look here for yours. 

I’m always looking for new foundations, recommend me some of your favourites in the comments and follow me on my social media! 

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My Beauty Wish List

Some fantastic new products have been released recently and I’ve definitely got my eye on a fair few but with my student budget. If I am totally honest, some of these things I’ll probably never purchase as I’ll either go off them or just forget to purchase them when I do have the money, also my budget doesn’t let me buy hundreds of pounds of eyeshadow palletes or lipsticks unfortunately. So, I thought I would share with you guys some of the products that I’m interested in and wanting. 

Real Techniques are known for their affordable and amazing quality brushes and a few years ago they released their Bold Metals collection which was exclusive to Boots. Recently they’ve released their MultiTech brushes which are the higher priced brushes exclusive to Superdrug. These new brushes have been created for mulitple uses, whether you want to contour, use to blend eyeshadows or apply lip products. These are designed to work well regardless of what you’re using them for. I’ve really got my eye on these and will definitely be purchasing a few to try and test them for you. 

Related image

Next, I’ve had my eye on the Spectrum brushes for a while now and I received a crease brush from Spectrum in my Februrary BirchBox which I have been loving. It’s made me want to try some more of their brushes, hopefully I’ll be able to make an order for some sooner rather than later. 

Image result for spectrum brushes

On to makeup, Too Faced decided to release their Sweet Peach Palette again and I think it’s an absolutely beautiful palette and would be gorgeous for the summer. The colours in this palette would be the ideal shades and combinations for my summer in New York and it would probably be the only palette I would take away with me since I think I would be able to make so many looks with the selection of colours. I also already know that I love the Too Faced palettes having already own 5 of their palettes including the Chocolate Bon Bon palette. 

Image result for too faced sweet peach palette

I’ve also got my eye on the Anastasia Modern Renissance Palette. I know that so many people rave about this and I’m definitely late on considering this palette. I just think the 14 shades in this palette are beautiful and ABH are known for their high quality shadows. Since I don’t own any products from ABH I’d like to pick this one up as my first as it’s the product I’m most excited about trying. I think the only thing that has ever stopped me from buying this palette is the price but it’s actually around the same price as the Too Faced ones. My fear is probably because I haven’t purchased anything from this brand but since so many people love it, I can’t imagine I won’t. 

Image result for anastasia modern renaissanceThe final products that I’ve been interested in are two lipsticks, I was recently watching a Youtube video by Pixiwoo (founders of Real Techniques brushes) and they we’re discussing their lipsticks. Nic was wearing the Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Pillowtalk and Sam was wearing the Clinique Lipstick in Ruby Pop. Pillow talk is a very pink nude with grey undertones which reminds me of the Sleek Liquid Lipstick in Birthday Suit. I really want to get this lipstick because I find that liquid lipsticks aren’t always something I want to wear but I love the subtle pink tones. The Clinique lipstick in Ruby Pop is a bright red but it’s a wearable red unlike the Mac lipstick Lady Danger that I would only wear for evening events because it’s just too bright. However, I do love a red lip with a natural look as it helps to enhance your features slightly more. These two shades are on my definite shopping lists in the near future! 

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6 Months Blogging

How have I been blogging for half a year already?! It’s flown by and my little hobby has become a huge part of my life and who I am. I think it’s incredible that I am able to relieve my stress by talking about beauty, lifestyle and my favourite of all books. Across this year I have formed this amazing relationship with the community I have created and I have achieved some incredible things in the past six months. The best and my most favourite part of these past 6 months is discovering the love I have for my blog and how passionate I am about writing a load of babble each week. 

My whole life I’ve always wanted to share my love of beauty and books with people but I haven’t ever been surrounded by people who love them as much as I do. Since being in university I’ve definitely found some friends who do share the love I have (obviously, not as much as me cause I’m totally insane) and with that, they motivated me and encouraged me to do something I didn’t have the balls to do.. create my little corner, my blog. 

Beth’s Corner has become my very own baby and across the 6 months that I have been here I have learnt so much about myself, so I thought it was time to share with you guys some things that I have learnt about myself in the past 6 months. 

1- I’ve always wanted to be a social worker. This is and will always be true, I love working with children and I think eventually it is something I would like to aspire towards. Having studied Childhood Studies in university I decided that becoming a social worker is the career that I wish to pursue. However, having been writing my blog for half a year now I’ve realised that there are other things I want to do with my life such as eventually turn self hosted and attempt (really attempt) to earn a living using my blog before committing to a career with working with children. Social work is a hard career path to take and it puts a lot of pressure on your mental health, therefore I wish to be a little older and wiser before entering the social work sector. 

