BirchBox Unboxing // January

The first BirchBox of 2017 has arrived and I’ve been super excited for this (I am every month though aren’t i?). I love that I receive a little gift to myself every month and I totally forget about it, so when it’s arrive it’s like Christmas! This month’s box is in collaboration with HelloFresh and we were given a discounted coupon to try out their weekly subscription for £9, meaning that we save £30 in our boxes this month. HelloFresh is a food service that deliver a week’s worth of meals, fully prepared and ready to be cooked right to your front door. I’ve researched more about this company and personally I won’t be purchasing a box because I can’t ever see myself eating these types of meals but I know some people would love this type of service especially if they’re busy and always on the go. So, let’s jump straight into this months BirchBox! 

I first noticed this small sample sized product of the Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil for the face, body and hair. Now I’ve seen this as a full size product in person and it’s huge, the bottle is massive. It’s retail price is £21 for a full size bottle and I definitely think if you enjoy this product, you should definitely repurchase because it will last you for so long. I’m actually most excited about this product because who doesn’t love a bit of shimmer on their body, hair and everywhere in between right?. It’s description says that it is full of six essential oils plus vitamin E which is so good for your body. It provides nourishment with a hint of golden radiance. I can’t wait to give this a try!

Next is the Merci Hand Cream and it’s a full sized sample, it’s price of £4.90 and it’s actually quite a large product. It’s big enough to keep you going for a little while but small enough to put in your handbag and head out. It’s packed with pearls and nourishing extracts to pamper and smooth. I think there is a connection with each of these products this month, they all seem to be nourishing.. not that I’m complaining of course. I do like a good hand cream and I always find my hands get really dry, regardless of the season so I’m very pleased. 

In a previous BirchBox I was given a Lord & Berry lip crayon which I absolutely love, so when I saw that I received a Lord & Berry Conceal-It Crayon I was over the moon. It retails for £12 and this month we were lucky enough to receive another full sized sample, win! I tested it on my hand and it’s so buttery and smooth, it blends lovely too which makes me more excited to try it out for my under eye area. My shade is in ivory and I’m interested in how good it’ll be at highlighting my face too. 

I also got the Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo which retails at £13.95 for a full sized sample. I’ve never ever tried a clarifying shampoo but I know so many people who swear by them. It’s said to deep clean and detox strands and scalp to create healthier and less dull looking hair. What more could you want seriously? 

Finally, I also received the Prismologie Yellow Day Shower Gel. If I am totally honest, this is the product I’m least excited for. It’s retail price of £30 full sized and that’s a ridiculous price for a shower gel and not something I’ll ever purchase. I feel like shower gel’s all do the same thing and I’ve got some really affordable shower gel’s by Leather Imperial which I swear by and are less than £2 a bottle. However, I’ll definitely be giving this a go and seeing whether it’s actually worth the fuss. 

So, there you have it! January BirchBox. Let me know whether you liked yours this month. In the mean time, check out my social media: 

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With love, Beth x


Book Review: White Lies and Wishes

This weeks book review is on the Cathy Bramley novel White Lies and Wishes. This book is due to be released January 26th 2017 so only a few days a way! I was sent this book by Transworld Books and I’m extremely grateful to have had the privilege to read such a lovely book. 

Sarah, Jo and Carrie had recently met at a friends funeral and although the situation was a sad time. Having met each other they instantly felt better for it. Through a random idea from Carrie the girls had decided to make their own bucket list in hopes to make improvements in their lives. Having spent months making their wishes comes true the girls each had been telling white lies and each decided that it was about time to be truthful about what they really wanted. After everything though they really did make the best of friends.

I really enjoyed this book but to be totally honest, in parts of the book it is slightly predictable and I found myself guessing the story before reaching the end of chapters. However, the relationship that had formed between the three woman reminded me of my friendships with my best friends. The book really does see the reality of life and what women take throughout relationships and even facing their own insecurities. It was a lovely story but it didn’t wow me at all. 
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The Body Shop Cleansing Butter 

I bought this back in October, possibly November and it went in my beauty haul/review. Since I had broken my hand I wasn’t able to use this so once I was able to move my hand again I jumped at the chance.This product review is The Body Shop Cleansing Butter and I must say that unfortunately I won’t be repurchasing.

I use this to remove my makeup, it literally removes everything. It’s so creamy and buttery. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and it even removes waterproof makeup perfectly. I apply this to my damp skin and massage in around my face and neck. It leaves my skin feeling absolutely amazing. After using this product I then use my Avèue Cleansing Gel as a part of my skincare routine. I always pat my face dry with a clean towel after too. However, as wonderful as it is it’s definitely not great for oily skin. My t-zone is generally quite oily and having used this product for quite some time I’ve noticed that I have really severe acne when I use it. Those with normal/dry skin I totally recommend it! It’s so hydrating and makes the skin so smooth. It’s such a shame that it makes my skin break out so badly.

Since I did like to remove my makeup with this product I decided to head back to The Body Shop over Christmas and purchase a few new items to test. Products from the Camomile collection are so lovey and I really like the eye makeup remove but the seaweed collection is also fantastic too. 

