December Favourites

December is over! So hello January 2017. Since Christmas is in December I received some wonderful gifts but I also purchased a few things myself, so here’s my monthly favourites. Enjoy! I don’t have many favourites this month but i’ve

The first thing I’ve been loving are the Garnier Sheet Masks. These are available in Boots and Superdrug for ¬£1.50. I was looking for an affordable sheet mask and I found it in these. They’re fantastic. I love them so much and my skin feels so good for using them. I use one a week and have done throughout the month of December. In fact, I’ve written a post about them! It’ll be live within the next few weeks so wait around for it. They’re such a good buy and I can see me using them for a long time.

Throughout the month I’ve been trying out a new mascara. The Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara. Now, I’ve got mixed reviews about this mascara but overall I’ve really enjoyed using this for a basic and natural eye look.It doesn’t clump unless I put it for more than 2 coats on. The main thing I like about this mascara is how much length it adds to my lashes and adds dimension. At the moment it’s my go to mascara and I’ve really enjoyed trying it out and will definitely be purchasing another. 

I’ve been trying to remove fizzy drinks from my diet as they’re awful for you and so far it’s been going super well. To do this I’ve been drinking a lot more flavoured water and I’ve been really enjoying it. They’re super refreshing and I’ve found it to be beneficial towards my body. Now I sleep better, I have more energy and my skin is clearer. It’ll definitely be something I carry on doing throughout 2017. My favourites are apple and raspberry, as well as orange and mango. 

Books have been a necessity in my life for so long and with all the free time I’ve had throughout the Christmas holidays I’ve been reading a lot more than usual. I really appreciate books and the imagination and creativity that comes from them. They’re a part of me and will always be a stress reliever to me. I love nothing more than to cuddle up in bed with a book in my hand. My recent post is about my favourite books that I’ve read throughout 2016, you should take a look because there are some good ones on there. 

Let me know what you’ve been loving throughout the month! 

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With love, Beth x 

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