What Happened In 2016

How is it new year already? Where has the time gone?! This year has gone so fast and I can’t believe we’re beginning to welcome 2017 in. So much has happened this year and I thought it would be fun to do a timeline of the different things that happened in my life throughout the months of 2016.


  • Baby Ethan was born, Jan 20th 2016.


  • Nothing interesting happened at all. Nothing.


  • Started having panic attacks.


  • Celebrated my 20th birthday, April 9th 2016.


  • Welcome our new puppy Marley.
  • Diagnosed with kidney stones.


  • Went on our first holiday.
  • Passed my 2nd year in uni.


  • Moved home to my parents for the summer.


  • Passed my kidney stones! Yipppeeee!


  • Launched my blog, Sept 3rd 2016.
  • Came back to university.
  • Matt and I celebrated our 1st anniversary, Sept 29th 2016.


  • My blog reached 2000 visitors.
  • I broke my wrist/thumb (had fancy blue plaster cast).


  • Plaster cast was removed!
  • Gilmore Girls revival did not change my life.


  • Gracie turned 6 years old!
  • Accepted to work on a summer camp in USA. 
  • 2nd Christmas with Matt.

There you have it, a few little things that happened in my life during 2016. If I’m honest, it’s been a rollercoaster of a year but I’m so excited for 2017 to start. I’ve got so many exciting things in the pipeline for 2017 and I just can’t wait to embrace them. I especially can’t wait to see how my blog develops over the next year. I hope you’ve had a fantastic Christmas and have a very happy new year my little humans.

Lots and lots of love, Beth x

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