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10 Reasons Why I’m Grateful For My Best Friend

Over the 20 years I’ve been living I’ve definitely had my fair share of friends and the term ‘best friend’ is thrown around so often I’m always concerned to whether it’s actually true. Since being at university I’ve definitely made separate friends to the ones I have at home. Not that my friends at home are any less my best friends but I’ve made friends-for-life in the people I’ve become friends with at uni. I’ve got the best group of friends who I definitely consider my best friends but one in particular really does make a difference to my life. Megan and I met as she was a flatmate of my friend Macaulay, as was Matt. Over the year I’ve known Megan we really have formed a lifelong friendship and I’m super grateful for all the times she listens to my rants and cuddles me when I cry. She’s an absolute star so I thought I would share with you guys 10 reasons why I’m grateful for Megan. 

1: The constant support

Megan makes it so easy to be friends with her because of her constant support. Through every achievement Megan is either at the end of the phone ready to scream with excitement or she’s with me jumping around with happiness. Whether it’s a good time or bad time, Megan is available with support and love knowing full well it’s what I need. 

2: Her honesty

As a person I am always honest with everybody and to find a friend who also does the same with me is something I am so grateful for. I know if I go to Megan with a problem and ask her if I’m in the wrong, she’ll tell me if I am and she’ll also tell me if I’m not. She’s so honest with me down to whether I look chunky in a dress. She’s so honest and truthful, her candid is something I admire her most for. 

3: Singing in the car

Karaoke in the car is my most favourite thing about being Meg’s friend. Without fail we get into the car and we know exactly what songs we’re going to sing to with no embarrassment of who hears us.  I love having a friend who I can be myself with and singing badly to  pop songs is definitely something I enjoy doing. 

4: She reads every single blog post 

As I said before, Meg is so supportive. She literally reads all of my blog posts and has done since the beginning. In fact Megan was the first person I spoke to about starting a blog and therefore Beth’s Corner wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for her. I love that I know at least 1 person is reading my posts and cares for them as much as Meg does. 

5: She always has my back

I know that Meg will happily defend me in any situation. I don’t like confrontation and it’s rare that I’ll ever defend myself and that’s why I love Meg. Meg is one of the many friends I have who jump to my defense and I am always so thankful for that. Even if I’m in the wrong she’ll still manage to find a reason to why I’m right. 

6: The memories 

Who doesn’t need a friend who will sit on the sofa with you and eat pizza on a Saturday evening? I’m so grateful for every single memory Meg and I have had together. Especially sitting in the kitchen at 9am with Jeremy Kyle on the TV. She’s utterly fantastic and makes every memory worth having. 

7: Her ability to instantly dislike somebody that I dislike 

I love nothing more than sending Meg a screenshot or picture of someone who has done something to annoy me. The screenshots we have from messages we have received is endless, my photos are full of them. Everybody deserves a best friend who will dislike whoever you dislike. 

8: For the advice 

I go to Megan with anything, literally anything. It could be anywhere between serious life advice or what  outfit to wear. Everybody needs are least 1 friend who you can rely on for honest advice and although I have more than just Megan for that. I’m extremely grateful that my best friend is able to do it. 

9: Her friendship with my boyfriend

Megan and Matt are such good friends. Both of my favourite people actually enjoy each others company and we have so many inside jokes ( threesbetween the three of us. In fact we also have our own Facebook messenger group. I always understand that Megan can often have issues defending either of us if we ever have an argument but that’s why I love her. She’ll always think of the situation beyond what it is and see both sides before making any decisions on who is right or wrong. I couldn’t imagine my best friend not liking my boyfriend and i’m so thankful that they actually do.

10: For the compliments

Megan and I have no boundaries, so whether I send her gross photos of me or pretty ones. She literally never fails to give a compliment. If I post a photo on Facebook, normally she’s the first to comment with a compliment. Who doesn’t need that in their life? How could I not be thankful for that?! 

I am so grateful for the friendship I have with Megan and I just know that in years to come when we have our own children they’ll be just as good of friends as we are. 

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Book Review: We Were On A Break 

It’s the first book review of 2017!!! Wahooooo! What a time to be alive kids. Can you tell I’m probably too happy about this? Yeah probs. Eh never mind. I can’t even tell you guys how excited I am that I have another year to read so many books. I bloody love new book releases. I probably need to get another hobby this year, perhaps that should be a 2017 resolution. Anyway, lets get into the review. Remember to join me at 1pm every Friday for a book review. 

This weeks book review is on the Lindsey Kelk novel called We Were On A Break. I bought this from W H Smith for £7.99 as I had been noticing so many people raving about it and as usual, I just had to get on it didn’t I. Fitting with the crowd and all that. 

Adam and Liv were so happy. They had 3 wonderful years together with so many happy memories full of love and happiness. After their holiday to Mexico things took a turn for the worst. Unsure of whether they’ll ever rekindle their love for each other, their relationship could potentially be over. Having decided to go on a break, Liv and Adam must remember who they were and what they want before making big life decisions. 