2- Writing has become a passion. Once upon a time all I ever wanted to be was a writer and eventually the novelty became non-existent and since I am now blogging it’s become a part of my life that I realised I thoroughly enjoy and wish to continue. Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to be writing a best selling novel any time soon but in many years to come it may become possible and I may be able to bring my goals a reality. Until then blogging will do me fine. 

3- Blogging is time consuming and hard work and nothing worth having comes easy and building a blogging community is really hard. I’ve grown so much stronger these past few months and the little negative comments from people bother me at all. Its exciting to ignore the hateful comments and appreciate the kindest and most loving people in my life. 

There you have it three things that have changed about me during my time as a blogger. Check out my social media: 

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February Favourites

As a new month begins it’s time to talk about all the things I’ve been loving through the month of February and my goodness, don’t I have a list for you! I love posting about my monthly favourites and I really hope you enjoy reading them and getting some ideas of what you may want to purchase, read, watch or eat next. 

Let’s start with beauty, I quickly went into Superdrug at the beginning of the month to pick up some micellar water and come across this new Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water. I’ve been interested in the new Pure Active range and thought it was the best time to give something a go. After using this during the month it’s definitely encouraged me to pick up some more of the range. I already know I love to original micellar water but this one really helps with my oily skin. I’m also very prone to acne and I’ve found that I’ve not been having as many issues since using to gently remove my makeup. 

Next is the Tanya Burr Rosy Flush Cheek Palette which includes a bronzer, blush and highlight. This palette is so good for the price and the quality is right up there with higher end products. In fact, I definitely prefer this over some of the higher end blushes and bronzer’s I have ever used. The bronzer adds a very tan but natural look to the skin and I think looks beautiful on my fair complexion but I can imagine being gorgeous on more tanned skin to add to the bronze glow. The blush is a very strong, incredibly pigmented rose shade and I like to apply this to the highest point of my cheeks for a really natural look. Finally, the highlight is outstanding. I often find drug store highlights to be quite chalky but this one it beautiful and applies like an absolute dream. I will say that this palette is very, very shimmery so if you aren’t interested in those types of products then this palette is an absolute no for you. However, if you still are interested I recommend applying the bronzer with a matte blush or a matte bronzer with a shimmery blush and then adding the highlight.

I’ve been trying out a new mascara as well, and as I’ve said previously I don’t think mascara’s are anything special as they all tend to do the same things. However, I have been really enjoying the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. It just helps to add so much volume to my lashes and looks fantastic when I apply falsies which I love most. I don’t tend to use it on my bottom lashes that much because the wand is quite big and I’m clumsy and get it everywhere other than my actual lashes. 

I’ve been reading a lot during the month of Februrary and my favourite of all them all was the novel by Paige Toon called The One We Fell In Love With. Now I know so many people have already read this and I’ve jumped on the bandwagon rather late but this book is incredible. I read it so quickly I loved it that much.It had so much imagination to it and was written beautifully, making sure to capture the true personalities of all the characters. Outstanding book and I definitely cannot wait to read some more by Paige Toon. 

I’ve been playing a lot of The Sims 4 throughout the month and if I’m totally honest, I’ve got to get a life. I loved playing it as a kid and I still have it on my computer so I thought I would give it a go and it’s now been three weeks or so and everytime I’m slightly bored I jump at it. It’s just so fun to create your own little family or master the criminal world. I don’t think playing this game is helping my dissertation at all though. 

Matt and I love to cuddle up and watch a film and within the past few weeks we watched the movie Nerve. This film has Emma Roberts and Dave Franco in it and my goodness it was bloody brilliant. We we’re left on the edge of our seats throughout the whole film and not once was it predictable. We were left in total shock at the ending and I 100% recommend everybody to watch it. 

Finally, two songs I have been loving this month are Una Healy Stay my love and a cover of X’s & O’s by Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens. The song by Una Healy is absolute beautiful and has so much meaning to it but I mostly love it because it reminds me a lot of Matt and I and I’ve been listening to it on repeat. Secondly, as a kid I was a huge fan of High School Musical and the friendship between Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens so when I saw that they had uploaded a cover of one of my favourite songs I couldn’t help but listen to it and then again.. and again.. and again. I love it so much and it really makes me so happy that they’re still best friends. 

Let me know some of your favourites this month! Check out my social media: 

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