Book Review: Between Sisters 

My first review of February is on the novel Between Sisters by Cathy Kelly. I love a new book and having recommendations so let me know some of your recommended books in the comments. I bought this book from WH Smith in the buy one get one half price deal and if I’m totally honest, it wasn’t even worth half of its original price. 

Cassie and Coco had lived their whole lives without their mother which left serious insecurities about parenting and separation from their loved ones. Now adults Cassie and her husband Shay have two beautiful young daughters whilst Coco remains single, childless but full of ambition with her fashion boutique. Yet between them both something continues to feel missing. 

This book was really disappointing but I’m not saying I don’t recommend it since everybody has their own preference and tastes. I found that this book dragged, I didn’t actually get into it until half way through, which was 12 chapters. I found that it didn’t flow all that well and I probably would have enjoyed the story if it had been written in a different way. It jumped from story to story without any clarity and it just confused me a lot. I struggled with this book massively which influenced how I felt about the actual novel. It want interesting at all and the story was very dull. It’s such a shame since the blurb made it so enticing. 

If you’ve read this, let me know whether you liked it. 

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