For someone who has been in a relationship for almost 16 months, I found it so useful to read. I understand that it’s a novel and fictional but for me it really helped me when it comes to my relationship. It’s hard, loving someone everyday is so easy but making huge commitments and constantly being in a team is really bloody difficult. Some days I might put 10% into the relationship but matt will put 90% and will always be totally understanding and that’s makes me remember why I love him and I’m so grateful to have him. 

This book really does describe the reality of a relaionship and how difficult they really can be. It was so comforting to read and really made me think more about how grateful I am to have a boyfriend who is so easy to communicate with. Really love this book and it’s definitely made me very happy. What better way to start the year than with a bloody good book. 

Let me know what you thought of this book. 

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December Favourites

December is over! So hello January 2017. Since Christmas is in December I received some wonderful gifts but I also purchased a few things myself, so here’s my monthly favourites. Enjoy! I don’t have many favourites this month but i’ve

The first thing I’ve been loving are the Garnier Sheet Masks. These are available in Boots and Superdrug for £1.50. I was looking for an affordable sheet mask and I found it in these. They’re fantastic. I love them so much and my skin feels so good for using them. I use one a week and have done throughout the month of December. In fact, I’ve written a post about them! It’ll be live within the next few weeks so wait around for it. They’re such a good buy and I can see me using them for a long time.

Throughout the month I’ve been trying out a new mascara. The Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara. Now, I’ve got mixed reviews about this mascara but overall I’ve really enjoyed using this for a basic and natural eye look.It doesn’t clump unless I put it for more than 2 coats on. The main thing I like about this mascara is how much length it adds to my lashes and adds dimension. At the moment it’s my go to mascara and I’ve really enjoyed trying it out and will definitely be purchasing another. 

I’ve been trying to remove fizzy drinks from my diet as they’re awful for you and so far it’s been going super well. To do this I’ve been drinking a lot more flavoured water and I’ve been really enjoying it. They’re super refreshing and I’ve found it to be beneficial towards my body. Now I sleep better, I have more energy and my skin is clearer. It’ll definitely be something I carry on doing throughout 2017. My favourites are apple and raspberry, as well as orange and mango. 

Books have been a necessity in my life for so long and with all the free time I’ve had throughout the Christmas holidays I’ve been reading a lot more than usual. I really appreciate books and the imagination and creativity that comes from them. They’re a part of me and will always be a stress reliever to me. I love nothing more than to cuddle up in bed with a book in my hand. My recent post is about my favourite books that I’ve read throughout 2016, you should take a look because there are some good ones on there. 

Let me know what you’ve been loving throughout the month! 

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Welcome 2017

It’s 2017! Happy New Year everybody!

2016 literally flew by and it only feels like yesterday since I woke up on January 1st 2016 with the biggest hangover of my life. Entering 2017 was no different either, I spent the night with Matt, Mac, Callum, Jack, Foz, Arron, James and Lewis getting very drunk and thoroughly enjoying the last night of 2016. We spent the evening in Aberystwyth town with many others and had a excellent night full of dancing, singing and drinking. I’m not one for nights out but I really enjoyed spending quality time with some of my best friends and specially entering another new year with Matthew by my side. 

During the month of December I’ve been thinking about what I want to do to make 2017 a better year. So, for the first time ever I’ve made a few new year’s resolutions, let’s just hope I stick to them. I’ve decided to share them with you guys and throughout the year update you on how I’m getting on with them. It’ll be a total failure if I end up messing them up. I haven’t made too many as I don’t want to be too overwhelmed with trying to maintain them and I’ve made them quite realistic too so that I’ll be able to actually achieve them. So, here is a list of my new years resolutions for 2017, let me know what yours are in the comments. 

1-  I’d like to have a more positive outlook on life. 

Like most I have a habit of expressing my negativity when I find something or someone has annoyed me. I’d like to be a bit  more positive when it come to things that annoy me. Rather than seeing it as irritating I’d like to have a different outlook on it and think of how things could be worse therefore it’s not as annoying as I would have found it. 

2 – Exercise more. 

Since being a third year student I find that I’m so busy and I become so stressed very easily. It’s a known fact that exercise can help to reduce stress and help you to become happier and relaxed. Whether it be going to the gym or playing a sport, I would like to spend a few hours a week exercising. This will probably contribute towards my next resolution. 

3- Lose a small amount of weight. 

As happy as I am with my body, I’d like to lose around a stone in weight for my health. I personally don’t mind being curvy and embrace what I have. I was definitely more confident with my body when I was stone lighter and I’d like to get back to that place before the summer comes around. 

4- Be more sociable.

So many people believe that I’m an extrovert but in reality, I’m actually an introvert. I spend a lot of my time alone as I like my own company and I often find being around people for too long quite suffocating. However, I’ve realised that I should make more of an effort to spend time with my friends and go out more (I rarely drink and go on nights out, it’s just not my thing). 

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