Don’t Apologise For Being Human

The society we live in makes so many woman and men feel guilty for looking a specific way, for their sexual orientation, for having an illness. It’s ridiculous how much we have to keep hidden in case our way of living offends someone. It’s 2016, so what if two men love each other? That’s their choice, loving someone is natural. There are thousands of people that struggle with mental illnesses and still in 2016 they’re afraid to announce that they have anxiety, depression or bipolar in case someone says they’re attention seeking and making things up. A recent news article showed a 19 year old man saying that women should learn to control their menstral cycle when having a period. What bullshit that is. How have people become so ignorant? These are a list of things you should never, ever apologise for. 

#1: Mental Illness. As someone who struggles with anxiety I know how it feels to have a panic attack and instantly apologise when I’ve recovered. I know I don’t have too but I feel like such an inconvenience to the people around me or that it’s a sign of weakness. You shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are, having panic attacks or anxiety or any type of mental illness isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s strength. Having the strength to get out of bed and face the world when you’re at your lowest is the hardest thing in the world. You’re so strong. Don’t apologise for having emotions and needing to let them out. Don’t ever apologise for needing to rant to someone about something that’s bothered you. Those people that shame mental illness, they’re the ones who need to apologise. 

#2: Sexual Orientation. If you love a man or woman it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t effect anybody. If that man at the bus stop doesn’t like to watch two men hold hands and show each other love and affection, don’t stop to cater to his feelings. You continue to show love to your significant other and say a big fuck you to those people who can’t accept the different sexual orientation. Love is natural and is a normal aspect of human nature. Don’t ever apologise for the need to be loved and wanted. 

#3: Periods. As a female who bleeds for 1 week out of the month I will not apologise for having a function that comes with being human. I was given this body and a period in order to survive. One day I wish to carry a child, without the ability to bleed once a month I’m unlikely If at all able to be a mother. My boyfriend, Matt, is 100% the most supportive person to have when I’m bleeding. He has stuck by my side even when I’ve been bleeding for over a month. That’s what you need in your life. If you have someone telling you that they don’t like you or want you because you have a period, or that you smell or are dirty. You need new people in your life. 

#4: Weight. I’m not the smallest of girls and at 5ft 2 I’m definitely  slightly overweight. So what? That’s my choice. I love my curves. Matt loves my curves. I am who I am and I will never apologise for not being a size 8, 6ft model.  I am 5ft 2 as is my mother. Genetics is a part that determines your general weight and height and I’m okay with that because that’s not something I control. What I do control is having people in my life who can’t love and accept me for who I am and how I look. I love my curves. Every single one. My fat ass don’t care what you’ve got to say, keep your negative and judgemental  opinions to yourself.  

#5: Height. I can’t comprehend why girls think that they can’t be with a boy below 6ft. Apparently they’re ‘too short’. This is bullshit! Is society now telling men that it’s unacceptable to be any height below 6ft because they’re unlovable? There isn’t a rule book that says they aren’t worthy of love because they don’t fit the criteria. I’m 5ft 2, am not sexy enough? Am I too small to be appreciated? No. Absolutely not, it’s ridiculous. Me and my little legs won’t stand for it anymore and neither should you.

#6: AcneThis one really grinds my bones, ugh. Acne is not something that people ask for. Acne can be caused due to so many things and it’s commonly linked with homrmores for both males and females and it can start at ANY age. In fact, 80% of people between 11 to 30 have been affected by acne. No matter how many face scrubs and acne treatment’s people buy, there a slim chance of them removing acne forever. It will come back. I have stress spots that appear quite frequently, just because life is  a pain in the ass. It doesn’t mean that a person is dirty because they have acne and it’s actually a really personal and embarrassing subject for most people. It really upsets me that people think it’s acceptable to point out people’s insecurities and slate them for it, you have no idea of the lasting effects your nasty, vile words do to others. 

        Don’t apologise for being human. 

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Apologise For Being Human

  1. Hippocritical and uninspiring. You shame yourself through the use of fat ass thus allowing others to do so too. This article is the first one i havr read and laughed at. Isnt it a shame that you cant abide by your own words “dont apologise for having emotions”


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