Motivation Monday // Dieting

Getting back on a diet after a cheat meal really is difficult and I for one really struggle the day after. Sometimes it either goes really well and I can get back on it straight away and other times I end up having another few little nibbles off plan and then I jump straight back on it.  As I said before, I had a cheat meal like I do every Friday. I find having a cheat meal really beneficial as it helps to reduce my cravings for bad foods and fills the empty gap I have of wanting chocolate and pizza. 

I know some people cant have a cheat meal because they fall straight back down and struggle to get back on their diet and it’s normal for many and even I sometimes cant resist my urges to binge each. To help this I have a few little tricks that I do to help resist my urges and jump straight back on my diet. 

Firstly I like to drink a lot of water. I find that my mouth gets dry very easily and at this stage before I started dieting I would either head for a fizzy drink like coke-cola and hope that my thirst is cured. If it’s not then I’ll end up munching at a whole packet of maoam which is definitely not healthy nor suitable to my diet. Now I make sure that I always have a big bottle of water on me or if i’m chilling at home a green tea. It helps to fill the gap between meals and allows you to know whether you’re actually hungry or not. Drinking water also helps to encourage motivation and refresh your mind to prepare you for your daily activities. Water is actually really beneficial physically and mentally, what’s better than that?

Secondly I like to refresh myself and plan ahead for the week. I’ll start by looking over previous meal plans and recipes before deciding what I want that week. Once I’ve looked over these I’ll head to my notebook and write myself a meal log for the week to help me stick to it. I find this is probably the most motivating thing to do when I’m struggling to get back on my diet. I’m following the slimfast diet and I’m really enjoying it, so I’ll head over to the slimfast website and look through their weekly menu’s to choose which I want to do that week. Once printed I tape it to the inside of my food cupboard or above my computer to keep looking at to remind myself what I’ll be eating and this helps to make good food choices.

Finally, I distract myself. Read a book or play a game, even do some household chores. I find distractions the best way to stop me thinking about food. Right now I’m writing this blog post in hopes to waste a fair few hours before my next meal and it’s actually working. I find that if my mind is distracted it’s unlikely that I’ll be thinking about my next snack of meal and eventually it’ll be time to eat and I’m really thankful for the distractions I need to help me get by. 

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