Healthy Popcorn and Wine

Do you ever find yourself settling down with a movie and a bowl full of popcorn but feel crazy guilty for eating your body weight in sugar fulled popcorn and drinking far too much wine? I feel you! SkinnyPop got in touch to discuss the best combinations for a night in with a glass of wine and guilt free popcorn of only 39 calories a cup. Seriously, could life get any better? Use more calories on wine and have a low-calorie snack to fill your sweet tooth.

At SkinnyPop Popcorn they have created the ideal wine and popcorn parings. Below I’ve attached the infographic that shows you exactly what the best combinations are with white and red wine. Personally I’m more of a rosé gal but I will drink certain white wines like chardonnay and I can’t wait to test these popcorn and wine pairings with my friends and a good movie. I think low-calorie popcorn is a great snack for anybody who are dieting but still want to treat themselves without feeling horrible about it. I also think the popcorn would be ideal for lunchboxes for children (not including the wine obviously) and they will never know how healthy this popcorn actually is!

I’m a sucker for a portion of sweet popcorn and according to the photo it’s best combined with a glass of banyuls and I’m yet to actually try this wine. Perhaps at my next cheat meal I will test the theory! Check out the infograph and choose your favourite wine from the list to test the pairings. Let me know whether your favourites really do match. Take a look at my social media: 

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One thought on “Healthy Popcorn and Wine

  1. Low-calorie popcorn? I mean, popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks in general, just make it yourself instead of buying an already prepared one. 100 grams of popcorn has under 400 kcal, and since popcorn is very light – one cup is around 8 grams – you’d have to eat a lot to consume too many calories. What’s unhealthy about popcorn you can buy at stores is added oil and tons of salt – if you just prepare it at home from scratch it won’t be unhealthy. More, some even consider it particularly healthy due to how much dietary fiber it contains.
    I can’t believe people sell ‘low-cal popcorn’ when honestly you can easily prepare it yourself and it’ll be a much better value for money…


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