Book Review: One Little Mistake 

Today’s book review is on the novel One Litte Mistake by Emma Curtis, due to be released June 29th 2017. 

This book was fantastic, a little slow starting but by the end I was totally hooked and couldn’t put it down without knowing what else happened. It was incredibly written and so intelligently thought out. It was definitely one of the most tense novels I’ve read to date. 

Vicky has the perfect life with her gorgeous husband Tom, her beautiful children and her best friend Amber but still managed to find ways to mess it up. However, Amber has been keeping some secrets of her own. In hopes to fill the gap in her life Vicky makes a decision that will change her life forever and confides in Amber, little did she know it would be the biggest mistake she would ever make since Amber has so many secrets in closet. 

I was sent this book and it never really appealed to me, eventually I thought it was time to give it a go and I’m so thankful I did. This book definitely started off slowly but by the middle the plot comes together and it all ties in perfectly. Emma Curtis really thought about it well, it’s incredible and I absolutely love it. 

100% recommend and you should head out and give it ago yourself! Release date is the 29th June 2017.  

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With love, Beth x 


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