Book Review: Bridget Jones’s Baby The Diaries

Book review day, wahoo! Bloody love Fridays on my blog. This weeks book review is dedicate to the lady herself, Miss Bridget Jones. In September I posted my review on the newly released film Bridget Jones’s Baby and then several weeks later the book was finally released. I’ve loved Bridget Jones since I was a teenager, in fact she reminds me of myself. She’s utterly fantastic, humorous, real and just generally a brilliant lady. The previous books and films have portrayed Bridget as none other than a common English woman with bad habits and awful language. The book was as brilliant as I thought it would be. 

Bridget Jones, 43, single, mother-to-be. Still living in her tiny flat, Bridget had to plan a whole life around a tiny baby with no idea who the father was. It could be either of the two loves of her life, Mark Darcy or Daniel Cleaver. After two spontaneous nights of thrilling sex with both of her previous lovers Bridget finds herself in a pickle when she discovers she is pregnant with no idea who the father is. Along the way she finds herself discovering who her heart truly lies with. 

Now, if you’ve seen the film already you’ll be aware of the ending. The book and the film are definitely different, which was predictable as the film isn’t based off the book. I personally loved both the book and film. However, the book was such a good part of the collection by Helen Fielding that I couldn’t help but become totally captivated with the love triangle between Bridget, Mark and Daniel all over again. It was so funny, I laughed and cried and remembered all over why I loved Bridget in the first place. Blood fantastic.

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