Book Review: Girl on the Train

This weeks review is well overdue, the film was released in October and if I’m honest I only read the book because of the film. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins was surprisingly good but slightly predictable. Continue reading for this weeks book review. 

Rachel has been separated from her husband for several years and well before their separation her life began to crash down. Her trouble with alcoholism seems to be taking away her memories and now she has to discover what really happened the night her ex-husbands neighbour went missing. 

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I wanted too. It was massively raved about and so many were saying how brilliant and captivating it was but I didn’t feel it at all. In fact I was slightly disappointed with it. It took a long time to read and get into and it wasn’t really until I reached the last 150 pages of the book that I was enjoying it. The book felt slightly dragged out and the chapters were the most confusing part. The book is sectioned out between Rachel, Megan and Anna. The three women in Tom’s life. It was just so confusing to read between different views every chapter especially when I didn’t care for Anna at all so I was least interested in her chapters. I personally preferred Gone Girl and Behind Closed Doors. 

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