Real Techniques Battle

The original BeautyBlender has some competition now so many brands are releasing their take on beauty sponges. However, Real Techniques has been a forever favourite of mine and I can’t help but love their miracle complexion Sponge. So when I seen that they’ve come out with 3 new sponges I just had to trail and test them out and share with you guys. 

The miracle complexion sponge is an all time favourite. It applies flawlessly and creates a beautiful, seamless base. I can’t count how many I’ve bought over my time but I will forever repurchase this sponge. It’s shape allows you to apply foundation fast and blends it so well. I use mine damp and I bounce it around my face and neck until I’ve achieved a flawless  coverage. You can also use it to buff in concealer and use it for cream contour. What more could you want?

So when I discovered 2 smaller sponges have been released I just knew if they were anything like the original RT sponge I would love them. 

The large pink sponge is the miracle  sculpting sponge. It’s been designed to create shadows and highlight facial features. It can also be used damp to create a dewy, glowing coverage or dry for full coverage. RT state that it’s specifically designed to apply cream contours and highlights and blend them to create a natural look. 

Now, I’m not a fan of this sponge at all and I won’t be repurchasing. It’s shape is odd and I struggled to cooperate with it. I had no specific need for it and I felt that the mini eraser sponge applied cream highlight better. 

However, the mini eraser sponge is ideal for buffing in concealer and reaching those hard to get places. It’s small enough to get around the nose and inner eye corners and I like it a lot. I also used it to apply cream highlight on my cheek bones and it looked brilliant. I definitely will repurchase. 

This is the sponge I was most excited about, the bold metals diamond sponge. The multi-faceted sponge is designed to work with all types of products and cater to each area of the face. 

The top of the sponge is to buff and blend for a flawless finish. The smaller flat sides are to work around the mouth, brow bone and eyes. Larger flat sides are to apply to large areas and the pointed tip is to apply to small impervious. 

I use this dry and it creates such a flawless and perfect finish. I think the point isn’t firm enough to use properly but I definitely like the purpose of it. I don’t really use the smaller flat sides but I really like the top and larger wedges to apply. 

Honestly I like it a lot but I don’t think it’s worth £12 at all. The cheapest bold metals brush is £12 and I’m happy to pay that because the brushes are so good. Do I think I’ll use this more than the miracle complexion sponge? Eh, probably not and if that the case I may be unlikely to buy again but I’m going to continue trying it and see if it’ll change my mind. 

Let me know what your favourite beauty sponge is. 

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